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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Indiana Pizzeria Tells Local News Station They Won’t Serve Same-Sex Marriages

From a story located at:

My comment:
The majority of Gay people in America are Christian. Christians setting themselves apart from Christians is nothing new. There are a thousand different kinds of Christians all over the world and they cannot get along any better than all the different Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist religions can.

The problem with government passing a law allowing a religion to discriminate is that once you give religion (any religion) an inch, they want a mile. Government cannot say it is all right for a particular religion to discriminate and then tell other religions they cannot.

Empowering a particular religion to exercise their belief system only once is like trying to eat only one peanut. It cannot be done. You can bet your last dollar, flushed with success on this issue; Christians will be emboldened to nullify all protections from the excesses of religion our nation has always strived to prevent.

There has never been a successful government dominated by a religion, in the history of humankind. The most successful governments have always been secular. As long as those governments remain secular, that government will be relatively successful. America in the past is a good example.

Our government is beginning to fail because of the creeping influence of religion in public affairs. All strife, all conflict on our domestic front, is emanating from Fundamentalist Christianity. Talk of secession, nullification laws, taxpayer-funded churches, school prayer, discrimination against gays, the war on women, all flows from the Fundamentalist Christian movement in America. The list goes on forever.

There are many threats in this world but none more dangerous to this nation than a religious threat from within our borders. One can see the disease of religious tyranny spreading all over our nation as states, taken over by religious fanatics impose the most outrageous laws on the common man. If these religious enemies of state are not stopped, our secular government will end.
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