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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2016 Election: The Civil War Is Back

It's Up To Democrats To Preserve The Union

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My comment:
     Ted Dobson: Changes may be coming but I don't see a skilled Republican running for POTUS, who will be President for everyone. I see only hate and division among Republicans. I see Republican candidates who will only be president to a small segment of America. I would vote Republican if they didn't lie all the time and support ideas which will hurt me and my family.

     I don't see Democrats threatening to secede, pass nullification laws or running around at Taco Bell
scaring everyone with assault rifles. Democrats don't root for the day when 50,000 Americans can die from lack of health care, again. Democrats seem more patriotic towards America than a party devising ways to destroy what we have. To me, Democrats have more empathy for fellow Americans.

     Democrats don't support policies which encourage back alley abortions like in the old days. Nor do they oppose sex education then refuse to care for unwanted children when uneducated kids produce an unwanted child. Democrats aren’t trying to limit birth control because they think conception occurs at the first erection.

     Democrats, in general, don’t follow strange religious views mimicking primitive religious interpretations. In many respects, to me, Republicans act more like the Taliban than Americans. In my opinion, our nation needs one Amendment to the Constitution and we need it very soon. We need an Amendment clearly defining what Separation of Church and State really means.

     The Democrat party is not home for every racist, homophobic white nationalist suffering from persecution complexes and delusions of superiority. We have our gays, socialists and women’s libbers but they are far more preferable than the crowd voting Republican. I'm a white guy and I have more in common with Blacks, Latinos and Gays than with my own race.

     It just seems like half the country has gone insane and the only people preventing the wolves from entering the front door are Liberal Democrats. The coming Presidential election is turning out to be a struggle between abnormal un-American behavior and those who want to preserve our Union. Deviants during our Civil War tried to destroy America once before. It looks like Union Blue will need to rise again, as they did during our civil war, in order to save our nation.
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