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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are You a Paranoid Coward if You Carry A Gun?

   Let's face it.
   Many men in America are driven to carry a gun. Perhaps it's because of the continuous bombardment of bad news all of us are subjected too. Mass killings, home invasions, 911, robbery, rape and every conceivable atrocity known to man. The slaughter of children seems commonplace now. Is this news driving American men crazy?

 One must ask, is the need for American men to carry guns because they are afraid of their own shadows? Is it possible American men have a need to acquire arsenals in order to kill fellow Americans, because they are afraid? Are European and Asian men more manly than American men?

   Fear can be a good thing.  It’s a biological instinct that prevents us from doing stupid things that might kill us. For example, fear kicks in with good reason when we see a slithering snake or look over the edge of a cliff.

   Unfortunately, fear is not always rational and not always healthy. Thus, when men develop persecution complexes combined with delusions of grandeur, paranoia begins to set in. Not the clinical version of paranoia but a type of paranoia unique to a society. Good people gone crazy.

   Prior to WWII, Germany comes to mind. Driven by the perceived persecution of the Versailles Treaty and a notion that the Aryan race is superior to others, Germany digressed into a society engulfed by paranoia. As a result, WWII caused great misery for the world and Germany as well.

   Today in America, a similar paranoid condition has developed in the last twenty years. However, it’s much more complex than the German model prior to WWII. Over the years in America, various persecution complexes have been exploited by golden tongued con artists and their target has been the Christian white male. Not black guys or Latino guys. White guys.

   A government determined to disarm the people is a favorite persecution exploited by those with some nefarious agenda, praying on easily influenced and uninformed individuals. However, in America there is a multitude of persecution complexes exploited by business, social and religious entities. 

   Business interests exploit and demonize environmentalists who want nothing more than to insure the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe won’t make us ill or even kill us. Environmentalists are persecutors. They interfere with profits.

   Social and religious organizations are primary sources of American paranoia. Some Christians (not all) practically shake with fear if you have any conversation about their religious beliefs invoking the old “Christian Persecution” complex. Anyone not sharing their religious beliefs is persecuting them and they are doing the work of Satan.

   Organizations of all types exploit the fears of Americans and make enemies of people who advocate for Gay rights and are Liberal or a Democrat in general. So much so that  Liberals are persecutors. large numbers of Americans would like to kill a Gay Liberal or a Democrat.
 The government is a persecutor if it wants to regulate and prevent sick individuals from getting firearms. Gay people want to destroy religion, the family and our nation. Persecutors, persecutors, persecutors. 

The development of the persecution complex in American has been very effective and very successful. However to become a true socially paranoid nation (like the old Germany) “delusions of grandeur” must combine with the “persecution complex” in order to drive a nation or a segment of its society into behaving in a dangerous manner. 

   We see these dangers manifested in the Republican Party and the Tea Naggers. A large segment of American Society has become paranoid.

   In America, delusions of grandeur comes in many forms from many sources. We still have many people in this country suffering from notions of racial superiority. Gender superiority is preached and practiced by millions of Christian fundamentalists advancing the notion that
women are to be subservient and obey their man. Women should be barefoot and pregnant and never be brilliant and successful like Hilary.

   The delusion of religious superiority is the most dangerous of all. It has caused more damage to the world than any other delusion. The proclamation by millions of Americans that some people are going to hell and they are not  because of their religious view, is the ultimate act of superiority. It is the epitome of superior belief.

   Religious superiority is the root of much conflict in America. Gender and racial superiority flows heavily from delusions of religious superiority. Can you imagine how much more peaceful our nation would be if these delusions of grandeur were absent in our society? 

   Racial differences would not keep us from getting  along. Women would be treated equally and our religious beliefs would have no bearing on political decisions. 

   However, that is not America today as widespread persecution complexes and delusions of grandeur grow and become stronger in portions of our society. Calls for secession, state
legislators passing nullification laws to neutralize federal law, millions of citizens arming themselves for the day when they can gleefully kill fellow Americans. All products of a nation spiraling into paranoid self destruction. 

   If you are shopping at a mall or a store and you see some fat, gray haired goony bird dressed up like a a paramilitary commando or trying to imitate the “Outlaw Josey Wells” armed with a large caliber semi-automatic weapon, stay away from him. He’s afraid of his own shadow, a coward, acting out a fantasy and quite possibly sick with paranoia. Possibly a dangerous scenario for you.

   Left to its own devices, persecution complexes combined with delusions of grandeur can bring a nation down. Just ask Germany how all that worked out for them. If you see some strange person packing heat at Wal-Mart ask him what he’s afraid of. Call him out for not being a man. Dare him to man up.

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