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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ted Cruz Raises $4 Million in His First Week Running For President

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My Comment:
The bitterness and hatred for anyone not like Cruz is not limited to Cruz only. In order to collect large amounts of money, one must appeal to thinkers on the same page. Therein lies the problem festering in America today.

Ted Cruz is a liar, plain and simple. He exploits people’s deepest fears and does it without any guilt.
His Dominionist religious views allow him to say anything and do anything because he is guided by God (so he thinks). He does not care what people think or what harm his ideas will do to people. He exhibits the strongest delusion of superiority of any prospective candidate seeking the Presidency.

There is a growing movement in this country, which no longer believes in the government, or principals America was founded on. The common person is just something to be manipulated. Civil Liberties mean nothing. Equal protection under the law means nothing. Rich people are the only Americans worthy of protection. The Supremacy Clause means nothing.

Latent Confederate Traitors have re-emerged to destroy our nation. Slick golden-tongued con artists like Ted Cruz are nothing more than tools to be used in order to obtain the goals of the elite. Anyone investing millions of dollars into Ted Cruz has only ill intent for America. There is an agenda, advocated by the elite, providing nothing for the peons in America.

The Chinese labor force is their model. A Chinese style government is their dream. That way, maximum profits can be obtained. Ted Cruz is an unwitting tool for those shadowy people, manipulating our government in secrete. It only goes so far though. In time, the people rise up and when they do it's not very pretty. The French solved their elite problem by putting them all to the chopping block. I hope that it will not come to that here.
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