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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Arkansas Senate passes religion bill seen as targeting gays

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 My Comment:

The motive behind these religious based discrimination laws proliferating around the country seems to be a belief that certain religious practices are more powerful than our national government and its laws. Keep in mind, religious discrimination is practiced by a minority of the Christian community in America.

The majority of American Christians do not practice their religion from a fundamentalist perspective and should not be accused of the hateful practices of a few misguided people.

As this story states about the Arkansas legislature, considering such a law, "governments should not substantially burden the free exercise of religion without compelling justification." The key words are "compelling justification”. Here are a few "compelling justifications”.

1) Gay individuals pay taxes and are American citizens like everyone else. 2) All American citizens are entitled to "equal protection under the law". 3) The "Supremacy Clause" in our Constitution gives the government the authority to protect all US Citizens from predatory practices and efforts to discriminate. 4) Odd ball religious practices do not supersede or nullify US Law. 5) The 10th Amendment does not grant authority to states to nullify US law.

Each elected official in the state of Arkansas took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Any attempt to nullify Federal Law is sedition and an attempt to incite insurrection. In other words, Arkansas Legislators, breaking their oath to defend the laws of this nation are traitors. They are just as dangerous as any outside force intent on doing harm to US Citizens.

The 14th Amendment, Paragraph III, provides a remedy for latent modern day Confederate Traitors. Arkansas Legislators can be removed from office and prohibited from ever holding public office again. Current and active Sedition laws provide the President with the power to remove these traitors by force if necessary.

Abraham Lincoln did not have the tools to stop a Civil War. Modern day Presidents, under the law, have the power to stop insurrection if necessary. It is increasingly clear that this movement to inflict a religious dictatorship, upon tax paying US citizens in America must be stopped. Not acting only emboldens enemies of the state and encourages further ant-American behavior.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cruz kicks off presidential campaign at Christian college

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My comment:

I wonder how much longer our nation must endure religious meddling within government. Is interference into our secular government a passing phase?  Is this the beginning of the downfall of our government, as we have known it? Religious involvement in government insures the eventual downfall of that government.
Our government is not immune from such a threat. There has never been a successful religious government in the history of the human race.
Christianity is not compatible with a secular government, envisioned by the writers of our Constitution. If Christianity prevails, the Constitution will have to go. If the Constitution wins, then Christianity will have to stop interfering in the affairs of men. A stronger “Separation of Church and State” law must be passed. Perhaps an Amendment to clarify what “Separation of Church and State” is, would help save the Union.
Ted Cruz is just one example of an effort to bring down our government and impose God's law, whatever that is. Fundamentalists think our country is dreadful the way it is. Our secular Constitution is immoral and must be substituted with something biblical. Our founding fathers were wrong. They are right.
Ted Cruz represents this idea. His father is a Dominionist and Cruz’s behavior indicates that he is too. Dominionism, (sometimes used interchangeably with Christian Reconstructionism and theonomy) is a political and religious philosophy that seeks to make the United States government a Christian theocracy. However, would you want to live in a country controlled by the Ted Cruz's of our time? Think about it!
When it comes to the hammer hitting the nail, most all of us do not want to live under laws created by a religion different from our own. Even an unpretentious prayer in school, threatens to rip a small classroom into nothing more than a bunch of screaming parents. Eventually they will threaten each other with death, because religion (all religions) has a way of getting people killed.
It is very important to keep prayer out of a public classroom. Private religious schools are another matter, as long as everyone is of the same faith. In public schools, the only way prayer can work, is if everyone is forced to pray in the same manner or to the same God. A Dominionist stated goal.
Ultimately, that is what people like Ted Cruz want. Religious superiority is the oldest form of discrimination practiced by humankind. When someone tells you that Jesus is Lord and you must be saved in order to go to Heaven, that person is telling you of their superiority, if you do not follow their belief.
Failure to comply with their beliefs, gives them permission to do anything, including your murder. Do not roll your eyes! That is the history of Fundamentalist religions and nothing has changed for thousands of years. We see this superior notion practiced every day in America by men like Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz is willing to force children to pray like him, even if parents dislike their children’s conversion to a faith not like theirs. This notion of superiority would extend into every aspect of people’s lives, if allowed to infiltrate government.
We see the mingling of religion and government practiced in the Muslim world. It is not very pretty and just because we are Christians, the blending of religion into our government would be just as harmful.
Unfortunately, Fundamentalism has become very strong in America. Millions of people are dissatisfied with our secular government and want to follow people like Ted Cruz into a theocratic nightmare. Their discriminatory behavior has no boundaries.
Children are to be beaten. Wives must be obedient. Women can work, but for less pay. Women can never hold public office unless they are subservient to men. Females can be forced to have children they do not want and threatened with death if they have an abortion. Men suffer no consequences.
Blacks, Latinos and any other minority should be restricted from voting. Little white children must be protected from the influence of people not like them. Public schools must be eliminated allowing only churches to conduct education. Churches without proper standing will receive limited funds.
Laws allowing discrimination of gay American citizens, will become commonplace in all the states. Despite discrimination, gays will still be required to pay taxes. Hunting parties, tracking down and injuring or even killing gay people, would be encouraged within church walls.
Bombing people with a different religion becomes commonplace.  The holy rulers of America will reign terror upon the world. Like the crusades, there is no sin in killing a non-believer or what the Crusaders called the “Infidels”.
There is no guilt among the practicing fundamentalists in America for half a million, dead innocent people in our last two wars. Instead, American churches make heroes out of the killers. The lack of guilt, for the murder of Muslims yesterday, predicts behavior in the future if these killers get total control of our government.
This scenario sounds harsh and Christians in America will cry out with indignation. Their religious persecution complex will come to the forefront and denials, accusations and name-calling will fly from the mouths of those who have perverted the religion of Jesus.
However, do not let their words fool you. Do not go by what they say but by what they do. In America, Christians no longer believe in the government our founding fathers pioneered. Almost exclusively, the Fundamentalist movement in America supports States Rights and dissolving the Union.
Fundamentalists believe women should be barefoot and pregnant waiting eagerly for their man to come home and eat the dinner they prepared. Women who become pregnant must be locked in their bedroom and forced to have children they do not want. If a woman sticks a coat hanger up her vagina and aborts a child, she is to be executed.
The list goes on forever. Democrats are not dividing the nation with crazy un-American laws, taking the breath from normal people. Democratic legislators are not passing nullification laws and pressing for each state to become its own nation.
Democrats are not attacking women and their civil liberties. Democrats are not trying to suppress the right of people to vote. Democrats do not advocate killing hundreds of thousands of people in Iran for trumped up reasons and then brag about it later.
Democrats have parties at home watching football games and cheer for their team. Republican Christians have parties at home watching precision bombing and cheer for the killing of innocent people. There is a big difference between the Parties.

Democrats are not trying to destroy our secular nation and replace it with the views of people like Ted Cruz. We have a long tradition of leaving the worship of God alone. This time, maybe we should pay more attention.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Indiana Gov. Pence signs religious objections bill

Regarding a story located at: 

   Each year, fewer and fewer people are calling themselves Christians. As the children of backward thinking Christians grow up, the kids get out of the house as fast as they can just to escape their parents pitiful lives.

   Bills allowing legal discrimination are outdated. The people passing these bills are a bunch of old sneaks stuck in their backward ways. When they finally die off, there will be some peace in America. The kids, having rejected their parent’s horrible way of living, will eventually be elected into positions of power and correct the mistakes of their parents.

   Young people today are abandoning the old Christian ways. Fundamentalist Christian numbers are dwindling. Unfortunately, it can't happen soon enough. One day, these bad ideas will perish as more Christians that are authoritarian die off and American values take hold again. In the meantime, we must all endure these legalized, ant-American procedures.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Santorum: Obama ignoring evil

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My comment:
    John David Dougherty You are repeating propaganda spit out by FOX News. The story you just told came from FOX NEWS explaining what ISIS wants. Iran is fighting ISIS. Iran is allied with us in the fight against ISIS.

    Iranian Generals and ground troops are contributing to recent victories over ISIS with the help of our air power. Iran is Persian. ISIS is Arab. Big difference. They don't like each other. Iran is in fact doing more to defeat ISIS than we are. We want Persian Iran on our side. It would be very smart for us to be good friends with Iran.

    Everything would be better today if we had become good partners with Saddam. We could have developed his oil fields and guaranteed cheap oil for us, for all time. ISIS would not exist today. Becoming friends with Iran would help us not to make the same mistakes we did with Iraq. There are better ways to do things without killing half a million innocent people.

    As far as Santorum is concerned, he proves the need for absolute enforcement of the Separation of Church and State concept.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Racist Support for a Racist

This is a video of a racist, making racial comments, I took it at an apartment complex during a 4th of July picnic. He was walking around spitting out his racist comments to anyone that would listen, including children.

In the video I told him I would post this video on You Tube. He said, "I don't care". So I posted the video. Here's the video.
He's from Missouri. 

Over time, people commented on the video. I allow anyone to comment. The following excerpts from commentators is real. I included links to the individuals You Tube page if you want to visit them.

These comments are only a sampling. I deleted the worst ones. I banned those people issuing threats of violence then deleted. There have been about a hundred comments out of 1798 views. There was only one comment expressing disgust with this man.

All other comments were in agreement with the racist in the video. I have maintained for many years that racism in America is very real and alive. I'm a white guy and I have met many "Crackers" who have expressed extreme racism. Being white, they feel more comfortable expressing their view than when around people with a different skin color than they have.

In the old days, racists were out in the open and stated their racist language to anyone that would listen. They felt comfortable saying those things because so many people agreed with them. Today, because of condemnation by many people, racists have learned to be more careful what they say in public.

Having learned that being a loud-mouthed racist in public might cost them their job or limit their social involvement with other people, they have become more "politically correct". Make no mistake though; racism is still very strong among white people. Especially the poor picked on white person, suffering from some kind of persecution complex.

A persecution complex is a common thread among these racists. Of course, being a racist requires a sense of superiority, because racism is all about somebody believing they are better than someone not like them is. Superiority extends into other areas as well. Superiority of religious beliefs and superiority of men over women is very common in America. 

This sense of superiority is at the root of a lot of the social stress we have in our nation today. People condemning other people to hell, if those people don't believe Jesus is Lord, is very common. Religious superiority is as dangerous as racial superiority if not more so. More people have died throughout the ages because of religion than have died because of racial issues.

In America, if you are deemed to have an improper belief in God and Jesus, millions of Americans will scorn you. They will hate you. They are going to heaven and you are not. Religious discrimination and racial prejudice rival one another for pure mayhem wrought on humanity.

This brings us to President Obama. As we all know, people think of him as being an African American. Strike one against the man. You can see some of the comments below. Secondly, Obama's religion is not good enough for the Fundamentalist Christians in this country. Thus, we see all kinds of attacks on the church he has attended and a desperate attempt to brand President Obama a Muslim.

That's strike two against the man. He's a black guy and he's a Muslim. Strike three is that Obama is perceived to be Liberal. Some of us think that's a real joke because Obama is not a Liberal for many of us. 

Nevertheless, for thirty years, persecuted people with notions of superiority have successfully demonized the word liberal. Never mind, if Jesus came back today, he could never win an election uttering the words he spoke. 

Our founding fathers were raving Liberals but would be rejected today because peoples perception of the word "Liberal" has gone into a a special dream world only conservatives understand. Actually, they don't understand their beliefs, they just hate. Hating is much easier that understanding.

Obama is a Liberal, strike three. Obama is a black person, he has a false religion and he's a liberal. Nothing will ever change these persecuted, picked on "Caspers" suffering from illusions of grandeur. Dilutions of grandeur combined with a persecution complex is the definition of paranoia. 

Paranoia is very difficult to cure if the practitioner is not aware of their sickness. That's why things will only continue to spiral downward in America. Buoyed by millions of fellow  religious supremacists all feeling superior to African Americans, Latinos, women, Jews and Liberals, paranoia in America will only get worse as the years pass by. 

There is no mechanism to cure these people of their sickness. Below is just a sampling of comments I have received regarding the video I posted of an old racist from Missouri opening his mouth. 

He lives and works at the complex I reside in. I can tell you, after many conversations with him, he is a religious superiority freak and he would just as soon kill liberals as look at them. It seems religion, racism and liberal hating go hand in hand. 

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dems threaten to block trafficking bill in abortion dispute

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My Comment:
What is the matter with the anti-abortion crowd? They are constantly trying to sneak in their agenda on every single issue. City, county, state and federal legislative bodies can't pass a bill on "what to do about stray dogs" without some busy bee pro-life group making the whole bill about abortion in some way.

I'm neither pro-life or pro-choice but I am all about stopping people from meddling in other people business. With the revival of Christian Fundamentalism, our nation will probably be a religious dictatorship one day anyway. In the meantime, I wish all our self-righteous, know it all Dominion religious thinkers would just shut up for a little while and let the country have some peace and quiet for a while.

Have you noticed? These believers in Jesus are tearing our country apart. Almost every contentious issue in America becomes worse by followers of Jesus meddling in the subject. They just can't shut up and leave people alone. Nearly 100% of all the hatred directed towards our government, our President, Democrats, minorities of all persuasion and any fellow American not like them, is emanating from the fundamentalist Christian movement in America. In the name of Jesus, their hate has no boundaries.

An important bill regarding human trafficking should not be muddied up by attaching yet another attack on a constitutionally guaranteed right to choose and threaten the passage of this bill. Democrats have a right to resist passage of this bill, if giving in will further denigrate a woman's right to choose.

Resisting people with authoritarian personality syndrome, driven by a need to assault a woman's right to choose, is a cause Democrats must always take up. Pass a clean bill regarding human trafficking and get rid of intrusive input from people who hate our country and want to turn our nation into theocracy. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Republicans warn Iran nuclear deal with Obama may not last

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My comment:

If I have one complaint about President Obama, it is that he has been far too lenient in dealing with criminals from Wall Street and with latent Confederate traitors calling themselves Republicans.

Interference in foreign affairs by members of the United States Senate at a crucial time in negotiations with Iran, is not only unprecedented, but it is illegal. President Obama should enforce the law with fines and imprisonment for each of the Senators signing the letter to Iran. These Republican Senators are flirting with treason.

There is a law on the books giving president Obama the authority to deal with these Republican Confederate Traitors. It is called the LOGAN ACT. It reads:

§ 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments.
Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply himself, or his agent, to any foreign government, or the agents thereof, for redress of any injury, which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.
1 Stat. 613, January 30, 1799, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953 (2004).

This is current law. It was codified in 2004. These Confederate Traitors calling themselves US Senators should all be dragged before a criminal court, fined and then imprisoned.

Allowing elected officials to continue breaking the law, encouraging insurrection, voting to nullify US Law and committing sedition only emboldens them to perpetrate egregious acts of treason in the future. Abraham Lincoln did not have the tools to stop Confederates from trying to destroy our nation. Modern day Presidents do have the tools to stop insurrection.

President Obama would do this nation a great service if he would take action to save our Union from these Republican traitors all around our country. There are laws on the books to make latent Confederate traitors take notice.

There is the Logan Act. We have the sedition Act. We also have the 14th Amendment, Paragraph III, which spells out very clearly what can happen to elected officials committing sedition. Republicans are tearing our nation to pieces and they should be stopped before they go too far with armed conflict.

U.S. top court sends Notre Dame Contraception mandate challenge to lower court

From a story located at:

My comment:
The ruling is correct, if the institution resisting the ACA mandate, didn't take a single penny in common tax dollars. Religious schools, taking no tax dollars for operations are free to teach religion in their classrooms. Upon acceptance of common tax dollars, they lose their freedom to subject children of multi-cultural and religious backgrounds to a particular belief.

The Catholic Conference accepts millions of dollars in common tax dollars every year. They do wonderful work but the level of their services would be far less without tax dollars funding many of their operations. In addition, the Catholic Conference employs many people of different faiths because skilled employees come before "Catholic only" employees for efficient operations.

The Catholic Conference is not just a private religious organization. The Catholic Conference relies heavily on all citizens in our country to fund their good work. As such, because of their acceptance of public money and their willingness to employ people of all faiths, the Separation of Church and State applies. If the Catholic Church doesn't like the Separation of Church and State concept, envisioned by our Founding Fathers, then stop taking common tax dollars to help line the pockets of church authorities.

Accepting taxpayer money does not allow the Catholic Church to disregard Federal law to the detriment of its non-Catholic employees. The ACA is the Law of the land and all citizens are afforded equal protection under the law.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Iran carries out an ‘eye for an eye’ punishment — literally

Comment regarding story located at:

Here is my comment:

Here is yet another example of the divide in our country. One side thinks primitive butchery, modeled after the Muslim faith, is the way for America to emulate. The other side takes a more civilized approach and points out the true teachings of Jesus.

You can see this divide, within these comments. The side that believes in cutting off hands and gouging eyes are generally people leaning Republican. They are disillusioned by everything American, including our justice system, our values and the very nature of what makes this country great. In other words, they are Tea Bagging Confederate Traitors.

 The other side pretty much condemns the "eye for an eye" approach to justice, recognizing this form of punishment is rooted in primitive times, practiced by uneducated and ignorant people. America was founded by people fleeing the ruthless and unjust methods of justice, practiced by nations like Iran. How ironic, large sections of the American public now advocates for the very things our ancestors fled from, long ago.

It is also ironic how these people with authoritarian personality disorders are very often Republicans claiming religious superiority over others in our nation. It is a strange phenomenon that people claiming to be religiously superior support the barbaric behavior of a religion they claim to hate.

The people commenting on today’s story is a perfect example of the two courses our nation can take in the 2016 election. One course will take our nation down a path where barbaric people, believing in their primitive superiority, in combination with their hatred for all things American, destroys our nation.

The other side, still believing in the principles our nation was founded on, rejects the primitive instincts of man and continues the dream that America is still a beacon for the rest of the world. This dream will not remain if people, who think gouging out eyes is a good idea, take over our country.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Visualizing the GOP's 2016 Bracket

From a story located at:

My Comment:

What a strange lineup of potential candidates from the Republican Party for President of the United States. I know many Republicans. I can say with certainty, they are nowhere as bizarre as the Republicans wanting to be President. In the end though, my Republican friends will vote for their party nominee, no matter how strange that bird is.

The inconsistency of impeccably normal people calling themselves Republicans, voting for defective people running for office has always been a contradiction in my mind. Very confusing, to say the least. The last election is a good example.

Much of the strength of the Republican Party relies on people with very strong religious beliefs. Many of those religious beliefs is based on a "Jesus Is Lord" concept. Along with this notion, is the idea that if an individual is not Saved, they can't dwell with Jesus somewhere up in the clouds. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to demean this kind of Christian belief. I share some of their beliefs.

Along comes Mitt Romney, a Mormon. He gets the Republican nomination despite his belief that you don't need to be Saved and Jesus is not Lord. Normally, for Christians, Mitt is a man destined for Hell. Normally, Christians would be calling Mitt all kinds of names and cursing him for not being Christian.

However, "normally" is not a word one can use when referencing Republicans. Many of my Christian Republican friends, claim I am going to Hell because I don't think Jesus is Lord or that one needs to be saved (I'm an early Christian). Yet, these very same people condemning me to hell, will vote for a non-Christian and make him President of the United States. Go figure.

After years of seeing this contradictory behavior from my Republican friends, I can only conclude that these very devout and religious people will not vote for anyone if they are black, Latino, a woman, gay, Democrat, Liberal or an Atheist.

Christian Republicans hate these groups more than they love Jesus and that is why we may get an unstable President elected to office based on how much hate he/she can spew out in order to please people disillusioned with America. 

Just look at the Republican lineup. Any of these people elected President would be a disaster for our country. What they all have in common is their hate towards everything and everybody. It’s almost pathological. Let these Republicans get control of both Houses and the Oval Office is a formula for a very different America. Normal people who love our nation, will not like an America controlled by these people.

The problem is, it is a sneak attack on our country and no one will acknowledge the threat until it is too late. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jodi Arias escapes death penalty after Arizona jury deadlocks

From a story located at:

My comment:

Apparently, there was a juror(s) who actually believes in the Commandment "thou shalt not kill". How unusual, for America. Has anyone heard the term, "pray for the executioner"? If someone condemns someone to death, do they have to participate in the actual killing or are they guilty of murder anyway?

If someone does not believe in killing someone and prefers to send them to jail for the rest of their lives, are they a bad person and deserve to be called names by all the bloodthirsty killers in our society? Does anyone believe that "vengeance is wrong, anymore"? How about, "two wrongs don't make it right"? What would Jesus do, anyway?

There are two things going on here within the comments to this story. 1. No one really believes in the teachings of Jesus anymore. 2. Americans are just a bunch of cutthroat killers deserving of any criticism offered by foreigners.

Affordable Care Act - You Have A Choice

Vote Democrat in 2016

The Affordable Care Act is in danger. Republican desire to repeal the act has consequences. The most direct consequence, is the death of Americans who will no longer have Health Care.

If the Supreme nullifies the ACA as many as ten million Americans previously covered will lose their coverage. It is estimated that ten thousand Americans will lose their lives, each year, for lack of health care.

This is not a small matter. Those who advocate for American deaths are in a small way, terrorists. Bin Laden could not have hoped to kill Americans as efficiently as the Republican Party is attempting right now.

Considering how the ACA will cut the deficit over the long term, lower medical costs for everyone and stop the abusive behavior of profit seeking Insurance Companies and Medical Corporations, it is hard to understand the position taken by the Republican Party.

Nevertheless, that is the goal of the Tea Bag Republicans and they may well be aided by a Conservative Supreme Court. This entire affair regarding the ACA is yet another example of danger dwelling within our national boundaries.

Conservatives in America are nothing more than latent Confederate Traitors bent on destroying our nation. They don't care how many Americans lose their lives in order to obtain their goal.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why the Obamacare Case Drives Washington Crazy

From a story located at:

Here is my comment:

This issue really points out the divide within our country. One side has a sense of community. The other doesn't. One side advocates for responsibility. The other side doesn't. One side wants to control rising medical costs. The other side doesn't. One side wants to eliminate pre-existing conditions from consideration of coverage. One side doesn't care about that.

If the ACA is neutralized about 13 million Americans will lose health care coverage because of new higher costs. It is estimated around 10,000 Americans will die from lack of health care, each year. More Americans will die in one year than ten years of unnecessary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. One side cares about this. The other side doesn't.

Thirteen million people took responsibility and decided if they can get health care insurance, they would pay for it. That's why it's called "THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT". The only people getting totally free health care are children, the elderly, handicapped and Veterans in dire need.

One side believes as a society, our nation should take care of the least among us. The other side, would just as soon let the helpless among us die. One side cares about people other than themselves. The other side is very absorbed in their own self-interests and believe if they have what they need, the heck with everyone else.

If the Supreme Court neutralizes the ACA, the most selfish, self-centered people among us will cheer, brag and boast proclaiming a victory for freedom. Freedom to continue being a “mooch”. Freedom to care about no one but himself or herself. Freedom to step over the bodies of their fellow Americans.

The selfish, self-centered among us can redeem themselves if only they would present a viable plan to address the medical crises confronting all Americans. They have had years to come up with a plan that will address the problem. However, all they have been able to do is complain and make false claims. If they win, it will be another nail in the coffin of what used to be America.used to be America.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Netanyahu's Visit - Treason by Republicans?

For Israel's Netanyahu, nuke fight 'sacred duty'

From a story located at: 

My response:

Can you imagine the reaction of Republicans if the stated policy of the elected government of our nation is confronted with back door sabotage by the opposition party in our Congress, with the aid of a foreigner?

Adding insult to injury, a Democratic leader of the House of Representatives invited this foreign dignitary to address the Congress without the permission of the President in the middle of those negotiations. In other words, attempted sabotage.

If the situation were reversed today or in the future, Republicans would be shouting at the top of their lungs. The time to oppose a treaty negotiated by the elected President of the United States is during the ratification process in the Senate. The House of Representatives has nothing to do with the process.

Benjamin Netanyahu has no business interfering with the negotiation of foreign policy by our elected President. This isn't a Republican or Democrat issue. It is an issue of bad manners, sabotage and backstabbing. If the Republican Party had any class, (they don't) they would boycott Netanyahu's speech and censor the Speaker of the House for pulling off such a stupid grandstanding act. Though not illegal, some would say the Speaker committed treason.

Don't hold your breath though. The Republicans will clap and cheer for Netanyahu and conduct news conferences afterwards undermining negotiations designed to prevent another war. Netanyahu and his war mongering Republican allies will get their day in the spotlight but hopefully, a wise and intelligent Barack Obama and the Democrats will prevail.