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Monday, October 21, 2013

Taking the Hill - Are today’s soldiers faking PTSD?

Taking the Hill

TV Documentary This Sunday, November 10 at 12 noon on MSNBC
Are today’s soldiers just being cry babies?

A lot of attention is being paid today to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We all hear it in the news these days and it becomes a subject of special interest especially before the airing of a TV documentary produced by MSNBC this Sunday.

After the Vietnam War the term "Delayed Stress Syndrome" was used to describe the problems some Vietnam Vets were having after coming home. Today they call it PTSD.
I know this is very difficult for some to hear, but it needs to be said. Many of my fellow veterans from the Vietnam era have been, and are still faking, Delayed Stress Syndrome or PTSD.  I would imagine many current veterans from our most recent conflicts are also faking an illness they don't have.
Many of those guys from the Vietnam era were losers long before they came into the service. Smart, hardworking guys didn't go into the military. They went on to college and developed their career instead of wasting their time running around in the jungles of Vietnam.
Only losers, who were lazy, criminal minded or chased too many little girls found themselves in the military back in the day when I was in the Army. I have to include myself. I was too lazy to study hard. I flunked out of my first semester of college and lost my 4A deferment. All I had to do was get D’s for grades and I wouldn’t have to go to war. I was too lazy to develop a career and had nowhere else to go but the Army.

In Viet Nam my platoon was filled with guys like me. We were the lazy no good for nothing losers of our day and the price we paid was the opportunity to taking a bullet for a cause none of us believed in.
One can say the same thing about the troops serving in our military today. For the most part, because of the economy, many people serving in our military are the lazy, shiftless bums of our time and had nowhere else to go but the military. Yea, yea! There are exceptions but for the most part, the enlisted ranks today have been
filled with the same kind of lazy bums that existed back in my day.
Here's the bottom line. After Viet Nam they invented Delayed Stress Syndrome. I'm ashamed to say this, but a lot of guys from my era were losers before they went into the service, and they were losers when they got out of the service. These dysfunctional, lazy losers simply used Delayed Stress Syndrome as an excuse for the failures in their lives.
Friends and family grabbed on to Delayed Stress Syndrome to excuse the guy in their family who was failing. Everyone made excuses for a guy who was going to fail whether he suffered in the military or not.
Have you ever wondered why so many people in our military are claiming PTSD in these modern times? When you find out what the guy did, he was a desk clerk and never saw combat (example). Only a few people actually see combat in our military today. There are far more PTSD claims then there were actual guys serving combat.

Have you ever wondered why all these crybabies have come out of the woodwork? Could it be that PTSD is really hard to disprove but really easy to get lifelong benefits for? There are websites giving advice to military personnel on how to act and what to say in order to increase their chances of getting lifelong benefits.

Are a lot of these guys who are collecting PTSD benefits for the rest of their lives faking their problems? I have witnessed the fake claims of Delayed Stress Syndrome from my fellow Vietnam Vets and frankly speaking, it has been embarrassing.
Let's face it! Military veterans from today's events had it pretty easy compared to other veterans in previous conflicts. Over a ten year period covering Afghanistan and Iraq our troops have suffered about 5,000 deaths.

That's an average of about 500 deaths per year. That's a cake walk going by past conflicts. In 67' and 68' there were many weeks we suffered 500 deaths in a week. Korean and WWII veterans suffered much more than that.
Today's veterans need to quit crying so much and man up. Today's veterans suffered a tenth of the loses compared to veterans from the past, yet they cry ten times more and claim ten times more mental injuries. Just give lazy Freddy Free Loader a chance and he will take free money every time and to heck with his honor as a man.

Many of today’s veterans were the failures of their high school class and because of the economy had nowhere to go but the military. All kinds of people are advising these losers how to act and what to say in order to get free money.
There, I said it. Now I'll sit back and wait for the crybabies to attack me.
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