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Monday, April 27, 2015

Supporters of Senate Iran bill swatting away amendments

From a story located here:

My comment:

      It's hard to believe Republicans want to scrap negotiations with Iran and increase the probability of yet another war. Their recent behavior seems as though they want to destroy Iran. Republicans claim war is not their goal, yet everything they do on this subject, leaves no other option.
Obstructionist L. Graham

      Humiliating Iran repeatedly will leave that country no other option but to resist America and fight for their honor. There are elements within American society practicing delusions of superiority over other races and other religions. Being drunk with power because of the size of our military, they believe they can tell anyone they please what to do.

      It is the combination of Superiority, military power and a willingness to kill hundreds of thousands of people for false reasons that has much of the world worried. Iran has good reason to be concerned.

      In some small way, you can't blame Iran for wanting the bomb. If there were any country in the world needing regime change, it would be North Korea. However, they have the bomb and we leave them alone. Iran has learned this very simple lesson.

      Threatening to scuttle negotiations and then use military power, will not elicit our goal of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran. Our attitude will only drive Iran to get the bomb for their own protection. Perhaps if America had not killed half a million Muslims in the last decade, Iran might feel a little more secure when dealing with us. Perhaps if a major political party in America was not so belligerent, Iran might feel more confident about American intentions.

      One thing is for sure. Threatening to neutralize any agreement today, backstabbing the President, does not lend itself to a confident feeling within Iran. America has become an unreliable partner in these negotiations with Iran because of a militant major political party within our borders.

      The other parties involved in negotiations should expel America from the talks and continue a deal regarding Iran. Republicans have made us unreliable, war like and a scourge on the world. Kick the children out and let the adults do the rest of the talking.
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