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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Trump Supporters! Join Us and Be Americans Again!

Like a cat!

Clinton: Half of Trump’s supporters fit in 

‘basket of deplorables’

From a story located at:

A Podcast of this article can be found HERE.

My comment: 

Comments expressed at the end of this story comes right out of the lips of conservative hate mongers who have been spitting out lies for years.  All of them, are repeating those lies today. After about 20 years of lying and making stories up, people should try to say something original. Instead of showing how they hate someone, why don’t they tell us how they love Trump?

One of the funniest outcomes from Hillary’s "basket of deplorables" statement is the indignation Trump supporters are showing because Hillary struck back a little from all the name calling and threats she has had to endure from Trump and his supporters.

Keep in mind, one of Trump’s advisors suggested Hillary should be killed. That advisor is still working for Trump. At the Republican National Convention there were chants of “throw her in jail” and “string her up”. All with Trumps smiling approval. Trump has threatened to deport her if he wins the election. He is constantly threatening to put her on trial for whatever his imagination can dream up. Hillary’s "basket of deplorables" is minor in comparison.

Hillary has helped more people than Reagan, Bush and Bush combined. Instead of telling lies about
someone who has helped millions of people throughout her career, why don't trump supporters tell us how your billionaire whore monger and Mafia infested casino owner has helped anyone, ever.

Shall we compare G.W. Bush, who has killed over half a million people with his lies, to a Hillary Clinton who has helped provide health care for eight million children? Donald Trump calls women names and is accused of raping a minor child. His Mafia infested casinos engaged in pornography of all kinds and prostitution.

Compare Donald Trump’s deplorable history with women to Hillary’s life long effort to help battered and abused women. Compare Donald Trump’s greedy pursuit of profit, at the expense of his workers and vendors, to Hillary’s efforts to help and feed children in the United States and all over the world.

Come on now! Tell me how Trump has done anything good for anyone, ever. His whole life has been driven by greed. Trump has harmed thousands of people. Compared to Trump, Hillary is an angel.

A "basket of deplorables" is a very good description of a significant portion of Trump supporters. Hate, lies, name calling, false beliefs and racism is what makes a "basket of deplorables". Today’s comments by Trump supporters represent a healthy dose of a "basket of Trump deplorables".

Yea, you bet! I’m spitting out hate towards Trump supporters. The very worst America has to offer cannot be allowed to have a voice. Trump and his supporters represent the sickness America now suffers from. Trumps campaign is filled with lies and haste. It seems all our nation’s lying haters have flocked to Trump’s corner.

I believe very strongly, one should be civil and try to be as nice as possible. Always show good manners and never call people names and/or lie about them. However, there comes a time when being nice will not do.

Being nice to Trump supporters will not elicit kindness in return. One must be very harsh with Trump factions in order to combat their awful hatred. Being nice to a Trump supporter will only get a knife in your back. Trump supporters will betray and lie about you.

Throw in a mix of all the marginal people in America and you have an attempt by Trump to run this country using the worst people society has to offer. Those Trump supporters, who still possess a little sanity, should look with great scrutiny at those they walk with.

“Show me who you walk with and I’ll show you who you are”. You cannot associate with liars, racists and bigots then claim moral superiority. Helping destroy our country doesn’t make you a good American. Like it or not, when you side with despicable people, people will believe you are like them.

Just because you hate Hillary doesn’t mean you should damage our country. Say what you want about Hillary but at least her followers are not made up of a "basket of deplorables". Racists, bigots and people who hate our country are not voting for Hillary. Hillary’s "basket of deplorables" are not voting for her. They are voting for someone just like them.

Join us and become Americans again!

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