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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Enjoy Your Victory BurnBots. Well Deserved. But don't Get Your Hopes Up

    Now Join With Hillary In Beating Back Hatred
Congratulations to Bernie Sanders. There is nothing wrong with his progressive message. The problem is with his followers. Far too many republican plants within the BurnBots.

     I would hope Hillary will listen to the progressive messages of both Bernie and Elizabeth. I think she has already but you can't tell a BurnBot that because they are so focused on the single issue of Wall Street. True 99'ers. That's good. I’m a big supporter of the 99’er movement.

I'm sure the BurnBots are ecstatic with the win in New Hampshire but I was looking at the total delegate count and it shows Hillary with 392 delegates and Bernie with 42.

     That story is not being reported and the BurnBots are ignoring it.

     Within the next couple of weeks Hillary could have more than a 1,000 delegates and Bernie will still be under 100. That is a reality all Democrats must grapple with. We must start coming together.

     Hillary's real strength is coming up very soon. I predict Bernie will endorse Hillary in about a month or he will become a spoiler like Ross Perot and go independent. If he goes independent, Democrats will lose the White House.

     The only thing worse than a bad loser is a bad winner. Honor Bernie and his BurnBots when they are vanquished. The party of hate (Republicans) is gathering their forces and they will be unified.
     The party of Hate? Yea, I’m afraid so. When was the last time any Republican advocated for anything that helps people? Almost everything Republicans advocate, ultimately harms Americans and benefits just a few.

     Getting rid of  healthcare for twenty million Americans with no replacement isn’t very people friendly. Wanting to hand Social Security funds for Wall Street to manage will eventually harm millions of Americans when the greedy wolves steal everything for themselves and leave old people living in tent cities. Republicans are not friendly to common Americans.

It just shows how Republican hate for Democrats is more powerful than loving Jesus or
themselves. In the last election their hate for a black liberal Democrat was so strong they were willing to elect a non-Christian destined for Hell according to their own religious belief system. It is just amazing to witness.

     We will need Bernie and his followers to defeat the kind of people who support Trump and Cruz. Bernie and his followers are the good guys. Never forget that.
     A lot of good decent Republicans are good people too, except they have allowed themselves to hate everything including themselves.

They will flock to the Polls to defeat a Liberal Democrat and it won’t matter who their candidate is. They haven’t voted FOR anyone in a very long time.
They just vote against people they hate.

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