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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pope secretly met Kentucky clerk in gay marriage row

Pope secretly met Kentucky clerk in gay marriage row
By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment
The Pope’s intervention is an appalling development. Although many of us are in favor the Pope’s socially motivated positions, we must also remember it is American tradition to keep Church and State separate from one another. Taking a position, claiming religious conviction, is more important than the laws of our nation, is quite frankly anti-American.

It’s also strange to see Kim Davis place so much credence on a position the leader of the Catholic Church would espouse, when in reality her own church demonizes Catholics often on Sunday mornings. Many Jesus based Fundamentalist Christian Churches chastise Catholics for being idol worshipers. Praying to statues of Saints who are not Jesus is blasphemy in their eyes. Again, Kim Davis demonstrates her hypocrisy.

People in this country don’t have the strength to end a political movement designed to bring about the destruction of the United States and its secular government. Let’s be frank! Religious beliefs, claiming superiority over laws upheld by the Supreme Court, has potential to do more harm to our nation than any outside threat beyond our borders.

In truth, our government should put an end to a movement designed to destroy America using religion to accomplish what Confederate Traitors in our past were not able to do. However, our government does not have the strength to do what is needed. Complacency and apathy only strengthens those who hate our government more than they love their backward religious views.

This lack of concern and the inability of our government to stop a very destructive movement demanding an end to our secular nation, within our borders, aided by the Pope, has no happy ending.

It is obvious the Pope does not understand the importance of enforcing national laws upheld by our Supreme Court. Our nations existence depends on this principal. This attitude by the Pope should come as no surprise. Throughout the history of mankind Catholics have intervened into the governance of men and without exception, disaster has followed.

Before you get upset, condemnation of religious interference into the affairs of man is not restricted to the Catholic Church or Christian Fundamentalists in America. In the history of humankind, no nation has remained free when religion has become entwined with government. This nation does not need the Pope supporting latent Confederate traitors. Catholics, through the centuries, have proven they have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to governing people.

The Pope has no more validity in politics than Kim Davis.

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