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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dems threaten to block trafficking bill in abortion dispute

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My Comment:
What is the matter with the anti-abortion crowd? They are constantly trying to sneak in their agenda on every single issue. City, county, state and federal legislative bodies can't pass a bill on "what to do about stray dogs" without some busy bee pro-life group making the whole bill about abortion in some way.

I'm neither pro-life or pro-choice but I am all about stopping people from meddling in other people business. With the revival of Christian Fundamentalism, our nation will probably be a religious dictatorship one day anyway. In the meantime, I wish all our self-righteous, know it all Dominion religious thinkers would just shut up for a little while and let the country have some peace and quiet for a while.

Have you noticed? These believers in Jesus are tearing our country apart. Almost every contentious issue in America becomes worse by followers of Jesus meddling in the subject. They just can't shut up and leave people alone. Nearly 100% of all the hatred directed towards our government, our President, Democrats, minorities of all persuasion and any fellow American not like them, is emanating from the fundamentalist Christian movement in America. In the name of Jesus, their hate has no boundaries.

An important bill regarding human trafficking should not be muddied up by attaching yet another attack on a constitutionally guaranteed right to choose and threaten the passage of this bill. Democrats have a right to resist passage of this bill, if giving in will further denigrate a woman's right to choose.

Resisting people with authoritarian personality syndrome, driven by a need to assault a woman's right to choose, is a cause Democrats must always take up. Pass a clean bill regarding human trafficking and get rid of intrusive input from people who hate our country and want to turn our nation into theocracy. 
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