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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ron Paul Republicans - Dead Wrong Repealing Obama Care

Republicans can't be more wrong about repealing the Health Care Act.

    It always amazes me how people tend to shoot themselves in the foot. Drink too much alcohol and destroy their health as well as their families. Indulge in drugs, ruin their careers, abuse their children all in the name of feeling good. Self destructive behavior seems very common in our society. A lot of people seem hell bent on ruining their lives.

    The same can be said of Obama Care. A good thing comes along and next thing you know people want to get rid of it, even if it means hurting themselves and their families. At least 40 million Americans don't have insurance. When they go to an emergency for treatment there is no way they can pay the bill. Society pays the bill and the cost is spread out for everyone else raising insurance costs and inflating medical expenses.

As insurance and medical costs go up fewer and fewer people can afford health insurance causing more and More moochers means higher costs and before you know it societies self destructive behavior drags the American nation into a downward spiral headed straight for the gutter. 
Destructive Tea Nagger
More people mooching off society.

When a hospital fixes a broken arm without insurance to cover the cost, do you think they do that for free? The medical community has a 256% inflation rate since 1984 compared to the Consumer Price Index of 128% in the same period of time. The medical community is recovering their losses with outrageous price increases all because people without insurance still get medical care. The moochers hurt everyone.

This man won't help you!
There's a guy in my neighborhood who raises two young kids on his own. His ex-wife is one of those people who self destructed with drugs and is no longer capable of raising her own children. Just disgusting.

He struggles financially because he drinks too much and has a hard time getting to work on some days so his job doesn't pay very much. His self destructive behavior has damaged him and his children but what the hell, he loves his alcohol.

He qualifies for free health care insurance for him and his children from the state. There's money for his free health care for him and his children because of Obama Care. Without Obama Care he and his children would be uninsured. He recently had a bout with kidney stones, got all fixed up and didn't have to pay very much at all. That's good.

He's a typical Tea Nagger. Bumper stickers all over his truck about how dumb Obama is and how he's a socialist and we should repeal Obama Care. You know the type. He holds an entirely uninformed position whereas if he is successful in repealing Obama Care it will substantially harm him and his family.  

Even if he could afford to buy health insurance, (he can't) should he have another bout with kidney stones he will not be covered because of a pre-existing illness and he will need to be fixed for free becoming another mooch and blood sucker on society. Health care costs soar to the sky with his help.

There's that self destructive behavior again. You can't talk to these Tea Naggers. You might as well be talking to a wall. Then again, you can't talk to anyone engaged in self destructive behavior. Can you!

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