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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cruz, McConnell Urge High Court to Leave Gay Marriage to States

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My Comment:
The philosophy of letting the states decide important issues regarding civil liberties is a much bigger story than gays wanting to get married. Gay tax paying American citizens, wanting the same liberties granted all Americans, does not come as a surprise. African Americans and women once demanded equal protection under the law and eventually achieved their goal.

The big story on this issue is the resurgence of an opinion that individual states should have the authority to define which civil liberties are granted or denied its citizens, based on a state-by-state interpretation of civil rights. Under the philosophy of "States Rights" African Americans and women would probably enjoy different civil liberties according to the state they lived in.

Under the thinking of Cruz and McConnell, if states can individually decide whether tax paying American citizens can vote or not, many states would deny that privilege to women and blacks. Under a "States Rights" political organization, there would not be a United States of America.

Under a "States Rights" dominated government, each state would have the power to define the meaning of all existing civil liberties, taken for granted by Americans. Each state, determining which civil liberties are granted or denied to its people, would create by default, 50 different countries, all acting differently from one another. In other words, we would have a Confederate States of American on the North American continent.

A "States Rights" mentality is inherently dangerous to the existence of our nation. Regarding civil liberties, Cruz and McConnell are dead wrong on letting individual states determine whether people can marry whom they please, or allow a state to interfere based on a religious opinion.

Allowing each state to spiral off into its own set of laws regarding civil liberties, would in reality nullify the "Supremacy Clause", the "Due Process Clause" and the "Equal Protection Clause" of our Constitution. In other words, Cruz and McConnell are advocating dissolving the United States of America. They are not friends of America.
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