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Saturday, February 27, 2016

We Should have a President Loved by the KKK

Man dressed in 'KKK endorses 
Trump' shirt thrown out of Trump rally

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My comment
        It doesn't matter what Trump says about KKK endorsements. Trump could come out in the strongest manner possible (with a wink of the eye) and the KKK will still love him. Trump is not perfect but he is the most robust white power candidate to come out since George Wallace.

        One can only hope these racists and white power goony birds are too stupid to register and won't be able to vote. The most they will be able to do is run down to Taco Bell and scare little kids with their guns, unwashed appearance and dirty mouths.

        Trump should make a campaign promise offering free showers, a haircut and new paramilitary costumes (brown shirts?) for all the potbellied gray haired white supremacists, if only they will shut up until he is the POTUS. Then they can do as they please.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Aides’ email-server testimony could throw Clinton campaign a curveball

Aides’ email-server testimony could throw Clinton campaign a curveball

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My comment:
     It wasn't illegal for her to use a private server at the time. No laws were broken. All of the so called classified Emails were deemed classified after the fact. None were classified when sent. This is yet another Republican witch hunt funded by taxpayers.

     I can understand concerns about secrecy and national secrets if these investigations were non-partisan and equally applied. However, investigating Hillary is purely political. If these Republican investigators were also looking into Colin Powell's private email server while he was Secretary of State, I would say, "go for it". If the contents of Condoleezza Rice's private email server were scrutinized in
the same manner Hillary Clinton's server is looked at, I would say, "good investigation".

     That's not the case though, is it? As we speak, most of the members of Congress and the Senate are currently running their own private Email servers today or have done so in the past. Most government officials have been running their own server since Email came into being. The people investigating Hillary's private Email server and claiming it was so bad, are doing or have done, the exact same thing now and in the past.

     It's like Newt Gingrich impeaching Bill Clinton for his improprieties while he was having his own affair during the impeachment proceedings. Complete and total hypocrisy is being exercised today regarding this investigation and the political nature of this inquiry is obvious.

     Only Republicans spend taxpayer money in this politically motivated investigation. Making things even worse, Republicans make up laws which never existed, spread these lies over their talking points network and uninformed people repeat those lies as demonstrated in today’s comments.

     Republicans are proving once again they will spend unlimited taxpayer money pursuing an individual simply for their own political invectiveness, not to mention their extreme hypocrisy. The fact Republican voters encourage such behavior tells us their talk about morality and wasteful government spending is just a pack of lies. Hate is driving Republican politicians and voters.

     The truth is, Republicans are scared of Hillary because she will delay their efforts to destroy the United States government by expanding States Rights. She will blunt further control of our government by the 1%. She will inhibit religion’s attempt to turn our nation into a theocracy. Hypocritical liars and their supporters will stop at nothing in order to stop Hillary.

     It is truly a sad state of affairs watching the Republican Party sink to such a low level of behavior. Show your disgust with the current Republican Party at the polls and pray the party will one day redeem themselves.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2016 Election: The Civil War Is Back

It's Up To Democrats To Preserve The Union

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My comment:
     Ted Dobson: Changes may be coming but I don't see a skilled Republican running for POTUS, who will be President for everyone. I see only hate and division among Republicans. I see Republican candidates who will only be president to a small segment of America. I would vote Republican if they didn't lie all the time and support ideas which will hurt me and my family.

     I don't see Democrats threatening to secede, pass nullification laws or running around at Taco Bell
scaring everyone with assault rifles. Democrats don't root for the day when 50,000 Americans can die from lack of health care, again. Democrats seem more patriotic towards America than a party devising ways to destroy what we have. To me, Democrats have more empathy for fellow Americans.

     Democrats don't support policies which encourage back alley abortions like in the old days. Nor do they oppose sex education then refuse to care for unwanted children when uneducated kids produce an unwanted child. Democrats aren’t trying to limit birth control because they think conception occurs at the first erection.

     Democrats, in general, don’t follow strange religious views mimicking primitive religious interpretations. In many respects, to me, Republicans act more like the Taliban than Americans. In my opinion, our nation needs one Amendment to the Constitution and we need it very soon. We need an Amendment clearly defining what Separation of Church and State really means.

     The Democrat party is not home for every racist, homophobic white nationalist suffering from persecution complexes and delusions of superiority. We have our gays, socialists and women’s libbers but they are far more preferable than the crowd voting Republican. I'm a white guy and I have more in common with Blacks, Latinos and Gays than with my own race.

     It just seems like half the country has gone insane and the only people preventing the wolves from entering the front door are Liberal Democrats. The coming Presidential election is turning out to be a struggle between abnormal un-American behavior and those who want to preserve our Union. Deviants during our Civil War tried to destroy America once before. It looks like Union Blue will need to rise again, as they did during our civil war, in order to save our nation.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Poor News Coverage and Hypocrisy - Nice Combination

Russia wants to fly over US with advanced digital camera

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My comment:
     Just terrible news coverage we get in this country The story completely ignores the fact the US has been taking advantage of the treaty since 2002 when the treaty was enacted. Enacted by G.W. Bush, by the way. 

     Here we are, complaining about a treaty we signed and ratified by a previous Senate. We have taken advantage of the treaty, have flown spy planes over Russia for at least twelve years and when Russia wants to do the same, it's Obama's fault. Have you people forgotten that Treaties are the law of the land?

     Bush Jr. waved a wand and nullified the War Crimes Treaties passed by a previous administration, making him immune to War Crimes charges today. Real handy for him. Incidentally, that's a big hole in our Constitution. A sitting President shouldn't be able to nullify treaties signed by previous administrations and ratified by a previous Senate by simply waving a wand with no current Senate input. Just saying.

     President Obama could do the same thing today. Simply issue an edict nullifying the treaty signed and ratified by a previous administration. End of problem. But wait a minute! Then we wouldn't be able to fly over Russia anymore and spy on them. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. I'm sure if Obama nullified that treaty, Obama haters would complain about that too.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Antonin Scalia (War Criminal) and a comment about war crimes

Scalia is indirectly a War Criminal

The inspiration for this editorial:

My comment:
You won't hear any politicians say, "he was a narrow minded conservative who on many occasions ruled in favor of corporations hurting many common Americans. All politicians will say nice things about him now that he is dead.

It will take at least two decades of new Supreme Court decisions to unravel the harm he has done to this country. Considering how many people he harmed, he is probably rotting in hell with Ronald Reagan, the man who appointed him, as we speak". 

Reagan killed thousands of innocent people. Surely he is in Hell.

Some people are not missed when they depart. Jerry Falwell was a welcome exit. I'm sure Lyndon Johnson is rotting in hell and good riddance to him. When G.W. Bush departs this world for an eternal stay in Hell, the survivors of dead and wounded Vets who gave everything for a lie, will quietly cheer. The families of half a million dead Iraqis will celebrate.

With the way things are going, one can only hope there is a Hell. Apparently Bush, Cheney, Rice, etc., etc. will never face the consequences for what they did in this lifetime. There are several hundred thousand dead human beings because of the lies they told. There isn’t a religion on earth that can forgive Bush for what he did. Maybe ISIS would but who knows how those nut jobs think.

I know I’m going off subject a little bit but George Bush and his administration are war criminals. Here’s my reasoning and many won’t agree with me. That’s too bad because making excuses for war crimes makes the apologist just as disgusting as those who committed the crimes in the first place.

The apologists make the excuse that George Bush got the wrong intelligence. He was misinformed by all the intelligence agencies which resulted in the mistake of annihilating Iraq. It is this lie which gives credence to the war crime charges. All the intelligence agencies provided correct assessments of Iraq’s capabilities.

The Bush Administration simply ignored the truth and purposely told lies in order to wage a war. There are many theories as to why Bush had to have his war but all those concepts are irrelevant at this point. There is a single fact which cannot be disproven. The Bush Administration purposely lied to the United States Congress, the American people and the world causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Iraq did not transpire because of bad information. Iraq happened because of focused lying. If our intelligence agencies provided incorrect information, perhaps one could let G.W. Bush off the hook. However, that is not the case and because of the lies, Bush is a war criminal. G.W. Bush caused incomprehensible suffering while conducting acts of murder on innocent human beings.

Our intelligence agencies provided the correct information. A nuclear program did not exist. A chemical and biological program did not exist. Al Qaeda was not in Iraq. There was no missile program capable of reaching the United States.

All these facts were provided by our intelligence services. Bush covered up the facts and lied about going to war. Bush is not an innocent victim of bad intelligence. Bush covered up and lied the American people and the Congress into war and that is why he is a war criminal.

Many of our military commanders are guilty of war crimes as well because they did not control their troops and thousands of men, women and children were killed by our undisciplined military secure in the knowledge there would never be consequences for their crimes.

The root of many PTSD claims resulting from the war is the extreme guilt our soldiers suffer as a result of their acts of murder. Instead of giving these criminals an excuse for their crimes, getting counseling and a monthly check, these modern day war criminals should be put in jail.

So, enough of that!

It doesn't matter if a Republican or Democrat replaces Scalia. There is almost a 90% chance whoever it is, that person will be more neutral in their rulings and act more like a impartial judge, as it should be. Scalia was a Conservative, Republican hack, more in the vain of Ted Cruz, than a neutral judge. Good riddance to Scalia the demagogue.

Scalia, the man who wrote the majority opinion as to why Florida should not count all the votes, making George W. Bush President. The legitimate President, elected by American voters, Al Gore, did not become President of the United States. Because of Scalia and people like him, the course of history was changed forever.

All the bad things going on today in Iraq and Syria can be traced back to the day Scalia made George Bush President. There may not be a Hell, for all we know but Scalia helped to create Hell on earth. You people who supported him, you reap what you sow.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Anti-Abortion Efforts Kill Women in All Religions

Religion is Killing American Women
By Gary Donovan Snay

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My comment:
Years ago (and I mean "years ago") my aunt self-inflicted an abortion in her bathtub and bled to death in an ambulance while it
searched for a hospital with an empty bed. There were so many self-inflicted abortions resulting in emergencies the hospitals were turning away women because there was not enough room.

I was only about five years old (my brothers were much younger and probably don't remember) but I remember the event very well. One of my earliest memories. It was 100% illegal at the time but the prohibition did nothing to stem women from aborting their babies. There was also a big industry of quacks infecting women with back alley abortions. It was an epidemic.

It's a shame women do this but in all parts of the world, for all the history of mankind, women have self-aborted regardless of religious taboo or laws enacted. Today, the number of Muslim women dying from self-inflicted abortions is horrific. Religion is killing Muslim women in many different ways.

Religion is killing American women as well. Just another example demonstrating how little difference there is between Christians and Muslims.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Enjoy Your Victory BurnBots. Well Deserved. But don't Get Your Hopes Up

    Now Join With Hillary In Beating Back Hatred
Congratulations to Bernie Sanders. There is nothing wrong with his progressive message. The problem is with his followers. Far too many republican plants within the BurnBots.

     I would hope Hillary will listen to the progressive messages of both Bernie and Elizabeth. I think she has already but you can't tell a BurnBot that because they are so focused on the single issue of Wall Street. True 99'ers. That's good. I’m a big supporter of the 99’er movement.

I'm sure the BurnBots are ecstatic with the win in New Hampshire but I was looking at the total delegate count and it shows Hillary with 392 delegates and Bernie with 42.

     That story is not being reported and the BurnBots are ignoring it.

     Within the next couple of weeks Hillary could have more than a 1,000 delegates and Bernie will still be under 100. That is a reality all Democrats must grapple with. We must start coming together.

     Hillary's real strength is coming up very soon. I predict Bernie will endorse Hillary in about a month or he will become a spoiler like Ross Perot and go independent. If he goes independent, Democrats will lose the White House.

     The only thing worse than a bad loser is a bad winner. Honor Bernie and his BurnBots when they are vanquished. The party of hate (Republicans) is gathering their forces and they will be unified.
     The party of Hate? Yea, I’m afraid so. When was the last time any Republican advocated for anything that helps people? Almost everything Republicans advocate, ultimately harms Americans and benefits just a few.

     Getting rid of  healthcare for twenty million Americans with no replacement isn’t very people friendly. Wanting to hand Social Security funds for Wall Street to manage will eventually harm millions of Americans when the greedy wolves steal everything for themselves and leave old people living in tent cities. Republicans are not friendly to common Americans.

It just shows how Republican hate for Democrats is more powerful than loving Jesus or
themselves. In the last election their hate for a black liberal Democrat was so strong they were willing to elect a non-Christian destined for Hell according to their own religious belief system. It is just amazing to witness.

     We will need Bernie and his followers to defeat the kind of people who support Trump and Cruz. Bernie and his followers are the good guys. Never forget that.
     A lot of good decent Republicans are good people too, except they have allowed themselves to hate everything including themselves.

They will flock to the Polls to defeat a Liberal Democrat and it won’t matter who their candidate is. They haven’t voted FOR anyone in a very long time.
They just vote against people they hate.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wheaton will not fire professor over Muslim worship comments, but she will leave college

Which Religious Belief is More Believable?

From a story located at:

My comment:
One theory says Muslims and Christians worship the same God. It could mean simply that God has many names and many definitions, however, it is all the same God. Except for the Jews according to some thinkers. Jews don't believe in the Trinity any more than Muslims do. According to some, Jews don't worship the same God as Christians do, just like Muslims. Hmmmmmm!

Christians believe God got Mary pregnant by magic and along came Jesus. Cute story. It's all because fornicating is such a dirty business and nobody wants to believe Mary got shagged in order to make the pure and sinless Jesus.

Conception without sex presents a problem though when it goes head to head with the Trinity. Since Jesus is God, Jesus had to impregnate his own mother in order to conceive himself. Now that is a thought worth considering. Let me see. Jesus impregnated his own mother or Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Which one makes more sense? The one with less magic is the idea I choose.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Socialist Fears are Alive and Well

Socialist Fears are Alive and Well

     Some Bernie supporters have suggested distributing pamphlets to overcome misconceptions about Socialism/Communism. Good idea but I would love to see the reaction from Republicans when those pamphlets are distributed in different places. Can you imagine the reaction when someone tries to distribute pamphlets extolling the virtues of Socialism at public schools?

     It will take more than a pamphlet to overcome 50 years of propaganda against Socialism/Communism. Baby boomers remember nuclear drills and hiding under school desks. They recall Nikita Khrushchev pounding a shoe on a desk at the UN promising to bury us. 98,000 died fighting Socialism/Communism in Korea and Vietnam. Memories of 10,000 nuclear weapons threatening to kill all of us, prevail. Boomers are still alive and they vote.

     Many have taught their children to fear Socialism. The word, in Republican minds, is not synonymous with a perceived utopia's in Europe. It is still an evil word. Socialist fears defeated Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry and it will defeat Bernie.

     Fear of Socialism is stronger than racial, gender or sexual orientation fears. Hillary will be accused of being a socialist but she will never call herself a Socialist the way Bernie has. Nobody in America, wanting to be elected to political office, proclaims themselves a Socialist. Bernie is a rare exception. It is still political suicide to embrace that mantra. Being a Socialist won’t come into vogue for another twenty years, if at all.

     Fear of Socialism will not subside until the Baby Boomers die off and disappear from the political scene. Until then, Bernie Sanders is a lightning rod guaranteeing a political victory for Republican Fascists. Nothing will bring out more Republicans to vote than the fear of Socialism. It’s just a simple fact of modern day America.

     The fear of Socialism has its roots in the Cold War days and there is validity in those fears. However, the Cold War has been over for a while. Yet the fears so carefully manufactured in the Cold War years still persist.

Some People Own Guns So They Can Kill Americans

People Have A 'Fundamental Right'
To Own Assault Weapons, Court Rules
By Gary Donovan Snay
From a story located at:

My comment:
Home defense is quite simple. Buy a revolver, tuck it under your mattress, and wait for the one in a million chance someone will break into your house when you are present. Then you get to kill someone. Your kid can still find the gun and shoot you or his little sister. If you get depressed, you can still blow your brains out because that only takes one shot. If you beat up your wife, she can get the gun and kill you. Home defense is really simple.

What's not so simple is your desire to own an assault rifle, with a large capacity magazine so you can kill officers of the law or members of the military. It is equally unnerving that you think the day will come when you will have to kill fellow Americans because you disagree with some of them. In other words, your desire to own military style weapons goes way beyond home defense. It’s more rooted in your paranoia.

It is also disturbing if you are plotting and planning to overthrow our government. Wanting to kill fellow Americans and overthrow our government is sufficient cause to subject you to a psychological evaluation and determine if you are a danger to yourself and to others. Maybe you shouldn't be allowed to own a BB gun, let alone an assault rifle.

The point is, this gun thing has gone way overboard. I am not comfortable with marginal personalities running around with assault rifles when I am with people I love. I am not armed and I have a right to feel secure in my surroundings without worrying about a stranger, dressed up in a paramilitary outfit, opening up full automatic and killing me or my loved ones by accident. It happens all the time.

Considering how strange and mentally challenged a lot of these gun nuts are, the chances are pretty good one will go crazy if someone provokes him in some way. There is a simple rule in play. More guns, mean more gun deaths. More crazy people with guns, mean more gun deaths.

Especially if those guns are in the hands of anyone who wants one. Anyone with a bad attitude. Anyone with a short fuse. Anyone fresh from an argument with their wife. Anyone who decides it might be fun to kill some innocent people. Plenty of that going around.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Another example of people blaming government for abuses by corporations.

Jobless rate below 5 percent as payrolls rise in January

From a story located at:

My comment:
Complaining about corporate practices to maximize profits and screw the American worker then blaming the government is misguided. Will Obama make you happy if you can have a full time job for $2.00 an hour? A Republican will let that happen. A Democrat won’t.

All you do is blame the government for what corporations are doing to you. Screwing the American worker in order to increase profits is what corporations do. American companies screw Chinese labor for increased profit and they won't be satisfied until they can do the same to American labor.

When labor costs get as low as what the Chinese are paid, manufacturing will come back to America. I'm sure if you were paid like a Chinese coolly, you would be trying to blame the government as well.

It's not Obama's fault if corporations want to lower your wages, eliminate your lunch hour, deny health coverage, get rid of work place safety regulations and not pay unemployment insurance so when you get discarded, there is no safety net.

It's not Obama's fault if corporations pay you so little you have to go on welfare to feed yourself and lean on the American tax payer to subsidize the wage you’re not getting from corporations. It's not Obama's fault corporate greed prevents you from making a living.

You have been manipulated into an unwarranted love of corporations. Corporations don't love you. Corporations will screw you every time. Corporations will bribe government officials, who are supposed to protect you, into allowing corporations to use you and discard you when it suits them. You know, something like the Chinese labor market.

Government is the only entity capable of protecting you from the abuses of big business. Corporations have successfully made you believe they are good and government is bad. Unions are bad and they are good. Low wages, no benefits and no protections is good and anyone trying to prevent these things from happening is bad.

Nobody else will help you from the ravages of greedy profit seeking corporations whose only obligation is to their shareholders. American corporate shareholders are oblivious to the abuses practiced by their company on millions of workers in foreign countries.

As long as the shareholder gets their dividend check, they could care less if some twelve-year-old kid in the Philippines is working twelve hours a day for fifty cents an hour in a sweatshop with no breaks. American corporations, will do that to you and the only protection you have is your government. Assuming of course your government isn't bribed to allow excessive corporate greed.

A lot of you people need to get your act together. Your anger towards the government is misguided. The government is trying to help and protect you and all you can do is blame Obama and the government for the things corporations are doing to you. You people need to stop being so easy to manipulate by corporations and stop your unwarranted love of an entity whose sole purpose is to maximize their profits at your expense.

Can’t you see unregulated corporations are trying to turn us into China and they are doing it with your help?