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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Arkansas Senate passes religion bill seen as targeting gays

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 My Comment:

The motive behind these religious based discrimination laws proliferating around the country seems to be a belief that certain religious practices are more powerful than our national government and its laws. Keep in mind, religious discrimination is practiced by a minority of the Christian community in America.

The majority of American Christians do not practice their religion from a fundamentalist perspective and should not be accused of the hateful practices of a few misguided people.

As this story states about the Arkansas legislature, considering such a law, "governments should not substantially burden the free exercise of religion without compelling justification." The key words are "compelling justification”. Here are a few "compelling justifications”.

1) Gay individuals pay taxes and are American citizens like everyone else. 2) All American citizens are entitled to "equal protection under the law". 3) The "Supremacy Clause" in our Constitution gives the government the authority to protect all US Citizens from predatory practices and efforts to discriminate. 4) Odd ball religious practices do not supersede or nullify US Law. 5) The 10th Amendment does not grant authority to states to nullify US law.

Each elected official in the state of Arkansas took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Any attempt to nullify Federal Law is sedition and an attempt to incite insurrection. In other words, Arkansas Legislators, breaking their oath to defend the laws of this nation are traitors. They are just as dangerous as any outside force intent on doing harm to US Citizens.

The 14th Amendment, Paragraph III, provides a remedy for latent modern day Confederate Traitors. Arkansas Legislators can be removed from office and prohibited from ever holding public office again. Current and active Sedition laws provide the President with the power to remove these traitors by force if necessary.

Abraham Lincoln did not have the tools to stop a Civil War. Modern day Presidents, under the law, have the power to stop insurrection if necessary. It is increasingly clear that this movement to inflict a religious dictatorship, upon tax paying US citizens in America must be stopped. Not acting only emboldens enemies of the state and encourages further ant-American behavior.
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