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Monday, September 12, 2016

North Korea and Iran are probably thinking the same thing. SURVIVE!

North Korea says sanctions push after nuclear test "laughable"

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My comment:
Going by today's comments you would think this is a very easy thing to fix. Of course, the haters and blamers think it's Obama's fault. Wouldn’t it be nice if a Republican supported Obama on anything? Just think how different things would be if Republicans hadn't obstructed everything, lied about everything and generally created discontent among the American people. Trump probably would not exist.

One bright guy thinks we should nuke 'em. He apparently doesn't care if we kill South Koreans and Chinese in the process. Nuclear fallout travels pretty far. I doubt the Chinese will like burying their citizens.

This isn't a problem we can solve by ourselves. I doubt Americans wants to sacrifice American troops in a ground war. A couple months of body bags will get old real soon. Besides, where will the money come from? China might intervene, pull the rug from under our debt, throw the country into a depression and take away the welfare from all of Trumps toothless supporters. Not a good outcome.

I don't have an answer, do you? If Russia and China don't do something, then we know who our real
enemies are. If Walmart doesn't stop supporting Chinese manufacturing, providing the money to arm North Korea, then we have only ourselves to blame. Walmart is as bad for America as China and Russia are. China has us by the short hairs and we are pretty limited in what we can do.

Think about it. All we do is complain about Obama, tell lies about Hillary, shop at Walmart giving money to China so they can arm North Korea and contemplate electing a complete jackass and amateur to solve our problems with North Korea. We reap what we sow.

In the end, North Korea will not get rid of their nukes because they know they are safe from us as long as they have those things. It's another legacy from G.W. Bush. Iran has learned the lesson as well. No nuclear weapons, total destruction.

Nuclear weapons provide protection from being annihilated by America. Are you surprised the Iranian's have learned that lesson? Not as stupid as you thought they were, right? North Korea is proof. Develop nuclear weapons and you are safe from American Republicans. If only there were some way for Americans to protect themselves from Republicans in this country.

Republicans, and especially Trump, are threatening to kill a couple hundred thousand Iranians. Iran looks at the lesson taught to them by Bush. No nukes mean death; nukes provide safety from America. There is a possibility a killer is about to be elected in the coming US elections. North Korea and Iran are probably thinking the same thing. SURVIVE!
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