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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trump should never have run for POTUS!

Trying to look Presidential
Each day 
reveals more corruption

From a story located at: HERE

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My comment:
Trump knows more than anyone, the extent of his crooked dealings. Now, as election day gets closer and closer, more investigations are revealing just how crooked Donald Trump is. It has become more apparent, each day, Donald Trump built a lot of his fortune on lying, cheating and generally screwing everybody he came in contact with.

He should have known, everything about him, his wife and children would come under extreme scrutiny. Every President I have known, during my long life, has been looked at with a microscope and Trump will not be an exception.

The most familiar children
Trump should have never exposed himself and his family to the kind of scrutiny that could eventually get himself impeached or his children thrown in jail. Each day that goes by, reveals yet another illegal and crooked business practice.

The investigators haven't really looked into his wife and children yet. That's coming! You better believe it. Every nude photo of his wife will haunt Donald Trump every day he is President. Trump better not take his wife to Saudi Arabia. The porno world will be splattering every sordid thing she has ever done for several years to come.

His children, if they are anything like their dad, will provide daily stories of corruption and thievery. Wait until daddy becomes President. If Trump thinks he is being looked at closely now as a nominee, wait until he becomes President. Trump should have kept his mouth shut. He should never have run for POTUS. The United States Congress will not be gentle with Donald Trump.

The forgotten child
The investigations have only begun. Wait until an army of investigators get started on Trump's Casinos and their connections to the Mafia. You know what the Mafia is right? You don't open a Casino on the East Coast without Mafia involvement. You have to be very stupid if you think that's not true.

Mafia prostitution. Mafia pornography including child porno. Mafia sex slaves. Mafia drugs. Mafia providing under aged children for sex. Hmmm! Sound familiar? More will become exposed if Trump becomes President. Trump will have to disband the Congress to keep from getting impeached.

If Trump becomes President there will be four years of continuous investigations, lawsuits and a never ending stream of people coming forward to accuse Trump of every sleaze ball thing he has ever done. I can see Mafia King Pins bribing the President of the United States.

Before it is over, his fortune will be gone, his children in jail and his wife known for being a porn queen for the rest of her life. The internet will never let her forget it. Either that, or Trump and his crooked buddies will just disband the United States government in order to protect himself and his family.

You Trump supporters are such idiots. You are so dumb you can’t see the writing on the wall. Oh well! You reap what you sow.

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