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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wrong about Secession

Ron Paul Wrong About Secession

    In my opinion Ron Paul is very wrong when he compares our fight to gain freedom from England with a states desire to secede from the union. Fighting for national independence from a foreign power is far more noble then traitors killing fellow countrymen for wrong headed ideas. 

    In today’s environment  we are fighting the old civil war again. This is Union Blue Nationalism versus Confederate Gray Traitors. Ron Paul and his Libertarian supporters are enemies of the state.

    There are a lot of important concepts that must be uniform in all states. All our Civil Liberty's fall into this category. 

    Civil unions, the right to choose,  the right to privacy, the right to have an abortion or forbid the practice entirely needs to be uniform. Gun laws and Immigration law needs to be uniform. The states cannot go off and define their own immigration laws. 
Separation of Church and State must be uniform in every state or risk dividing the nation along religious beliefs.

    After we won our independence from England we tried the Articles of Confederation and found it would not work. Under the Articles, a weak central government could not sustain and build a new nation. The Articles of Confederation was a blueprint for the creation of 13 independent nations all going their separate ways with their own laws and forms of government. 

    Libertarians place a great deal of importance on the Articles of Confederation today. However, they fail to recognize that our Founding fathers abandoned the Articles as a failure. The Articles of Confederation did not work when our nation was trying to establish a new government, and the Articles would not work today.

    The Constitutional Convention was convened by our Founding Fathers for the purpose of saving our new nation and a new government based on strong central authority was created.

    All things would be equal from one state to the next. Our founding fathers were right. Our form of government is the best political system seen by planet earth.
    Any attempt to destroy our unity is a clear and present danger. The Confederate traitors in our past were very wrong. These modern day Confederate traitors, are just as wrong today.

    If Libertarian and Tea Party factions want to talk secession of the states, they have lost the right to call themselves Americans. They have lost the right to wave the American flag. They have lost the right to collect military benefits, Social Security benefits or any other benefit of being an American citizen. If they continue to advocate secession and threaten the continuity of the United States of America, they should be treated for who they are. Enemies of the state.
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