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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Some People Own Guns So They Can Kill Americans

People Have A 'Fundamental Right'
To Own Assault Weapons, Court Rules
By Gary Donovan Snay
From a story located at:

My comment:
Home defense is quite simple. Buy a revolver, tuck it under your mattress, and wait for the one in a million chance someone will break into your house when you are present. Then you get to kill someone. Your kid can still find the gun and shoot you or his little sister. If you get depressed, you can still blow your brains out because that only takes one shot. If you beat up your wife, she can get the gun and kill you. Home defense is really simple.

What's not so simple is your desire to own an assault rifle, with a large capacity magazine so you can kill officers of the law or members of the military. It is equally unnerving that you think the day will come when you will have to kill fellow Americans because you disagree with some of them. In other words, your desire to own military style weapons goes way beyond home defense. It’s more rooted in your paranoia.

It is also disturbing if you are plotting and planning to overthrow our government. Wanting to kill fellow Americans and overthrow our government is sufficient cause to subject you to a psychological evaluation and determine if you are a danger to yourself and to others. Maybe you shouldn't be allowed to own a BB gun, let alone an assault rifle.

The point is, this gun thing has gone way overboard. I am not comfortable with marginal personalities running around with assault rifles when I am with people I love. I am not armed and I have a right to feel secure in my surroundings without worrying about a stranger, dressed up in a paramilitary outfit, opening up full automatic and killing me or my loved ones by accident. It happens all the time.

Considering how strange and mentally challenged a lot of these gun nuts are, the chances are pretty good one will go crazy if someone provokes him in some way. There is a simple rule in play. More guns, mean more gun deaths. More crazy people with guns, mean more gun deaths.

Especially if those guns are in the hands of anyone who wants one. Anyone with a bad attitude. Anyone with a short fuse. Anyone fresh from an argument with their wife. Anyone who decides it might be fun to kill some innocent people. Plenty of that going around.
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