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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Don't blame Obama

A response I published in response to a story at this link

Blaming Obama for this mess in Iraq and Syria is way off base. It makes one wonder if there is any sanity left in the Right Wing (Republicans) or have they completely gone insane. Comments blaming someone who had nothing to do with the formation of ISIS is just a cheap shot.

America was ready to leave that area of the world a long time ago and far too many lives were lost in a useless cause. The insistence by Republicans to keep wasting American military lives, borders on criminal behavior.

ISIS would not exist if it were not for the wrong-headed decisions by Neocons in the first place. People like Bryan Mullins were wrong from day one and has no validity in future conversations. From day one, the Democrats were right about the war on terror and after our failure in that area of the world the American people have finally figured it out as well.

The American people don't want to bury more US soldiers for a lost cause. We don't want to spend our wealth trying to transform those barbarians while our infrastructure falls down around our ears. Everything American blood thirsty Fundamentalist Christians said about that area was incorrect. Continuing the same mistakes is not a solution.

Elections certainly do matter. The problem goes back to the day America allowed cheap shot killers to take over our government with their lies and cheating and the real elected President (Al Gore) was overthrown in a coup. Our nation has paid the price ever since. This situation would not exist today if Al Gore had been President. He was smarter and a better man than that fake Christian George W. Bush.

Today we have a more thoughtful and intelligent person in the White House. Obama is head and shoulder above war mongering, wrongheaded Neo-Cons who think running around the world killing everyone is the right thing to do. Several trillion dollars and more than 5,000 lives chasing bad decisions made by Republicans has ended. Right wing braggarts who have been wrong from day one need to shut up.