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Friday, February 5, 2016

Another example of people blaming government for abuses by corporations.

Jobless rate below 5 percent as payrolls rise in January

From a story located at:

My comment:
Complaining about corporate practices to maximize profits and screw the American worker then blaming the government is misguided. Will Obama make you happy if you can have a full time job for $2.00 an hour? A Republican will let that happen. A Democrat won’t.

All you do is blame the government for what corporations are doing to you. Screwing the American worker in order to increase profits is what corporations do. American companies screw Chinese labor for increased profit and they won't be satisfied until they can do the same to American labor.

When labor costs get as low as what the Chinese are paid, manufacturing will come back to America. I'm sure if you were paid like a Chinese coolly, you would be trying to blame the government as well.

It's not Obama's fault if corporations want to lower your wages, eliminate your lunch hour, deny health coverage, get rid of work place safety regulations and not pay unemployment insurance so when you get discarded, there is no safety net.

It's not Obama's fault if corporations pay you so little you have to go on welfare to feed yourself and lean on the American tax payer to subsidize the wage you’re not getting from corporations. It's not Obama's fault corporate greed prevents you from making a living.

You have been manipulated into an unwarranted love of corporations. Corporations don't love you. Corporations will screw you every time. Corporations will bribe government officials, who are supposed to protect you, into allowing corporations to use you and discard you when it suits them. You know, something like the Chinese labor market.

Government is the only entity capable of protecting you from the abuses of big business. Corporations have successfully made you believe they are good and government is bad. Unions are bad and they are good. Low wages, no benefits and no protections is good and anyone trying to prevent these things from happening is bad.

Nobody else will help you from the ravages of greedy profit seeking corporations whose only obligation is to their shareholders. American corporate shareholders are oblivious to the abuses practiced by their company on millions of workers in foreign countries.

As long as the shareholder gets their dividend check, they could care less if some twelve-year-old kid in the Philippines is working twelve hours a day for fifty cents an hour in a sweatshop with no breaks. American corporations, will do that to you and the only protection you have is your government. Assuming of course your government isn't bribed to allow excessive corporate greed.

A lot of you people need to get your act together. Your anger towards the government is misguided. The government is trying to help and protect you and all you can do is blame Obama and the government for the things corporations are doing to you. You people need to stop being so easy to manipulate by corporations and stop your unwarranted love of an entity whose sole purpose is to maximize their profits at your expense.

Can’t you see unregulated corporations are trying to turn us into China and they are doing it with your help?
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