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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Can I Frisk Trump's Daughters?

Donald Trump lauds stop-and-frisk policies
widely condemned as racial profiling

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Strange situation. Are there really Americans who think it's alright to stop somebody on the street, frisk them and maybe even rough them up? Roughing people up and sexually molesting innocent people, is really easy to do. There is no such thing as a gentle frisking, unless you are married to the person.

Considering how some (some!) cops are, do you want them putting their hands on anyone? Maybe you approve of some cop frisking your daughter before she goes to her senior prom. Just saying! Randomly frisking people on the street has all kinds of problems. I mean, what could go wrong?

Remember how much abuse there was when officials could put their hands all over people at the airport? Funny how most of the victims were female! Let me see now! I’m a cop and Trump just said it’s alright to frisk pretty black girls on the street. How about pretty little white girls stopping in at the convenience store buying cigarettes she’s not supposed to have.

A crime is being committed. Right? Seems like a good time to give that precious white angel a thorough frisking. Oh boy! If she resists, the cop can use his gun, although there is less chance he'll shoot the little "Cracker".

So, what do we have here? A bunch of scarred white people, sitting safely in their all white neighborhoods, preaching how those terrible black people should be manhandled and frisked.

However it's OK. Just don't let black cops, patrolling in white neighborhoods, frisk precious little white daughters.

I read every day how bankers, all dressed up in their "Casper" costumes, rob people by the billions. Seems to me we should racially profile white people, wearing suites, with a good frisking at least once a week. Anyone who is a white toothless Trump supporter, needs to be frisked. Rough too!

Every day, more stories come out about how Trump robs money from people. The worst “home boy” in America cannot hold a candle to the thieving of Donald Trump. Considering the magnitude of Trump’s sleazy conduct, he should be frisked a couple times a day. Just for good measure, hire the biggest gay guy in America to give Trump a good body frisk. Ah, the irony!

Do you think Trump would learn any empathy if his proposal applied to him? Probably not! Is this part of Trump’s big idea on how to get law and order in America? Does he only want to frisk black and brown people? Can I frisk his daughter?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trump Hate vs. Hillary Fear! The new norm!

Democrats have lost the propaganda war

A Podcast of the article can be found HERE

Donald Trump's admission that Obama was born in the US, means nothing. Trump's admission, will have no effect on the poles. Trump and millions of Americans don’t care how much truth is revealed. Hatred for Democrats and in particular for Hillary, is the driving force in this election.

Very few people will be voting FOR Trump. They are voting against Democrats and Hillary Clinton. This phenomenon goes all the way back to Reagan. Where Democrats have failed, is their ability to combat a political machine producing large amounts of hate and outright lies. Democrats have been demonized, successfully.

The hatred we are witnessing has been cultivated, with great success, for many years. Hatred for Democrats is now imbedded in the America psyche. It will take a full generation to undo the damage Republican propaganda marshals have wrought on our nation and especially the Democrat Party. Longer if Democrats don't get to work now.

We all witnessed how hatred for Democrats, drove millions to vote for Bush twice and the Non-Christian Romney, purely out of their hatred of the Democratic Party. With G.W. Bush in particular, Republicans demonstrated they hate Democrats more than they dislike War Criminals. Hatred is driving this election for Republicans. No matter how egregious the lie, hatred makes Trump’s words true in the minds of propagandized Republicans.

Two good examples of what is really driving Republicans are Obamacare and Food Stamps (among several reasons). A widely held belief among Republicans is that Obamacare destroys jobs. No matter how much evidence is produced to the contrary, Republicans want to eliminate Obamacare because they think the program will take away their job. Even if it means harming their own family. Why you say? Anything Democrats want, needs to be opposed. All the excuses mean nothing. Just get rid of Obamacare because Obama got it passed and Democrats want it.

Republicans want to eliminate Food Stamps. They have already reduced Food Stamp grants to states and have reduced school lunch programs by billions of dollars. Why you say? Because it is perceived Democrats want the program, so it is to be automatically opposed. Republicans hate Democrats so much they are willing to let 50,000 Americans die every year for lack of health care. Even if eliminating Obamacare kills their own parents, they will eliminate Obamacare because Democrats want the program. 

It is more important to take food away from 
children than to agree with Democrats 

We are witnessing the same tendency in this election. When millions of Americans want to vote for someone like Trump, it is because they hate Democrats more than they love their country. It doesn't matter who the Democratic candidate is or what political race is being contested. Hatred for Democrats is the driving force and that is why almost all states are controlled by Republicans. In this election, Republicans will continue to control the political process.

Hatred has a good chance of retaining power in the House and Senate.  This will guarantee a failed Presidency if Hillary does win. The bitterness and hatred directed towards Obama will pale in comparison to what we will witness, if Hillary becomes President.

Democrats lost the propaganda war long ago. Despite possessing the better ideas in politics, Democrats keep losing because Republican lies and hatred have been so successful on the political front. Even highly qualified people like Gore, Kerry and Clinton can be defeated by inferior Republican candidates.

Your logic cannot overcome their hatred.

Your only chance is to get millions of Democrats off their ass and vote. Democrats have not been sufficiently scared about Trump. Democrats, like Hillary, are too high minded to use the same tactics Republicans have used for years. It's time to stop being so nice.

Democrats better get in the dirt and scare people so much, they show up by the millions at the poles. Blacks and Latinos are scarred. They saved Obama in the last two elections. Now it's time for spoiled white brats, to help save our nation. Trump can win this election, if Democrats remain smug and think Hillary has the election in the bag.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trump should never have run for POTUS!

Trying to look Presidential
Each day 
reveals more corruption

From a story located at: HERE

A Podcast of this article can be found HERE

My comment:
Trump knows more than anyone, the extent of his crooked dealings. Now, as election day gets closer and closer, more investigations are revealing just how crooked Donald Trump is. It has become more apparent, each day, Donald Trump built a lot of his fortune on lying, cheating and generally screwing everybody he came in contact with.

He should have known, everything about him, his wife and children would come under extreme scrutiny. Every President I have known, during my long life, has been looked at with a microscope and Trump will not be an exception.

The most familiar children
Trump should have never exposed himself and his family to the kind of scrutiny that could eventually get himself impeached or his children thrown in jail. Each day that goes by, reveals yet another illegal and crooked business practice.

The investigators haven't really looked into his wife and children yet. That's coming! You better believe it. Every nude photo of his wife will haunt Donald Trump every day he is President. Trump better not take his wife to Saudi Arabia. The porno world will be splattering every sordid thing she has ever done for several years to come.

His children, if they are anything like their dad, will provide daily stories of corruption and thievery. Wait until daddy becomes President. If Trump thinks he is being looked at closely now as a nominee, wait until he becomes President. Trump should have kept his mouth shut. He should never have run for POTUS. The United States Congress will not be gentle with Donald Trump.

The forgotten child
The investigations have only begun. Wait until an army of investigators get started on Trump's Casinos and their connections to the Mafia. You know what the Mafia is right? You don't open a Casino on the East Coast without Mafia involvement. You have to be very stupid if you think that's not true.

Mafia prostitution. Mafia pornography including child porno. Mafia sex slaves. Mafia drugs. Mafia providing under aged children for sex. Hmmm! Sound familiar? More will become exposed if Trump becomes President. Trump will have to disband the Congress to keep from getting impeached.

If Trump becomes President there will be four years of continuous investigations, lawsuits and a never ending stream of people coming forward to accuse Trump of every sleaze ball thing he has ever done. I can see Mafia King Pins bribing the President of the United States.

Before it is over, his fortune will be gone, his children in jail and his wife known for being a porn queen for the rest of her life. The internet will never let her forget it. Either that, or Trump and his crooked buddies will just disband the United States government in order to protect himself and his family.

You Trump supporters are such idiots. You are so dumb you can’t see the writing on the wall. Oh well! You reap what you sow.

Monday, September 12, 2016

North Korea and Iran are probably thinking the same thing. SURVIVE!

North Korea says sanctions push after nuclear test "laughable"

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My comment:
Going by today's comments you would think this is a very easy thing to fix. Of course, the haters and blamers think it's Obama's fault. Wouldn’t it be nice if a Republican supported Obama on anything? Just think how different things would be if Republicans hadn't obstructed everything, lied about everything and generally created discontent among the American people. Trump probably would not exist.

One bright guy thinks we should nuke 'em. He apparently doesn't care if we kill South Koreans and Chinese in the process. Nuclear fallout travels pretty far. I doubt the Chinese will like burying their citizens.

This isn't a problem we can solve by ourselves. I doubt Americans wants to sacrifice American troops in a ground war. A couple months of body bags will get old real soon. Besides, where will the money come from? China might intervene, pull the rug from under our debt, throw the country into a depression and take away the welfare from all of Trumps toothless supporters. Not a good outcome.

I don't have an answer, do you? If Russia and China don't do something, then we know who our real
enemies are. If Walmart doesn't stop supporting Chinese manufacturing, providing the money to arm North Korea, then we have only ourselves to blame. Walmart is as bad for America as China and Russia are. China has us by the short hairs and we are pretty limited in what we can do.

Think about it. All we do is complain about Obama, tell lies about Hillary, shop at Walmart giving money to China so they can arm North Korea and contemplate electing a complete jackass and amateur to solve our problems with North Korea. We reap what we sow.

In the end, North Korea will not get rid of their nukes because they know they are safe from us as long as they have those things. It's another legacy from G.W. Bush. Iran has learned the lesson as well. No nuclear weapons, total destruction.

Nuclear weapons provide protection from being annihilated by America. Are you surprised the Iranian's have learned that lesson? Not as stupid as you thought they were, right? North Korea is proof. Develop nuclear weapons and you are safe from American Republicans. If only there were some way for Americans to protect themselves from Republicans in this country.

Republicans, and especially Trump, are threatening to kill a couple hundred thousand Iranians. Iran looks at the lesson taught to them by Bush. No nukes mean death; nukes provide safety from America. There is a possibility a killer is about to be elected in the coming US elections. North Korea and Iran are probably thinking the same thing. SURVIVE!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Trump Supporters! Join Us and Be Americans Again!

Like a cat!

Clinton: Half of Trump’s supporters fit in 

‘basket of deplorables’

From a story located at:

A Podcast of this article can be found HERE.

My comment: 

Comments expressed at the end of this story comes right out of the lips of conservative hate mongers who have been spitting out lies for years.  All of them, are repeating those lies today. After about 20 years of lying and making stories up, people should try to say something original. Instead of showing how they hate someone, why don’t they tell us how they love Trump?

One of the funniest outcomes from Hillary’s "basket of deplorables" statement is the indignation Trump supporters are showing because Hillary struck back a little from all the name calling and threats she has had to endure from Trump and his supporters.

Keep in mind, one of Trump’s advisors suggested Hillary should be killed. That advisor is still working for Trump. At the Republican National Convention there were chants of “throw her in jail” and “string her up”. All with Trumps smiling approval. Trump has threatened to deport her if he wins the election. He is constantly threatening to put her on trial for whatever his imagination can dream up. Hillary’s "basket of deplorables" is minor in comparison.

Hillary has helped more people than Reagan, Bush and Bush combined. Instead of telling lies about
someone who has helped millions of people throughout her career, why don't trump supporters tell us how your billionaire whore monger and Mafia infested casino owner has helped anyone, ever.

Shall we compare G.W. Bush, who has killed over half a million people with his lies, to a Hillary Clinton who has helped provide health care for eight million children? Donald Trump calls women names and is accused of raping a minor child. His Mafia infested casinos engaged in pornography of all kinds and prostitution.

Compare Donald Trump’s deplorable history with women to Hillary’s life long effort to help battered and abused women. Compare Donald Trump’s greedy pursuit of profit, at the expense of his workers and vendors, to Hillary’s efforts to help and feed children in the United States and all over the world.

Come on now! Tell me how Trump has done anything good for anyone, ever. His whole life has been driven by greed. Trump has harmed thousands of people. Compared to Trump, Hillary is an angel.

A "basket of deplorables" is a very good description of a significant portion of Trump supporters. Hate, lies, name calling, false beliefs and racism is what makes a "basket of deplorables". Today’s comments by Trump supporters represent a healthy dose of a "basket of Trump deplorables".

Yea, you bet! I’m spitting out hate towards Trump supporters. The very worst America has to offer cannot be allowed to have a voice. Trump and his supporters represent the sickness America now suffers from. Trumps campaign is filled with lies and haste. It seems all our nation’s lying haters have flocked to Trump’s corner.

I believe very strongly, one should be civil and try to be as nice as possible. Always show good manners and never call people names and/or lie about them. However, there comes a time when being nice will not do.

Being nice to Trump supporters will not elicit kindness in return. One must be very harsh with Trump factions in order to combat their awful hatred. Being nice to a Trump supporter will only get a knife in your back. Trump supporters will betray and lie about you.

Throw in a mix of all the marginal people in America and you have an attempt by Trump to run this country using the worst people society has to offer. Those Trump supporters, who still possess a little sanity, should look with great scrutiny at those they walk with.

“Show me who you walk with and I’ll show you who you are”. You cannot associate with liars, racists and bigots then claim moral superiority. Helping destroy our country doesn’t make you a good American. Like it or not, when you side with despicable people, people will believe you are like them.

Just because you hate Hillary doesn’t mean you should damage our country. Say what you want about Hillary but at least her followers are not made up of a "basket of deplorables". Racists, bigots and people who hate our country are not voting for Hillary. Hillary’s "basket of deplorables" are not voting for her. They are voting for someone just like them.

Join us and become Americans again!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

How Much Damage Can Trump Do? A Lot!

Trump tears into ‘Lyin’ Hillary’

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A Podcast of this article can be Found HERE

My comment:
I look at the headline for today’s story and notice Trump is calling names again, so I skip the story entirely and move on to the comments section.

Once in the comments section, I notice a continuation of all the lies and even shoddier name calling by the Trump supporters making comments. After a long campaign season, I'm still not sure what Trump wants to do if he becomes POTUS. I am sick and tired of all the name calling Trump and his supporters are doing. It’s like watching children at an elementary school playground. Such children!

There must be something wrong with me. I can’t imagine someone becoming the leader of the Free World, when all he can do is call names. Hillary is many things but she deserves a little respect simply because she was a First Lady, a US Senator and Secretary of State. If you can’t respect those things, what do you respect?

She has helped millions of people throughout her career and deserves more than a constant barrage
of pointless name calling accompanied with false accusations. Coming from someone who has never helped anyone but himself, attacking someone who has devoted her entire life to helping people seems cheesy and out of place. Yes, there are some things about Hillary I dislike but her “good” outweighs her “bad” by a long shot.

There is something not quite right when one considers a classless billionaire who knows only how to cheat people and call them names, becoming the President of the United States. Yea sure! I admit it! I think the POTUS should demonstrate a certain amount of good manners and conduct themselves in a way making me proud he/she is an American. If, every time he opens his mouth, I am ashamed, that person is not for me. Just saying!

I think Trump wants to build a wall but tell you the truth, I'm not really sure how he will go about doing that. I think he wants to expel millions of people from the country but again, I'm not sure how he will do that. Building the wall will cost more than anyone wants to pay. I wonder if Republicans really want to spend that much money?

Trump can’t do anything without the approval of Congress, unless he plans to ignore that branch of government. Is that what he is planning? How else can he accomplish his goals? We may be looking at dictatorship and millions of Americans will support him.

By the time the wall is built, maintained and staffed by our military, in just a ten-year period of time, we are talking well over a trillion dollars. Trump talks about Mexico paying for the wall but where will Mexico get that kind of money? If they don't pay, do we attack and bomb them?

What other stupid ideas is Trump capable of? In only a year Trump has come up with more stupid ideas than anyone thought possible. What is he capable of promoting four years down the road? It’s scary just thinking of what he will do.

The American tax payer is going to get stuck with Trump's bright ideas. If Mexico doesn't pay for the wall and all its expenses, where will the money come from? Since Republicans are mostly in favor of Trump's plan for a wall, maybe the IRS can levy a surcharge, just on registered Republicans. No? Just saying. Should people opposed to the wall have to pay for it?

Trump talks about seizing the wages people send back home to foreign countries. He will have to suspend portions of the Constitution in order to do that. Many American citizens will have their wages seized because of all the mistakes inherent with such a stupid program. By the time all the lawsuits come in, more will be paid out then what comes in.

Expelling millions of people in a Sheriff Joe Arpaio racial profile operation will sweep up many American citizens in wrongful expulsions. Like it or not, under the 14th Amendment, kids born in the United States are U.S. Citizens. One cannot retroactively revoke citizenship. Only a dictator can do that. Sending US citizens, to live in a third world country, against their will, is brimming with expensive law suites in the future.

What makes anyone think Mexico wants to harbor expelled American citizens while everyone waits for the legal process to work out? Can you imagine the news videos of American children being forcibly expelled from US Territory and dropped off in a foreign country? Not all those US born children come from Mexico, you know?

The parents of many of those US citizens come from South America. What is Trump going to do? Will he load up a plane full of Colombian parents and their American children, fly them to Columbia and unload them at an airport? What if Columbia won’t accept them? What happens to our US citizens? How many wrongful deaths will occur and who will pay for the damages?

What if Mexico won't except all the people we expel? What are we looking at here? Boat loads of South Americans with their American children floating on the oceans looking for a country that will accept them? How many American citizens will die?

Secondly, if the expulsion process breaks up families. Kids will be harmed and again lawsuits will inundate our legal system costing billions in the future. What do you think will happen if you expel illegal parents but leave the children in the United States? What kind of damages will that cause? Trump won’t be in office and it will probably be up to Democrats to clean up his mess. The total cost in class action suits will exceed the cost of the wall.

So once again we have a story about Donald Trump, filled with name calling and no solutions. It's getting pretty old now, so why even read the story? Reading the comments section makes me realize, the last thing any of us want, is to have Trump supporters running the country.

The only thing more ridiculous than Trump, is his supporters. I didn't think that was possible but Trump supporters are proving me wrong. Nothing good can come from someone proposing so many bad ideas. Don’t look for any improvements if Trump supporters are in positions of power.

If Trump and his supporters get control of all branches of government, how many years will it take to correct all the damage they do? Will Trump permanently damage America? He could do a lot of damage and it will be with the approval of the American people if he wins the coming election.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Our Military is Bankrupting America

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Donald Trump Earns Backing of
Nearly 90 Military Figures
From a story located at:

My comment"
We are already spending more on defense than the next ten countries combined. Our defense spending is bankrupting our country. You don’t hear many people put it like that, do you? In fact, I have not heard a Democrat or a Republican say, “the Department of Defense is bankrupting America”.

Click to enlarge.
As an example, our military has successfully scared the American public into thinking Russia is an immense threat to the United States and therefore we need to spend more money on our Military Industrial Complex. Nothing could be further from the truth and yet propaganda is winning the day with the American public.

Judging by the infographic published by RIA Novosti (with reference to the IHS Jane's), Russian expenditures on military went down to fourth place in the world. Behind the US (569,3 billion), China (190,9 billion), UK (66,5 billion dollars). Russia - 53,2 billion and France with 52.7 billion.

Please keep in mind, 569,3 billion spent by American taxpayers, is just for the Department of Defense (DOD). Throw in another 100 billion for our intelligence agencies and you have a whopping 659 billion being funneled to our national defense.

Taking into account just the spending for military items, the United States could defend itself, as well as Russia does, by spending around 516 billion dollars less per year, than it does now!

Click to enlarge.
If anyone is keeping count, that’s 5.1 trillion dollars over a ten-year period to fix what is wrong with this country. Instead, it is going down a black hole called the Military Industrial Complex. With the approval of propagandized American people, the profiteers are getting away with it.

We are much too busy meddling in the affairs of other countries. Education, infrastructure and our social fabric is disintegrating before our eyes and these ex-military leaders want more money. People have very short memories regarding the collapse of the old Soviet Union.

The truth is, the old Soviet Union spent too much money on their military. Instead of building roads, enabling the movement of raw materials and finished goods to move from one area of their country to another, they built missiles. They ignored their infrastructure, among many things and ultimately, they collapsed. The United States is making the same mistake the soviets made and eventually, we too will collapse.

Half our nation “worships” the military in an abnormal way. Half our nation would rather have a new fighter jet than to see our hungry children fed. We are talking about Republicans right? Republicans would rather see 50,000 Americans die each year from lack of health care, just so they can have a few more tanks. Now, we have a bunch of ex-military leaders, wanting even more suffering by the people, so they can have more weapons.

The Intelligence Agencies can't find their ass with both hands in the dark and the the military has to spend millions of dollars for every individual terrorist they kill. We are bankrupting our nation fighting a shadow. An enemy like the old Soviet Union no longer exists. Republican shadowboxers are consuming our nation’s wealth. Americans are suffering and dying in order to feed the greed of the military industrial complex.

Click to enlarge.
At least in the past, we had a real threat confronting us. 10,000 Russian nuclear missiles aimed at America was far more serious than a bunch of pissed off Muslims living in sand castles armed with nothing more than their rifles.

Our bridges are falling down, our roads are un-drivable, our kids are not getting educated or fed and the re-education of our workforce is not taking place. As our nation suffers from a lack of our most basic needs, these military intellects want to spend even more money chasing shadows they have created, in order to enrich their own personal wealth.

What's really sad is that millions of thoughtless Americans fall for the propaganda every time. They will elect yet another warmonger for President, to the detriment of their own wellbeing. If anybody wonders if propaganda works, all one needs to do is to look at the American public for confirmation.

Trump could win this next election simply because the American people got maneuvered by propaganda once again. The Military Industrial Complex will bankrupt our nation just like it did to the old Soviet Union.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

If you think threatening me will gain my respect, you are wrong!

Santa Clara Police Union threatens to stop working 49ers games

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A podcast of this article can be found HERE

If the police don't understand someone's First Amendment Rights, perhaps they should be put on administrative leave, sent back to school and kept off the streets until they learn what their job is. They shouldn't stop protecting the public because one person stages a protest. It’s not up to members of a police department to determine when someone can exercise their right to Free Speech and when they cannot.

If the police disregard their sworn duty to enforce the laws of our nation, they shouldn't be police officers at all. Every single police officer, threatening to not do their duty, should be fired without pay. What other Civil Liberties do these police officers not understand? Have the police in this case, forgotten a very important principal of the American dream?

"I may disagree with what you say or what you believe, but I will fight to the death for your right to say and believe as you please, as long as you are legal". I'm paraphrasing of course.

There are no laws requiring you to stand during the National Anthem. If you are forced by the government to stand up for the National Anthem, then that government is not worth standing up for. I will tell you this much. I will not stand up for our National Anthem in order to please you, when you know so little about American values.

If I stand up for the National Anthem, I will do so only as a voluntary action on my part. I will not stand up if some government entity demands respect from me. My respect for government is exercised only in a voluntary way. You, or the government cannot gain respect from me with your threats.

If I must stand up for the National Anthem because of your threat to punish me, I will stand up, if forced too, but, I won’t stand up out of respect for the song. I will stand up out of fear of you.

If you think threatening me will gain my respect, you are wrong!

If you are one of those people demanding people stand up for the national Anthem, or you will punish them, you should never be in a position of authority. You should never be a policeman, that's for sure. As a matter of fact, if I knew you were like that, you would never eat dinner at my table. What other demands are you capable of making of me and my family? I wouldn’t want your kind to have any interaction with my children.

If your demand for obedience is so strong you want to punish people for not believing as you do, stop waving the American flag. You are not an American anymore. Your behavior is as unpatriotic as somebody waving the American flag and calling for secession.

It makes me sick to my stomach watching someone wave the American flag while demanding the destruction of our nation with the threat of secession. Next thing you know, there will be policemen waving our flag, playing our National Anthem and threatening Federal troops with death when they are called upon to protect citizens from your infringement of their 1st Amendment rights.

There comes a time when people suffering from authoritarian personality disorder, need to shut up. I'm really talking to Trump Republicans, right? Democrats don’t demand obedience.

Isn’t it odd how Democrats defend our Civil Liberties and Republicans work overtime trying to take them away? It makes a person wonder. Who are the real conservatives and who are the real reactionaries? I’ll be voting for those who defend my Civil Liberties and against those who want to take them away.

If I were in charge, I would fire those police officers threatening the public's safety.