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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Can I Frisk Trump's Daughters?

Donald Trump lauds stop-and-frisk policies
widely condemned as racial profiling

From a story located at:

Strange situation. Are there really Americans who think it's alright to stop somebody on the street, frisk them and maybe even rough them up? Roughing people up and sexually molesting innocent people, is really easy to do. There is no such thing as a gentle frisking, unless you are married to the person.

Considering how some (some!) cops are, do you want them putting their hands on anyone? Maybe you approve of some cop frisking your daughter before she goes to her senior prom. Just saying! Randomly frisking people on the street has all kinds of problems. I mean, what could go wrong?

Remember how much abuse there was when officials could put their hands all over people at the airport? Funny how most of the victims were female! Let me see now! I’m a cop and Trump just said it’s alright to frisk pretty black girls on the street. How about pretty little white girls stopping in at the convenience store buying cigarettes she’s not supposed to have.

A crime is being committed. Right? Seems like a good time to give that precious white angel a thorough frisking. Oh boy! If she resists, the cop can use his gun, although there is less chance he'll shoot the little "Cracker".

So, what do we have here? A bunch of scarred white people, sitting safely in their all white neighborhoods, preaching how those terrible black people should be manhandled and frisked.

However it's OK. Just don't let black cops, patrolling in white neighborhoods, frisk precious little white daughters.

I read every day how bankers, all dressed up in their "Casper" costumes, rob people by the billions. Seems to me we should racially profile white people, wearing suites, with a good frisking at least once a week. Anyone who is a white toothless Trump supporter, needs to be frisked. Rough too!

Every day, more stories come out about how Trump robs money from people. The worst “home boy” in America cannot hold a candle to the thieving of Donald Trump. Considering the magnitude of Trump’s sleazy conduct, he should be frisked a couple times a day. Just for good measure, hire the biggest gay guy in America to give Trump a good body frisk. Ah, the irony!

Do you think Trump would learn any empathy if his proposal applied to him? Probably not! Is this part of Trump’s big idea on how to get law and order in America? Does he only want to frisk black and brown people? Can I frisk his daughter?
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