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Monday, October 21, 2013

Gassed? Tortured? Don't Complain!

Don't Cry if It Happens To You or Someone You Love

    It's time to declare all treaties concerning the use of biological and chemical warfare null and void. The world and America don't care if these weapons are used. Any future use of these weapons by anyone in the world will be ignored no matter the consequences.
 British refusal to act against someone using chemical warfare and killing hundreds of civilians is like a “free hall pass” to a first grader to do as they please. America’s apparent willingness to do nothing has just permitted the future use of chemical weapons by every criminal government around the world now and into the future.
     The treaties the United States and the world enter into are meaningless. As Americans our word means nothing. Our nation is no longer credible.

     Just like the Geneva Conventions and other treaty’s banning torture, American behavior after 911 destroyed the rule of law and turned America into another two bit gangster nation. In the future, if American personnel are tortured by a foreign entity, Americans can say nothing. We no longer hold the moral high ground.

     Employing torture, despite our own laws and international laws, has destroyed our credibility and made our word worthless. Allowing Syria to murder their own citizens with chemical weapons has invalidated the moral high ground America and England once enjoyed.

     We can never protest the actions of others because we made excuses, conducted torture, violated international law and quite literally made all treaties banning torture irrelevant. If North Korea captures an American soldier and water boards him, we are no longer qualified to express our indignation. We are no better than any other lawless nation in the world. We are no better than a country like North Korea.

     The same applies to any chemical or biological treaty the United States agreed too.
Apparently, the world and the United States Congress have decided the use of Chemical warfare is acceptable and nothing will be done to the perpetrators using these weapons. In the future, if a foreign power uses Saran Gas on our troops or our civilian population we must not cry WAR CRIME because when we had a chance to do so, we were silent.

     We reap what we sow, we get what we deserve. Those Americans who said torture is alright and ignore international treaties banning chemical warfare must keep silent and not complain if they are tortured or gassed. That’s just how things are.

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