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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Warning! Republicans are Selfish and Self Centered

Ron Paul/Republicans advocate secession. There is nothing more selfish and self centered. Concerned only for themselves, they are willing to sacrifice our country for their insurrectionist ideas.

These beliefs are not reserved just for Ron Paul Republicans. The idea States can up and leave the Union if
Union Forever
individuals don't like a current President or they don't like a particular Supreme Court decision has infiltrated the entire Republican Party. Tea Naggers are especially vocal about this solution to their grievances.

These unpatriotic ideas harken back to the old Confederate mindset that if you feel like it, go ahead and destroy America. Do it by force of arms if you must and kill a lot of fellow Americans along the way.

In preparation for the glorious day when a State can secede, many Americans are stockpiling military style assault rifles and large quantities of ammunition. They participate in
We Have paid The Price
field operations with their fellow traitors and pretend like they are killing Jack Booted ATF officers and anyone else getting in their way. All in the name of making their State an independent nation separate from the United States. They hate America that much.

The belief in the superiority of their ideas, their religion and their race can transcend very easily into violence resulting in the deaths of those they perceive as inferior to them. The history of mankind has demonstrated this truth over and over again. We are not immune to these perceptions.

The problem is, destroying America in our Civil War days had fewer consequences for America and for the
Defend to the end
world, back then. America has become indispensable to the stability of the world. I'm not talking about military influence, which is a subject for another day. I'm talking about the social and economic stability America lends to the world.

Our ideas have spread worldwide and our nation provides hope for hundreds of millions of people around the globe . The economic stability of the world is anchored by the United States and provides stability for the entire human race. That's why, when Republican traitors threaten  the good faith and credit of the United States, the world trembles.

Threatening the good faith and credit of the United States is yet another way Republicans and their threats of violence go hand in hand with the delusion of secession. Their is a widespread belief among millions of Americans the United States government should be eliminated and all power turned over to individual states.

Defend against all enemies foreign and domestic
If an individual state wants to spin off and become an independent nation, that's alright. Don't be concerned if these traitors have no idea what form of government they would install into their newly form nations. Make no mistake though. Many of these newly formed nations on the American continent would have little resemblance to what we have now.

Civil liberties wouldn't be the same. In some States Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion would not be the same. There would be mass migration of Americans fleeing these dictator minded Republicans and a massive upheaval of the American dream would fall upon the land. The world would collectively cry in despair. The planet would fall into chaos.

Be on guard at all times. Abraham Lincoln hesitated and America paid the price.The Confederacy temporarily went mad with their persecution complexes and delusions of grandeur. A collective paranoia beseeched  the South and hundreds of thousands of Americans died in the struggle to save the Union. Lincoln waited too long to head off the calamity of the Civil War. We dare not make his mistake again.

My next video and article will show how we can stop these Republican Traitors in their tracks. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Moan of Death (extended version)

The Moan of Death (original version)
Please excuse me if i don't tell a story well

The Mekong Delta, Vietnam, 1968. Just after TET and city fighting in Cholon, Saigon. Raining, cold and soaked to the bone. We were covered in mud from a firefight
It could be beautiful at times.
in the morning. Hungry, tired and weighed down with too much gear. Grieving from the morning’s losses and in a trance with the thousand meters stare, we kept going. 
They took us in by chopper to the first stand of trees but nothing was there. The Mekong Delta, located outside Saigon, was a flooded area that ebbed and flowed in depth according to the ocean tides. The choppers, having left, meant that the next stand of trees, more than a mile away would have to be approached by foot in deep water.
Rain was coming down hard and our Battalion waded in water up to our waste for more than a mile. We went in four columns, one for each Company. On occasion someone would fall into a hole and he would have drowned because of his heavy load
The Mekong Delta. An ugly place.
but his buddies would pull him out.
The entire area was engulfed in combat. Other Battalions from other units were engaged and as our Battalion sloshed our way to the next target one could see the conflict erupt at other tree stands. The Delta was a large flooded area dotted with stands of jangled trees, like small islands in Indonesia. You could see the terrain for several miles because it was totally flat.
On our way we could see Phantom fighter bombers dropping napalm on their target on a distant island of trees. Helicopter gunships were attacking with rockets and Puff the Magic Dragon was circling above pouring Gatling machine gun fire into the trees. Even though every third bullet had a tracer it appeared as though a red ray gun was streaming onto the ground. Artillery rounds whooshed above our heads for some unknown target.
The area was ablaze with the sound of combat. Even a mile away we could feel the concussion of bombs and see the rippling water from explosions mixed in with the rain drops. Even though the rain made a lot of noise you could still hear the explosions. Thumping sounds. 
As we approached our target we began to spread out. We hunkered down into the water with only our heads showing as supporting prep fire began to pour in. It sounded as if there were three batteries of 155 howitzers with their two hundred pound shells coming in from three different directions. One battery was lobbing in shells right over our heads. The air becomes electrified!
Soon artillery fire lifted and Phantom fighter bombers swooped in low and slow dropping 500 pound bombs and napalm. Shrapnel from the bombs peppered our positions in the water and the sound was so loud we had to cover our ears to protect our hearing.
Then we saw it. There were streaks of .51 caliber anti-aircraft fire with their tattle tale green tracers rising out of the trees and tracking the Phantoms as they swooped in. Before long a phantom was hit and billowed out streams of black smoke as it left the area disappearing over the horizon. Never knew if the guy got back safely.
Now we knew. Sir Charles was on this island in the flooded Delta. Many times we didn't know where Sir Charles was but this time we knew. Large .51 caliber machine guns always had a lot of troops for protection. On this day many would die. We knew it. Sir Charles knew it too.
On that day teenagers from both sides would give their lives and none of us knew
Stock photo. Not our unit. Like this afterwards.
why. Some of us cried because the fear was so great. Young men from North Vietnam looked at pictures of their families one last time and prayed to their God for safety. They were like us. I remember praying too. No one on that field of honor on either side wanted to die in the Delta.
Looking into the tree line, and knowing he was looking at you, creates a strange bond between opposing infantry. It was a bond of respect shared by infantry through the ages. He was about to give his life for what he believed in. You were about to do the same. Honor and respect for the North Vietnamese Army. Honor and respect for the flower children. We all flashed two fingered peace signs and had ban the bomb symbols on our helmets. Sir Charles did too.
He would wait for us to enter the trees, taking us too close to use our supporting fire. He would go nose to nose with us in a life or death slug-fest. Man on man. Live or die. As we approached, we knew what was coming. Yet, we pressed forward and he didn't run.
Beforehand, our squad would take turns and decide who would take point that day. It wasn't Jimmy’s turn but when another guy refused, Jimmy volunteered to take the other guys place. He was like that. He was the bravest person I have ever known. This time, taking point was a death sentence and Jimmy knew it. Still, as we entered the tree line, Jimmy went in. He went in and didn't complain.
He was only a few feet away when the “thud” of the bullet struck Jimmy’s flesh. He heard his friend give out a moan only the "soon dead" utter. The sound starts out audibly and fades into silence very quickly.
It is a sound that strikes deep into the soul for those who have heard it. It is a
Stock photo.

sound that comes back in dreams for many years to come and the sound raises its ugly head in moments least expected. The Death Moan never goes away resonating in dreams for a lifetime. It's present in your dreams. It’s there in daylight hours. It surfaces without warning and at times you least expect.
Years later, those who knew him best, would sometimes see tears in his eyes during movies or conversations. He couldn't explain his feelings and no one would understand, so he endured the weight of the memory alone. Always alone!
He crawled over to Jimmy, grabbed him by his webbing and dragged his pal over to a big tree. He sat down, leaned up against a tree and put his friend into his arms. The world went quiet for a while, two kids sitting in a foreign land under a tree, together.
A firefight broke out after the single shot, yet the two of them were not aware of
The Mekong was like this. Everywhere.
the events going on around them. Others died that day as well, but the world had been reduced to a very lonely place for two young men from America. 
Concussions from explosions were shaking the earth but were not felt by either. The world had come to a private moment between the living and the "soon dead". Holding his friend in his arms, he cried. 
He looked down at Jimmy and saw that his right eye had been partially popped from his eye socket. Blood vessels had burst covering his friends face with life blood. This as a result of the impact the bullet had on his frail body.
There were no words from the dying soldier the way you see in movies. Only gurgles could be heard as his friend slowly choked to death on his own blood and vomit which was spewing all over his shirt and legs. His friend was in his death throes and it was all he could do to hold Jimmy steady in his arms as uncontrolled muscles jerked and twitched.
Then for a brief moment but lasting for eternity Jimmy looked up and fixed his
one good eye on the last person he would ever see. He became very still and his muscles stopped twitching. Though the sounds of combat raged all about them, he could see his friend's breath slowing and becoming shallower.
Then Jimmy reached up and wiped a tear from the face of his friend holding him so tightly. In a fleeting second the "light of life" faded and in a moment, Jimmy, his
The feeling stays forever.
friend, was gone. He was gone in that moment but would die a thousand times more in dreams, in waking hours, during movies and for no reason at all. No one knew why. No one cared. No one listened.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Republicans Should Suffer the Consequences

Uploaded on Nov 29, 2011

   Advocating Secession, or promoting the violation of Federal Law is treasonous and there should be Consequences. It's time to stop playing games with anyone trying to destroy our nation.

   This subject has been taken too lightly for too long. Not responding to these modern day Confederate Traitors only encourages and emboldens individuals and organizations to secede from the United States. 

   During our civil war, one must never forget that the ultimate goal of the Confederacy was to destroy the United States. If the Confederacy had won the Civil War the American continent would look very different today. Secession by any state in today's world would destroy the United States. Do not take these New World Confederate Traitors lightly. Put them down now or regret it later. The video suggests what we need to do with these Traitors to the American dream.

   If a state seceded from the Union would President Obama have the courage of Abraham Lincoln and save the Union? Would President Obama use force to put down insurrection? Let's not find out. Put a stop to nullification and secession right now.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are You a Paranoid Coward if You Carry A Gun?

   Let's face it.
   Many men in America are driven to carry a gun. Perhaps it's because of the continuous bombardment of bad news all of us are subjected too. Mass killings, home invasions, 911, robbery, rape and every conceivable atrocity known to man. The slaughter of children seems commonplace now. Is this news driving American men crazy?

 One must ask, is the need for American men to carry guns because they are afraid of their own shadows? Is it possible American men have a need to acquire arsenals in order to kill fellow Americans, because they are afraid? Are European and Asian men more manly than American men?

   Fear can be a good thing.  It’s a biological instinct that prevents us from doing stupid things that might kill us. For example, fear kicks in with good reason when we see a slithering snake or look over the edge of a cliff.

   Unfortunately, fear is not always rational and not always healthy. Thus, when men develop persecution complexes combined with delusions of grandeur, paranoia begins to set in. Not the clinical version of paranoia but a type of paranoia unique to a society. Good people gone crazy.

   Prior to WWII, Germany comes to mind. Driven by the perceived persecution of the Versailles Treaty and a notion that the Aryan race is superior to others, Germany digressed into a society engulfed by paranoia. As a result, WWII caused great misery for the world and Germany as well.

   Today in America, a similar paranoid condition has developed in the last twenty years. However, it’s much more complex than the German model prior to WWII. Over the years in America, various persecution complexes have been exploited by golden tongued con artists and their target has been the Christian white male. Not black guys or Latino guys. White guys.

   A government determined to disarm the people is a favorite persecution exploited by those with some nefarious agenda, praying on easily influenced and uninformed individuals. However, in America there is a multitude of persecution complexes exploited by business, social and religious entities. 

   Business interests exploit and demonize environmentalists who want nothing more than to insure the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe won’t make us ill or even kill us. Environmentalists are persecutors. They interfere with profits.

   Social and religious organizations are primary sources of American paranoia. Some Christians (not all) practically shake with fear if you have any conversation about their religious beliefs invoking the old “Christian Persecution” complex. Anyone not sharing their religious beliefs is persecuting them and they are doing the work of Satan.

   Organizations of all types exploit the fears of Americans and make enemies of people who advocate for Gay rights and are Liberal or a Democrat in general. So much so that  Liberals are persecutors. large numbers of Americans would like to kill a Gay Liberal or a Democrat.
 The government is a persecutor if it wants to regulate and prevent sick individuals from getting firearms. Gay people want to destroy religion, the family and our nation. Persecutors, persecutors, persecutors. 

The development of the persecution complex in American has been very effective and very successful. However to become a true socially paranoid nation (like the old Germany) “delusions of grandeur” must combine with the “persecution complex” in order to drive a nation or a segment of its society into behaving in a dangerous manner. 

   We see these dangers manifested in the Republican Party and the Tea Naggers. A large segment of American Society has become paranoid.

   In America, delusions of grandeur comes in many forms from many sources. We still have many people in this country suffering from notions of racial superiority. Gender superiority is preached and practiced by millions of Christian fundamentalists advancing the notion that
women are to be subservient and obey their man. Women should be barefoot and pregnant and never be brilliant and successful like Hilary.

   The delusion of religious superiority is the most dangerous of all. It has caused more damage to the world than any other delusion. The proclamation by millions of Americans that some people are going to hell and they are not  because of their religious view, is the ultimate act of superiority. It is the epitome of superior belief.

   Religious superiority is the root of much conflict in America. Gender and racial superiority flows heavily from delusions of religious superiority. Can you imagine how much more peaceful our nation would be if these delusions of grandeur were absent in our society? 

   Racial differences would not keep us from getting  along. Women would be treated equally and our religious beliefs would have no bearing on political decisions. 

   However, that is not America today as widespread persecution complexes and delusions of grandeur grow and become stronger in portions of our society. Calls for secession, state
legislators passing nullification laws to neutralize federal law, millions of citizens arming themselves for the day when they can gleefully kill fellow Americans. All products of a nation spiraling into paranoid self destruction. 

   If you are shopping at a mall or a store and you see some fat, gray haired goony bird dressed up like a a paramilitary commando or trying to imitate the “Outlaw Josey Wells” armed with a large caliber semi-automatic weapon, stay away from him. He’s afraid of his own shadow, a coward, acting out a fantasy and quite possibly sick with paranoia. Possibly a dangerous scenario for you.

   Left to its own devices, persecution complexes combined with delusions of grandeur can bring a nation down. Just ask Germany how all that worked out for them. If you see some strange person packing heat at Wal-Mart ask him what he’s afraid of. Call him out for not being a man. Dare him to man up.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ron Paul Republicans - Dead Wrong Repealing Obama Care

Republicans can't be more wrong about repealing the Health Care Act.

    It always amazes me how people tend to shoot themselves in the foot. Drink too much alcohol and destroy their health as well as their families. Indulge in drugs, ruin their careers, abuse their children all in the name of feeling good. Self destructive behavior seems very common in our society. A lot of people seem hell bent on ruining their lives.

    The same can be said of Obama Care. A good thing comes along and next thing you know people want to get rid of it, even if it means hurting themselves and their families. At least 40 million Americans don't have insurance. When they go to an emergency for treatment there is no way they can pay the bill. Society pays the bill and the cost is spread out for everyone else raising insurance costs and inflating medical expenses.

As insurance and medical costs go up fewer and fewer people can afford health insurance causing more and More moochers means higher costs and before you know it societies self destructive behavior drags the American nation into a downward spiral headed straight for the gutter. 
Destructive Tea Nagger
More people mooching off society.

When a hospital fixes a broken arm without insurance to cover the cost, do you think they do that for free? The medical community has a 256% inflation rate since 1984 compared to the Consumer Price Index of 128% in the same period of time. The medical community is recovering their losses with outrageous price increases all because people without insurance still get medical care. The moochers hurt everyone.

This man won't help you!
There's a guy in my neighborhood who raises two young kids on his own. His ex-wife is one of those people who self destructed with drugs and is no longer capable of raising her own children. Just disgusting.

He struggles financially because he drinks too much and has a hard time getting to work on some days so his job doesn't pay very much. His self destructive behavior has damaged him and his children but what the hell, he loves his alcohol.

He qualifies for free health care insurance for him and his children from the state. There's money for his free health care for him and his children because of Obama Care. Without Obama Care he and his children would be uninsured. He recently had a bout with kidney stones, got all fixed up and didn't have to pay very much at all. That's good.

He's a typical Tea Nagger. Bumper stickers all over his truck about how dumb Obama is and how he's a socialist and we should repeal Obama Care. You know the type. He holds an entirely uninformed position whereas if he is successful in repealing Obama Care it will substantially harm him and his family.  

Even if he could afford to buy health insurance, (he can't) should he have another bout with kidney stones he will not be covered because of a pre-existing illness and he will need to be fixed for free becoming another mooch and blood sucker on society. Health care costs soar to the sky with his help.

There's that self destructive behavior again. You can't talk to these Tea Naggers. You might as well be talking to a wall. Then again, you can't talk to anyone engaged in self destructive behavior. Can you!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mitt Romney - Not Christian - Make Him President

Despite the fact Mitt Romney is not a Christian, almost all Christians will vote for him. Every single day Christians point fingers at people and proclaim they will not go to heaven if they are not Saved. they want to make a non-Christian President. Go figure!

One can only conclude this strange behavior results from one of two things. One, they are not true Christians and all that talk about being saved and "Jesus is Lord" and being "Baptized" in nothing more than a load of crap. Some of them will not vote for Obama because he's Muslim which doesn't explain why they will vote for Romney when it is proven he isn't a Christian. 

Two. Their hatred for Blacks and Democrats is so pronounced and ingrained into their lives they are willing to ignore all their religious beliefs and vote for someone who is not going to Heaven. They will ignore, this one time, all the finger pointing at non-Christians they have practiced all their lives. 

However, once they elect non-Christian Romney they will completely forget they violated everything they have believed in all their lives and continue to point fingers and criticise anyone not like them.

Really disgusting. I hope these people never get control of our country. The rest of the world should be concerned as well. People who behave as these Republicans do are very dangerous to anyone not like them.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Americans forget the Bush years

Good evening. Glad you decided to join in.
Below is a transcript of the video (more or less)
 It seems America has a very short memory. It’s been only four years since George W. Bush left office and America appears to have forgotten the massive damage he caused to our country.

   It’s also easy to forget that Bush couldn't  have damaged our country all by himself. The Republican Party enabled Bush. The Republican party is as much responsible as George Bush, if not more.

   America seems to forget that Republicans and Bush had total control of our government for six years and together they implemented policies which destroyed our nation financially and damaged our credibility as the moral beacon the world once looked up too.

   Yes, some Blue Dog Democrats joined in and we need to get rid of them. However, the damage done to our nation is primarily the work of the Republican Party. The Republicans did everything they could to damage all of us and they succeeded.

   Now, four years later, millions of Americans seem ready to let the Republicans do even more damage to our nation. It’s as though the Bush Republican years didn’t exist.

   For additional opinion. We go to KGSZP News in Topeka, Kansas with Seville Bumblebutt. How’s it going Seville? What do you think about Republican responsibility for many of our problems?

   Erma! It’s so nice to see you. You know what I think. The Republicans, controlled by the Tea Party, hate our government and want to destroy it. Ron Paul Republicans want to dismantle our government and turn it over to large multinational corporations and inflict fascism on the American people.

   I know that sounds a little harsh for some people but, you make a good point. It does seem as though in America, we have less concern for the people and too much concern for corporations.

   Great input Seville. Stay with us please. I want to hear more from you in a minute. Now we turn to Dick MiAllota with KTTBS news in New York City. Dick, you’re always up for the occasion. What do you have to say about all this?

   Hello Erma! You’re looking good as usual. I happen to agree with Seville, regarding those Ron Paul Republicans. It’s true what you said as well. The Republicans had control of the House, the Senate and the White House for six years. They did a lot of damage during those years despite Democrat efforts to stop them.

   I know! How can the American people forget what they did? Why would anyone want to give them another chance? Especially now when Romney and the Republicans are promising to go even further then the Bush era Republicans.

   Considering the history of the Republican Party and the people they have chosen to run for president it’s no surprise the Republicans have done so much damage. Mitt Romney is simply a continuation of destructive Republicans seeking the Presidency.

   What do you mean? Explain yourself.

   I believe I know what she’s trying to say. Going all the way back to Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have produced mass murders, religious hypocrites , liars, criminals and fascist leaning pigs to be president of the United States.

   You took the words right out of my mouth.

   You're going to get me in trouble saying things like that.
Dick just spoke the truth. These days, telling the truth will get you in more trouble then if you tell an outright lie. Let’s go back. Look at how the Republicans supported Reagan and how they worship the guy to this day.

   Alright Dick. Are going to be a Dick?
You just know I am, cutie pie. Look at what Reagan did. He started this whole supply side economics farce.

   Hey Dickie boy. Don’t call me cutie pie on the air. Wait until we meet up in new York City.

   Hey Erma! Who’s that guy next to ya?

Oh my God. Who are you and what are you doing in my studio?

Well, if you must know, my name is Ben BendoverMia and I wanted to meet Dick MiaAllota and see if we can hook up later.

Well, alright! Can you come to New York? You know, sometime when Erma isn’t here.

Dick! You are a Dick! I’ve had enough of this. Ben, get the hell out of my Studio. I’ll talk to you later Mr. Hotshot from New York City.

Seville. What were you saying?

I’m sorry Erma. I tried to warn you about that Dick. Now you know.

What are you doing here? I told you to get out. Get out! I said, get out.

Hold on there Erma. I jaw boned with Dick. He said he was just kidding.  He really loves you. Besides, you're talking about stuff I want to jack my jaws about.

Well… alright! I’ll let Dick get back in the saddle but you better watch yourself or I'll put my shoe in that place the sun don't shine.. get me?

S7. As I was saying. Reagan created massive debt with his hair brained Supply side economics fiasco. Do you know this nation, for the last 22 years, has paid 3.7 trillion dollars in interest just on the debt he created. That’s just interest. No payment on principal.

S8. He’s the original pure Republican union buster. Their latest incarnation, Mitt Romney, is just a chip off Reagan’s block.

D3. He never went to church a day in his life except to do political speeches. Reagan and his wife Nancy broke into the movies on Hollywood's casting couch.

E 19. He broke US law with Iran Contra causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people. If there is a God in heaven he is burning in hell right now.
S9. Nancy Reagan conducted foreign policy with the help of her astrologer because Ronald had lost his mind.

E 20. Despite Ronald Reagan’s anti God, anti American disregard for the law and all the human beings he murdered for political purposes and the fact he didn’t even know his own name when he left office, Republicans worship him like he’s the 2nd coming of Jesus. Go figure!

B4. Then there was George H. Bush Senior. What a piece of work he was!

E21. Oh, I know. He’s another Republican who claimed to believe in Jesus, ran around murdering everyone, and the so called Christian believers fell all over themselves in an orgy of blood, death and killing in support of the guy.

S10. With the help of Oliver North, Bush senior, while vice president under Reagan, ran drugs from South America through Panama and then sold those drugs on American streets, using the profits to finance the Contras in Nicaragua violating the will of the congress.

B5. When Manuel Noriega threatened to spill the beans about what Bush did while Vice President, Bush senior sent the military into Panama to capture Noriega and shut him up. In the process, he killed 6,000 innocent Panamanians.

Erma 22. Let’s not forget Gulf War #1 under Shrub senior.

S11. Bush senior put a lot of blood on American hands during that war. Sadam Hussein was our ally and he spent a million Iraqi lives fighting Iran for us using weapons we gave him.

B6. When Sadam went in and took out the Royal Kuwaiti family, we should have patted him on the back. The Kuwaiti’s have never been America’s friend. But Sadam made a big mistake.
Erma 23. In WWII, Daddy Bush was a Nazi collaborator and worked out a deal with Hitler to leave Kuwait alone preserving the Royal Kuwaite family.

S12. The Royal Kuwaiti family showed their appreciation to daddy Bush by granting the Bush family royalties on Kuwaiti oil forever. Poor Sadam  Hussein didn’t know about this arrangement.

B7. When Sadam took out The Royal Kuwaiti family he put a pinch on the Bush family income. That pissed off George H Bush and so we had the first Golf War.
Erma 24. In order to protect Bush family income, Bush killed half a million Iraqi’s including the totally unnecessary slaughter on the highway of death.

S13. So…with Reagan and Bush Sr. we have 12 years of Republican presidents.

B8. 12 years of lying, breaking the law and murdering around 600,000 people in the world to suite their political agenda.
Erma 25. 12 years of supply side economics and massive debt.
S14. 12 years of union busting and turning the American dream into a corporate fascist dream.
B9. 12 years of conservative evangelical Christians worshiping republican crooks and murderers.
Erma 26. 12 years of Reagan and Bush really hurt us. Luckily we had 8 years of Bill Clinton, we got a break from supply side economics, we slowed down the accumulation of debt, we actually balanced the budget and we stopped killing everyone around the world for political purposes.

S15. But the good years with a Democrat only lasted 8 years. Then we got another Republican for President. George W Bush. Going by the performance of the last two Republican presidents we pretty much knew what was going to happen.

B10. True to form, under Bush Jr., we accumulated massive amounts of debt again.
Erma 27. Bush violated all kinds if international treaties when he ordered torture and violated US law when he spied on Americans.

S16. The Republicans accelerated the debt with all their tax breaks for corporations and the rich. They didn't create any jobs.

B11. Bush and the republicans deregulated the banks and financial markets and you can see how that worked out.
Erma 28. In other words, George W. Bush was a typical Republican. He lied, broke the law and committed mass murder. The Republican party backed him 100% and Christian Republicans couldn’t get enough spilled blood to satisfy them. Typical Republicans. Typical corporate fascists.

S17. Eight years of George W. Bush and the Republican party nearly destroyed this country. The nation was sick and tired of Republicans. It didn’t matter who the Democrats nominated for the Presidency, that person would win.

B12. Did the Republicans put up someone different from  all the past Republican nominees going back to Reagan? Did they learn their lesson after George W. Bush?

Erma 29. Of course not. They nominated John McCain. They nominated yet another lying, cheating, warmongering believer in Supply Side economics who appealed to the evangelical Christian need to spill blood and wage unnecessary wars on people who can’t defend themselves.

S18. On top of all that, John McCain was a traitor. He was never tortured by the North Vietnamese. He sustained his injuries bailing out of his airplane. Once captured, he traded top secrete information in order to get medical treatment.
B13. He gave the North Vietnamese information on navy Bomber Strike packets. Those were the lanes navy fighter bombers took on their bombing runs over North Vietnam.

Erma 30. Armed with information from John McCain, North Vietnam moved anti-aircraft and missile batteries into those bomber lanes resulting in the deaths of several Navy bomb crews.

S19. He was not tortured by the North Vietnamese. John McCain was singing like a song bird and he received favorable treatment from his captors.

B14. When the war ended, John McCain was the only flyer the navy intended to court martial for treason.
Erma 31. However, Richard Nixon wanted to end the war and didn’t want to drag the country through a court martial  so he instructed the Navy to drop all charges against McCain. John McCain got off Scot free.

S20. Going back to Ronald Reagan, there’s something strange about the Republican party. What’s even more peculiar is the way good Republicans keep supporting liars, murderers, draft dodgers and people claiming to do things they never did, while in the service.

B15. Let’s not forget how the Republicans ruined our nation financially.

Erma 32. That’s true. Going back to Reagan, all the Republicans running for president have supported supply side economics. Reagan, Bush and Bush, with the aid of the Republican party, have totally devastated United States finances over the years.

Erma 33. With the Election of 2012, we have yet another Republican promoting the destruction of America. Mitt Romney advocates even more Supply Side Economics.

S21. More attacks on the middle class.

B16. More tax breaks for his rich friends.

Erma 34. More Corporate Fascism.

S22. More slaughter of civilians using the military.

B17. More States Rights in an attempt to break up the United States.

Erma 35. A continued war on women and minority rights.

Erma 36. In order to win the election Mitt Romney is catering to male Chauvinist pigs and women haters, old guard American racists, religious fanatics, radical gun owners masturbating over pictures of dead people and selfish, self centered republicans quite willing to step over the bodies of fellow Americans because they only care about themselves.

Erma 37. In other words, Mitt Romney is counting on typical Republicans, going back to Ronald Reagan, to put him in the White House. What’s really sad, is that Americans may put yet another lying, cheating, self centered Republican bent on mass murder into the oval office. 

Newtown Assault (Shadows in Dreams)

   The terrible murders of Newtown, brought back shadow memories and a whole new series of dreams for me. Those dreams have never gone away entirely.

The dreams, the nightmares, subside for awhile and then something like Newtown happens and vivid images come back strong as ever. The shadows are always there.

   I wish the shadows would disappear. I wish the memories would fade from my thoughts. Instead they become stronger as I get older. As I live out my final days, vivid shadows and the dreams of death and destruction become more real.

   I wish there was someone I could share my thoughts with. I don’t know anyone I can talk to.

   I’m afraid I will die and all that I have learned and experienced will just vanish. My life will become  a wisp of smoke on a windy day. Quick now! With the next gust, I’ll be gone.

   Like Newtown, I had similar thoughts on 911. I’ll go along for awhile with only a vague memory of past events then something big will happen and a blast of bone shaking memories invades every thought, day and night for awhile.

   I was at a truck stop on 911 eating lunch at the counter and watching TV when it was announced we were being attacked.

   Like everyone, I was shocked and horrified by what people in those buildings were experiencing. People were dying before my eyes.

   As the twin towers fell, memories of what I had done in 1968 overwhelmed my thoughts even at that moment. No matter how many years pass, the memory never goes away.

   On a sunny day, your shadow is always present. Reality is like the sun and sheds light on the real world, exposing  shadows burned into your mind. Nightmares will reappear  to haunt me for several days. The shadow is always there.

   On 911, watching the twin towers collapse, and with total recall, I went back to a small village in Vietnam and a hole I found leading to an underground hiding place.

A descent into darkness, an unarmed man choking on tear gas, my 38 police special firing two shots and looking into a man’s eyes, dying just two feet in front of me.

   It’s the eyes of a man losing his life that stays with me. It’s the eyes that linger the longest in shadows. It’s funny how a pair of eyes can burn a hole through all my defenses and appear over and over again, year after year.

   I knew then, as I know now, I didn't have to kill him. He was defenseless. Yea I know. It was war. That’s why I got away with it. However, when I’m faced with final judgment, the bull stops. I fear for my soul.

   The dream, the shadow, never goes away. When it hits me, no matter how much light there is, the room is always dark. I am the only one aware a shadow has been cast upon my soul. The horror within the shadow will not go away.

   Later, with the mans body laid out on the ground and every detail of his face visible, a woman cries out, and kneeling by her dead husband, looks up at me, tears running down her face.

   The hatred in her eyes cast another shadow to be dealt with all my remaining years and it will not go away. It becomes more profound as the
years pass.

   A thousand times I will see those eyes looking at me, hating me. Without warning, those eyes will appear while doing the most mundane things. The vision, the memory will burn me like a hot poker inside my brain.

   Then in my thoughts, whether awake or asleep, another memory slowly forms. It’s a little boy, about five years old. He’s sobbing and looking down upon his dead father and hitting me with his small fist.

   He looks up, and meeting my eyes he begins a haunting wail as he continues to hit me with his little fists. I had just killed his father and he will never forget me.

   As the twin towers fell, a small boy, now grown into a man, would let out with a silent cheer half way around the world. What goes around comes around. America deserves what they got, according to him.

   No, No, No! We didn't deserve 911. There are too many people perishing before my eyes. Yet, the thought will not escape me. Did I help make 911 possible?

   Am I partly to blame? Did I contribute to the millions of voices around the world expressing their joy knowing that Americans are suffering? Surely not! Innocent people never deserve to die from an act of vengeance. Right?

   However, the shadows ask the question, I dread to hear when alone at night, in the darkness or sitting at a lunch counter. Will I burn in hell? Are there sins never forgiven?

   Later, the news hit all the broadcast channels. Twenty seven innocent souls had perished at the hands of a mad man. Twenty of the victims were kindergarten children. The horror. The madness. The tragedy.

   Like 911, shadows emerged again within moments of the Newtown news. Temporarily forgotten, memories exploded in vivid detail.

   My God, please stop! I don’t want to remember those things! I can't live with the thought! Please, dear God, help me! Don't punish me now for what I have done. Wait until I die. Then have me pay for my crimes. Do with me as you seem fit.

   Again, back when I invaded another country I couldn't speak the language, memories of an event revived itself with absolute detail and clarity. The images of Newtown and some place in Vietnam merged together into a single shadow.

   I was Infantry. My unit did search and destroy missions. On several occasions it was determined a village had collaborated with the Viet Cong or North Vietnamese Army and the village was scheduled for total annihilation.

   Before my unit would destroy a village, helicopters would drop leaflets warning the villagers to get out because their homes were about to be destroyed. This is what I thought, sitting outside the village, as I waited for the air strikes to begin.

   Soon, as dawn approached, shadows of trees and homes extended towards the dug in American Infantry. The sun was very bright in my eyes and I couldn't see anything.

   At the time I was about the only person that could read a contour map. I called in the air strike. I would pay for that deed the rest of my life.
Phantom jets appeared over the village dropping 500 lb. bombs and napalm, totally obliterating the village off the face of the map. From a distance, the napalm was very pretty.

 After a while  when the fires subsided and the smoke cleared, the Infantry moved in to survey the damage. I was part of the point squad that went into the village. I called in the air strike and I wanted to see the results.

   Immediately we came upon what was once a home and it had been totally burned to the ground by napalm. It was common place for the Vietnamese to dig bunkers into the floors of their homes so they would have someplace to hide when American artillery or aircraft would attack their cities.

   I could see the door covering the entrance to the bunker and as a
precaution, I threw a grenade into the hole before opening the door to the bunker. The civilians had evacuated and anyone there was the enemy. I had to be careful.

   When I looked inside, to my horror, I saw the bodies of ten small children and what looked like two adults. It was hard to tell exactly how many were there because napalm had leaked through the door of the bunker and had burned alive all the occupants.

   All the bodies were burned so badly that I could barely tell they were human beings. Their bodies were burned so badly a lot of bone was exposed and the flesh was gone. On several of the bodies you could see screaming dying expressions, frozen on their faces. The children had been burned alive.

   Before long a Kit Carson (interpreter) walked up to me waving one of those leaflets warning the villagers of the impending destruction of their homes.

   With tears in his eyes, the Kit Carson explained that a terrible mistake had been made. The village wasn't supposed to be wiped out for another three days.

   The villagers had not evacuated yet. All the men were gone because they were fighting for the Viet Cong. Only women, children and grandparents were left in the village. They were all there.

   About three hundred innocent people had been slaughtered because of a mistake. I called in the air strike. Why didn't I look into the sun with more effort? Would I have seen people were in the village?

   I remember suspecting something was wrong. Did I see a hint of movement with the sun in my eyes? I knew the moment I saw those dead children that I had been lazy. I knew I should have been more careful before calling in bombs and napalm.

   Looking at those dead children and watching the women remove little bodies from that burned out bunker I began to feel sick. The memory, the guilt and sadness have never left me. What have I done? Will I burn in hell?

   With news about Newtown emerging, memories of burned children entered my mind in vivid detail. Images forgotten, suddenly became clear again.

The sorrow is equal World Wide
   Survivors of the napalm attack slowly streamed in and the cries of relatives looking at dead kids in the bunker will never leave my memory. The tearful eyes of mothers are what I remember the most. It’s like it happened yesterday.

   Newtown, for me, has shadows attached and brings out memories of terrible things that won't go away. Visions of those kids in Vietnam and the kids in Newtown blend together in a singular horror.

   There were only few mothers who survived but those poor women didn't have the luxury of police and ambulance personnel to discreetly remove the remains of their children. The parents of Newtown were very lucky.

   It was just horrible. I watched mothers remove the charred remains of their children from the bunker. I watched mothers cover the faces of their children to hide the frozen screams on hairless burned skulls.

   Seeing the agony, the suffering and grief first hand for the children burned alive only amplifies visions of mourning parents in Newtown. I’m
sure the tears are the same for all.

   Though I have not seen first hand any of the parents in Newtown, my dreams and the shadows tell me exactly what the parents feel and look like. There is no difference between the time period and the location.

   So, here we go again. After all these years the thought is with me morning, noon and night. Am I any better than Adam Lanza? What about US troops posing by the dead bodies of children in today’s pictures. What about US troops urinating on dead bodies?

   What about fighter bomber pilots who have killed so many children in Afghanistan and Iraq? What about me? Are we any better then Adam Lanza?

   Do the parents in foreign lands grieve any less then the parents in Newtown? I have seen pictures of parents grieving for their children in Connecticut. I have seen the eyes of parents in Vietnam grieving for their children.

   In my dreams those eyes look exactly the same. Newtown was devastating to me only because that horrible event brought back images I tried to forget. Those images won’t go away. I bear those thoughts alone. Always alone.

   So! There you have it. Not words easily spoken or written about. As I approach judgment day, I worry more and more for my soul. Will I be shaking hands with Adam Lanza soon?