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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trump Hate vs. Hillary Fear! The new norm!

Democrats have lost the propaganda war

A Podcast of the article can be found HERE

Donald Trump's admission that Obama was born in the US, means nothing. Trump's admission, will have no effect on the poles. Trump and millions of Americans don’t care how much truth is revealed. Hatred for Democrats and in particular for Hillary, is the driving force in this election.

Very few people will be voting FOR Trump. They are voting against Democrats and Hillary Clinton. This phenomenon goes all the way back to Reagan. Where Democrats have failed, is their ability to combat a political machine producing large amounts of hate and outright lies. Democrats have been demonized, successfully.

The hatred we are witnessing has been cultivated, with great success, for many years. Hatred for Democrats is now imbedded in the America psyche. It will take a full generation to undo the damage Republican propaganda marshals have wrought on our nation and especially the Democrat Party. Longer if Democrats don't get to work now.

We all witnessed how hatred for Democrats, drove millions to vote for Bush twice and the Non-Christian Romney, purely out of their hatred of the Democratic Party. With G.W. Bush in particular, Republicans demonstrated they hate Democrats more than they dislike War Criminals. Hatred is driving this election for Republicans. No matter how egregious the lie, hatred makes Trump’s words true in the minds of propagandized Republicans.

Two good examples of what is really driving Republicans are Obamacare and Food Stamps (among several reasons). A widely held belief among Republicans is that Obamacare destroys jobs. No matter how much evidence is produced to the contrary, Republicans want to eliminate Obamacare because they think the program will take away their job. Even if it means harming their own family. Why you say? Anything Democrats want, needs to be opposed. All the excuses mean nothing. Just get rid of Obamacare because Obama got it passed and Democrats want it.

Republicans want to eliminate Food Stamps. They have already reduced Food Stamp grants to states and have reduced school lunch programs by billions of dollars. Why you say? Because it is perceived Democrats want the program, so it is to be automatically opposed. Republicans hate Democrats so much they are willing to let 50,000 Americans die every year for lack of health care. Even if eliminating Obamacare kills their own parents, they will eliminate Obamacare because Democrats want the program. 

It is more important to take food away from 
children than to agree with Democrats 

We are witnessing the same tendency in this election. When millions of Americans want to vote for someone like Trump, it is because they hate Democrats more than they love their country. It doesn't matter who the Democratic candidate is or what political race is being contested. Hatred for Democrats is the driving force and that is why almost all states are controlled by Republicans. In this election, Republicans will continue to control the political process.

Hatred has a good chance of retaining power in the House and Senate.  This will guarantee a failed Presidency if Hillary does win. The bitterness and hatred directed towards Obama will pale in comparison to what we will witness, if Hillary becomes President.

Democrats lost the propaganda war long ago. Despite possessing the better ideas in politics, Democrats keep losing because Republican lies and hatred have been so successful on the political front. Even highly qualified people like Gore, Kerry and Clinton can be defeated by inferior Republican candidates.

Your logic cannot overcome their hatred.

Your only chance is to get millions of Democrats off their ass and vote. Democrats have not been sufficiently scared about Trump. Democrats, like Hillary, are too high minded to use the same tactics Republicans have used for years. It's time to stop being so nice.

Democrats better get in the dirt and scare people so much, they show up by the millions at the poles. Blacks and Latinos are scarred. They saved Obama in the last two elections. Now it's time for spoiled white brats, to help save our nation. Trump can win this election, if Democrats remain smug and think Hillary has the election in the bag.

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