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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Iran carries out an ‘eye for an eye’ punishment — literally

Comment regarding story located at:

Here is my comment:

Here is yet another example of the divide in our country. One side thinks primitive butchery, modeled after the Muslim faith, is the way for America to emulate. The other side takes a more civilized approach and points out the true teachings of Jesus.

You can see this divide, within these comments. The side that believes in cutting off hands and gouging eyes are generally people leaning Republican. They are disillusioned by everything American, including our justice system, our values and the very nature of what makes this country great. In other words, they are Tea Bagging Confederate Traitors.

 The other side pretty much condemns the "eye for an eye" approach to justice, recognizing this form of punishment is rooted in primitive times, practiced by uneducated and ignorant people. America was founded by people fleeing the ruthless and unjust methods of justice, practiced by nations like Iran. How ironic, large sections of the American public now advocates for the very things our ancestors fled from, long ago.

It is also ironic how these people with authoritarian personality disorders are very often Republicans claiming religious superiority over others in our nation. It is a strange phenomenon that people claiming to be religiously superior support the barbaric behavior of a religion they claim to hate.

The people commenting on today’s story is a perfect example of the two courses our nation can take in the 2016 election. One course will take our nation down a path where barbaric people, believing in their primitive superiority, in combination with their hatred for all things American, destroys our nation.

The other side, still believing in the principles our nation was founded on, rejects the primitive instincts of man and continues the dream that America is still a beacon for the rest of the world. This dream will not remain if people, who think gouging out eyes is a good idea, take over our country.
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