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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tennessee governor not among army of speakers at NRA event

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My comment:
The National Rifle Association's annual meeting is usually a circus event. Only the most extreme and rabid gun owners spend their time and money going to a convention in which nothing will be accomplished. The majority of NRA membership will not be attending because they are not as political as the extremists that have taken over the NRA.

Most NRA members are not interested in overthrowing our government. However, in attendance at the convention will be several thousand members who belong to a militia of some type. You know the type. They run around in the woods practicing for the day they can kill their fellow Americans. They fantasize about killing Federal officers of the law in particular.

The majority of NRA members are not like those militia types. They are much too normal to entertain ideas of killing Americans. The extremists at the convention will spread all kinds of fear mongering propaganda about how those jack booted ATF officers are going to kick your door down and confiscate your weapons. Normal NRA members are not worried about that.

Radical elements of the NRA in attendance at the convention will be calling for mandatory gun ownership. They will say everyone should have an assault rifle in case they have to bring our government down. The convention will be against any background checks because convicted felons and crazy people should be allowed to have assault rifles.

Elementary school children should be allowed to pack heat and if they become frightened, they can kill a fellow fourth grader and suffer no consequences. After all, not as many little kids at Sandy Hook would have died if some of those children had been armed.

The National Rifle Association's annual meeting is going to be quite a spectacle. You will hear many hate speeches about Obama and Democrats in general. Scattered in the audience will be racially charged signs with plenty of insults for black, brown and gay people. There will be a competition among the participants to see who can express the most hatred towards fellow Americans. There will be plenty of conversation advocating genocide against Iran.

All will be packing guns in an effort to show everyone watching, what big tough people they are. Your only consolation, after watching all the sound bites coming out of Nashville, is the knowledge that most NRA members are not like those people attending the convention. I am a lifetime member of the NRA and the disgusting display of dysfunctional morons at the NRA Annual Convention will be both embarrassing and shameful. I long for the day when the NRA regains its honor.
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