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Monday, October 21, 2013

Syrian Intervention

Don't Intervene into Syria
Posted as a comment on 5/5/2013 to a story titled. "Lawmakers Urge Action On Syria".
     We can't stop Syria from becoming an Islamist stronghold. That is now a foregone conclusion. Those people will be fighting each other for years to come as the current government collapses. Nothing we can do for now. Arming the rebels will just arm Al Qaeda. Don't enrich the American Military Industrial Complex and arm Al Qaeda just for corporate profit.
      Don't listen to those Republican Neocons  People like John McCain. They have been wrong on every foreign intervention decision since 911. They don't have a clue. They don't care how many people die because of them. They are in the pockets of arms dealers and will be the first to cry if American weapons fall into the wrong hands. They will of course blame Obama and refuse to take responsibility for all the people they killed because of their wrong headed decisions.

I'm afraid we will have to let Syria digress into madness. If neighboring countries are not willing to become involved, then neither should we.
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