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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mitt Romney - Not Christian - Make Him President

Despite the fact Mitt Romney is not a Christian, almost all Christians will vote for him. Every single day Christians point fingers at people and proclaim they will not go to heaven if they are not Saved. they want to make a non-Christian President. Go figure!

One can only conclude this strange behavior results from one of two things. One, they are not true Christians and all that talk about being saved and "Jesus is Lord" and being "Baptized" in nothing more than a load of crap. Some of them will not vote for Obama because he's Muslim which doesn't explain why they will vote for Romney when it is proven he isn't a Christian. 

Two. Their hatred for Blacks and Democrats is so pronounced and ingrained into their lives they are willing to ignore all their religious beliefs and vote for someone who is not going to Heaven. They will ignore, this one time, all the finger pointing at non-Christians they have practiced all their lives. 

However, once they elect non-Christian Romney they will completely forget they violated everything they have believed in all their lives and continue to point fingers and criticise anyone not like them.

Really disgusting. I hope these people never get control of our country. The rest of the world should be concerned as well. People who behave as these Republicans do are very dangerous to anyone not like them.
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