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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Senators focusing on bill to limit nuclear deal with Iran

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My Comment:
The P5+1 should become the P4+1. The United States is no longer a reliable negotiating partner because of Republican resistance to anything Obama does. It is clear Republicans want war instead of peace and their cause is being spurred on by Israel.

The European Union, Germany, China, France, United Kingdom and Russia should resolve to
Republicans interfering with diplomacy
continue negotiations with Iran without the participation of America. The new P4+1 should jointly declare the United States a warmongering nation and the same people who waged war with Iran based on lies, are now in power.

The United States Senate has already nullified negotiations, when 47 Republican Senators backstabbed the President. The United States cannot be relied upon to honor any commitment by the P5+1. Therefore, negotiations should continue without the United States. America should be banned from the negotiations.

The rest of the world can lift sanctions on Iran and the United States can do nothing about it. If the United States threatens war, they will have to do it unilaterally. The new P4+1 should declare they will not aid America with their aggression. Issues with Iran can be resolved without American help. Republicans have rendered out nation moot.
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