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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Christie: Obama has encouraged lawlessness

Christie: Obama has encouraged lawlessness

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My Comment:

Christie is just contributing to the dumbing down of the American voter. Lying about and misrepresenting what government does, only makes his job more difficult should he actually be elected POTUS.

The fallacy Republicans perpetrate about how government is failing and how we need to install a bunch of
lying fear mongers with no experience seems to be working. However, scaremongers are a dime a dozen. Just look at religion in America.

The real story is not the proliferation of Golden Tongued Con Artists but the gullibility of the American voter. I used to believe in the wisdom of the American voter. Not anymore!

After the American people voted G.W. Bush into office for a second time, I became suspicious of the motives driving the National physic. Bush was a proven liar, murderer, lawbreaker and war criminal. Yet, America gave him a second term.

Therefore, when I see liars and con artists scare American voters into thinking we need to trash the whole system and put total amateurs into power, I have come to believe it is very possible. Christie should be ashamed of himself. Then again, judging by his past, he is devoid of honor.
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