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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Warning! Republicans are Selfish and Self Centered

Ron Paul/Republicans advocate secession. There is nothing more selfish and self centered. Concerned only for themselves, they are willing to sacrifice our country for their insurrectionist ideas.

These beliefs are not reserved just for Ron Paul Republicans. The idea States can up and leave the Union if
Union Forever
individuals don't like a current President or they don't like a particular Supreme Court decision has infiltrated the entire Republican Party. Tea Naggers are especially vocal about this solution to their grievances.

These unpatriotic ideas harken back to the old Confederate mindset that if you feel like it, go ahead and destroy America. Do it by force of arms if you must and kill a lot of fellow Americans along the way.

In preparation for the glorious day when a State can secede, many Americans are stockpiling military style assault rifles and large quantities of ammunition. They participate in
We Have paid The Price
field operations with their fellow traitors and pretend like they are killing Jack Booted ATF officers and anyone else getting in their way. All in the name of making their State an independent nation separate from the United States. They hate America that much.

The belief in the superiority of their ideas, their religion and their race can transcend very easily into violence resulting in the deaths of those they perceive as inferior to them. The history of mankind has demonstrated this truth over and over again. We are not immune to these perceptions.

The problem is, destroying America in our Civil War days had fewer consequences for America and for the
Defend to the end
world, back then. America has become indispensable to the stability of the world. I'm not talking about military influence, which is a subject for another day. I'm talking about the social and economic stability America lends to the world.

Our ideas have spread worldwide and our nation provides hope for hundreds of millions of people around the globe . The economic stability of the world is anchored by the United States and provides stability for the entire human race. That's why, when Republican traitors threaten  the good faith and credit of the United States, the world trembles.

Threatening the good faith and credit of the United States is yet another way Republicans and their threats of violence go hand in hand with the delusion of secession. Their is a widespread belief among millions of Americans the United States government should be eliminated and all power turned over to individual states.

Defend against all enemies foreign and domestic
If an individual state wants to spin off and become an independent nation, that's alright. Don't be concerned if these traitors have no idea what form of government they would install into their newly form nations. Make no mistake though. Many of these newly formed nations on the American continent would have little resemblance to what we have now.

Civil liberties wouldn't be the same. In some States Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion would not be the same. There would be mass migration of Americans fleeing these dictator minded Republicans and a massive upheaval of the American dream would fall upon the land. The world would collectively cry in despair. The planet would fall into chaos.

Be on guard at all times. Abraham Lincoln hesitated and America paid the price.The Confederacy temporarily went mad with their persecution complexes and delusions of grandeur. A collective paranoia beseeched  the South and hundreds of thousands of Americans died in the struggle to save the Union. Lincoln waited too long to head off the calamity of the Civil War. We dare not make his mistake again.

My next video and article will show how we can stop these Republican Traitors in their tracks. Stay tuned.

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