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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Is this Bruce Jenner's new name?

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My comment:
Bruce can never become a woman no matter how hard he tries. He can cut off his Wang, take hormones until he's blue and screw a hundred homosexual men. Normal men probably won't have too much to do with him. However, he will never be a woman that can have a baby. Sorry, medicine can't implant a placenta into him, yet.

With that said, let him pretend all he wants. Who cares what he does. If he wants to pretend to be a woman, let him. No skin off my nose. If someone wants to hire him, let them. He has accomplished a lot in his life. Becoming a woman will never take away his accomplishments.

However, I'm not going out of my way to see him or go all bat crazy over him, if I meet him. I won't get in my car and drive around town seeking the company of guys like Bruce. If I run into him on the street, I will never consider him a good-looking woman. If you ask me, he wasn't a very good looking man. Don't take it personal Bruce. I have never though men were very good looking. I include myself.

He's still a tax paying US citizen and just because he wants to be a woman doesn't mean he forfeits his rights as an American citizen.  If he wants to marry a man, a woman or a converted human, let him and allow him the same rights as any other US citizen.

 I would never discriminate against him or call him names. In his past, he was judged by what he did and how he did it. Those standards still apply today. I've said all I'm going to say on that. Should be enough here to attract hate comments from all sides.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Christianity is the least Godly of all religions on earth

A recent comment on my You Tube channel

perilis Yong 2 hours ago ·
Islam is a cancer on this planet! Ban the quran!!
Muhammed was a child rapist!!!

My comment:

     I see that you are an enlightened commentator. If you put more thought into your thinking process, would you have different views? I doubt it. Some people are stuck in their ways.

     I'm no lover of Islam. I don't like Islam any more than I like Mormons, Catholics, Amish, Buddhists, Hindus, etc., etc. In my mind, they are ok religions until you look at the fundamentalist elements in each faith. That's where I start differing with the fundamentalist versions of each religion, including Christianity.

     There is a simple method for measuring the Godliness of all religions, in the last 10 or 12 years. Take a body count. Count all the innocent dead people each religion is responsible for in recent years. Hindus have been calm lately and there's not much to report. Relatively free of mass deaths there.

     Buddhists as well, have calmed down in recent years. You don't hear too much about a lot of people getting killed in that religion. The Jewish faith has a good body count with the way they kill Palestinians but for the most part, they pale in comparison with the last two religions of note. Muslims and Christians take all honors for highest body count of innocent people in recent years.

     We all know about 911. Around 3,000 people lost their lives during that mess. Muslims are certainly guilty of that. After 911 you can add around another 15,000 dead bodies due to Muslim extremism. Let's be generous and give the Muslims credit for another 30,000 innocent deaths. After all, they are very evil and have been most efficient in killing innocent people. They will be happy to know how I have given them credit for so many innocent dead people.

     Now we come to the overall champion killer in recent years. No other religion comes close in the number of innocent dead people. At last count, it is estimated Christians have killed at least 500,000 innocent people in the last decade. No other religion has been as efficient at killing innocent people. No other religion brags about all those killed like the Christians do. First place is awarded to the Christian faith. Jesus would be proud!

     Using the body count of innocent people as a measure of determining the most God like religion on earth, Christianity comes in last place. This doesn't mean the second place finisher, Muslims, are any less guilty of Godless acts. It does mean, before Christians wag their fingers and call names, they should look in the mirror. It’s just simple logic.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Facebook is stealing your bank data

Why do I make this claim? Because my antivirus software says they are. At least they are making the attempt in my case.

I use Bitdefender Anti-virus 2015 for web protection. Starting about a month ago I activated the data protection module of the program and I was amazed at what I discovered. Especially in regards to Facebook.

Let me explain. The Data Protection module for Bitdefender is designed to stop any attempt by an outside source to get your computer to send private information, to that outside source. When setting up the Data Protection module, you define rules. Those rules are information you don't want to leave your computer when browsing the internet.

The rules I defined include my home address, zip code, phone number, city, social security number, bank routing number, bank account number, bank name, CV# on the back of my debit card, debit card number, PIN number for my debit card, etc., etc. You get the idea.

When an outside source requests any information you defined as one of your rules, Bitdefender prevents the outside source from obtaining information you do not want to leave your computer. It blocks the request by the outside source.

It can be quite a hassle if you are trying to purchase anything but you can temporarily disable the Data Protection module to make your purchase. When done making your online purchase, turn the module back on.

Today I logged into Facebook just to check things out and in less than five minutes Facebook attacked my computer 33 times. How do I know? Here's a screen shot of a notification by Bitdefender.
The attacking web page URL is browser/checkbox.php.
The attack is invisible. No pop up window, no indication the web page has attacked my computer. The attack attempted to get my CV# for my debit card. Bitdefender prevented this information from leaving my computer

Here's another example.
This time the attacking URL was
Again, if it were not for the data protection module on Bitdefender, I would not have known that an attempt to obtain the PIN# of my debit card had been made by Facebook if Bitdefender had not notified me and prevented this information from leaving my computer.

These are just two examples out of 33 different attacks by Facebook in just five minutes after logging on with Facebook.  The entire list of rules I defined in the Data Protection module would be taken by Facebook if it were not prevented by Bitdefender.

I do not work for Bitdefender. I am not trying to sell Bitdefender. I'm just trying to point out that not all anti-virus software employs a data protection module. When you log onto Facebook, be aware of the invisible attack by Facebook on your computer. If they are doing it to me, they are doing it to you.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Push to write new war powers for Obama stalls in Congress

From a story located at:

My comment:

Reading today's comments is yet another illustration of just how far people filled with hate, have degraded America and rendered our nation mute on the world stage. On one hand, the Repub haters want to wage all-out war on ISIS and on the other hand, they don't want to grant Obama the power to do so.

In case you Republican haters haven't noticed, Obama is already waging war on ISIS and the only thing keeping Obama from waging a more thorough war is the lack of any action by our dysfunctional Congress. A Congress controlled by Republicans. Making Obama tippy toe around the Constitution on this issue just because of a bunch of name calling racists is out of bounds.

This story is about the Republican controlled Congress not willing to authorize military force against ISIS. It is not about health care, welfare, the poor or your belief Obama is a nigger, you racist pigs. Your hatred is making our country the laughing stock of the world.

If I were advising President Obama I would tell him to cease all military operations against ISIS until the Repubs in Congress get off their duffs and do the job they were elected to do. If the Congress doesn't want to declare war or authorize force, stop spending our tax dollars on a venture with no solution.

Republicans want to blame Obama whether we engage ISIS or not. Make no mistake, no matter what Obama does Republican haters will continue to harm our country with their despicable racist name-calling and their uninformed bias, rendering America just another banana republic.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Trade illustrates divide between Obama, Democrats

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My comment:
If large corporations and most of the Republican Party are for this deal, I get suspicious. If Democrats and Unions are against this trade deal, pay attention. If Elizabeth Warren is against the deal, take note.

Economic populism is the coming trend and several Republican candidates are showing signs of
Elizabeth Warren
embracing the good of the common person, instead of benefiting profit seeking corporations, sending jobs overseas. A populist Republican has a good chance of becoming President. I would take notice if a Republican votes against the TPP and reigns in Wall Street.

Elizabeth Warren has been correct on every issue so far and has much in common with the Tea Party. The Tea Party, misguided and angry as it is, is still a populist movement.  Elizabeth Warren, head of the Tea Party? There is an interesting prospect. Wouldn't that be a crock?

Instead of the TPP, our government should be considering Tariffs in order to protect our home industries. When corporations discover there is no cost savings to producing products overseas, they will bring the jobs back home. A strong manufacturing base is what this nation needs. We don't need more jobs at McDonald's.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tensions rise between Washington and Beijing over man-made islands

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My comment:
Don't be so surprised by the behavior of China these days. American corporations, supporting a communist dictatorship, while destroying America's manufacturing base, for profit, has been going on for years. It would be foolhardy to blame any single political party. Republicans and Democrats alike have had an equal hand in this outcome.

It's easy to blame a President or an entire political party, by succumbing to a blame game for political purposes. However, the real blame rests on the shoulders of Corporate America. In the past, Americans recognized the need to control Capitalism or Capitalism would devour the country. Capitalism requires control or it gets out of control. Loving Corporations too much, can harm the nation. America loves Corporations too much. We have lost our way.

This is not an attack on Capitalism. Our economic system is the worst in the world, except for all the others. However, Capitalism has a big glaring fault. It goes to the nature of all human beings. Capitalism is greedy and so are human beings. Maximizing profits for stockholders is a necessary endeavor but can harm the economic viability of people corporations need to sustain those profits. Greed is a self-devouring institution.

Some people still call China a communist state. I used the term in this diatribe. The truth is, China is the product of what Capitalism eventually evolves too, if left to its own devices and without control. China just bypassed all the preliminary steps needed for greed to gain full control of government and its people. China jumped directly into the perfect Fascist state.

America is headed that way, with the help of corporate America. An entire political party is supporting and facilitating absolute control of the United States by corporations. We are just going about the process a little slower than China did. Tea Party people, 99ers, Republicans and Democrats alike are beginning to recognize the control corporations have over our government and are waking up to the idea this process might not be good for all of us.

China is beginning to exercise the power American corporations have given the Chinese Fascists. Keep in mind, Chinese Fascist power only exists because of help American Corporations have given China, seeking greater profits. Like all Corporate controlled Fascist governments, China is beginning to flex its muscle driven by the greed inherit in all people.

One can argue corporate influence has also turned America into a militaristic Fascist state. Just witness our most recent wars as Corporations sought to acquire oil assets through conquest.  That's another story though.

One can argue corporate influence has also turned America into a militaristic Fascist state. Just witness our most recent wars as Corporations sought to acquire oil assets through conquest.  That's another story though.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

S. Korea's Park says North's sub missile threatens stability

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My Comment:
Don't worry about attacks from Russia and China. Both countries need the USA just to survive. We should be much more concerned with Pakistan and N. Korea. Iran is still a tiny problem compared to
The Dictator We Ignore
those two governments.

Pakistan is just a hop, skip and jump from going total Islamist and has a far better chance of being allies with ISIS than with the US. North Korea is just a breath away from nuking Soul and Tokyo. Both countries are nuclear armed and we leave them alone. No wonder Iran wants the bomb. It would seem having the bomb safeguards a country from attack by Republicans in America. Just saying, ya' know?

Once again, the American people have been successfully diverted from the true threat facing world peace with so much emphasis on Iran and ISIS. Iran and ISIS don't have the bomb right now. Pakistan and North Korea do! This has nothing to do with who the President is because Presidents from both parties have ignored this glaring threat for years.

While the United States spins its wheels tending to pipsqueaks like Iran, Iraq and ISIS, China and Russia are exploiting our ignorance.  We can ignore real problems for a while and then our mistakes will eventually bite us in the butt.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Paul: Clinton made Libya a 'jihadist wonderland'

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My Comment:
This is why I could never support a person like Rand Paul. Making wild and unsubstantiated claims
just to appease all the Hillary haters out there, lends zero credibility to Rand Paul. Simply blowing off his mouth in a contest to see who can be the most outrageous Hillary basher tells me, he could never be President of all the people in America.

You can say the same thing for the entire field of haters in a Republican contest to see who can be the most narrow minded among them. Just reading the headlines, I already know more about Hillary Clinton's positions then I know of the entire field of Republicans wanting to be President.

Keep it up Hillary and keep talking the issues. There is no need on your part to stoop as low as a guy like Rand Paul and make false allegations, call names and demonstrate a hatred for fellow Americans. Remain far above these small-minded Republicans and you will be President. Be honorable, stay classy and tell the truth. That's what we want.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Obama goes after Warren: ‘She’s absolutely wrong’ on trade

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My comment:
I love President Obama but I think he is making the same mistake President Clinton made towards the end of his presidency, when he allowed the repeal of Glass–Steagall Legislation passed
in 1933. Glass–Steagall Legislation prevented Wall Street from stealing money from investors and as soon as Glass–Steagall Legislation was repealed, the groundwork for the 2008 crash was put into place.

Repealing Glass–Steagall was a big priority of the Republican Party during Clinton's administration. Several years later, Clinton would admit not vetoing the repeal of Glass–Steagall was one his biggest mistakes. President Obama is about to make one of his biggest mistakes right now.

The fact that the majority of the Republicans are in favor of the TPP and the majority of the Democrat Party is in opposition to the trade agreement says a lot in my mind. Elizabeth Warren has been dead on correct on every issue she has advocated for in her career and on this issue, she is again correct. At this point in our history, supporting anything the Republican Party desires comes at our own risk.

Past International Trade agreements have done great harm to our economy and have destroyed our manufacturing base. We have heard all the promises of job creation in past trade agreements only to witness longer and longer trains, laden with products manufactured overseas, travel coast to coast across our nation. Every time you see a long freight train delivering products that used to be produced in America, you are witnessing the demise of the middle class in America.

Unfortunately, President Obama is wrong on this issue and he has not demonstrated how our manufacturing base will be improved. I must say again! If the Republicans are for this deal and Wall-Mart is in favor of it, be suspicious. If Elizabeth Warren and most of the Democrat Party is against the deal, sit up and pay attention.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Stocks jump 1% on 'Goldilocks' jobs report; Dow adds triple digits

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My comment:
This is outstanding economic performance. Considering the Economy President Obama inherited, this report is very good news. Imagine how good the economy would be if Republicans had not fought tooth and nail against everything the President tried to implement.

Imagine how good the economy would be if Republicans had not exercised total obstructionism during this President's tenure. Imagine how good the economy would be if the Republicans joined with the President for the good of the country.

European style austerity doesn't work. Keynesian style economics does work. Investing from the bottom and trickling up is the answer. If Republicans were in control, they would have duplicated the European model of austerity and we would not see the performance figures we are witnessing today.

Congratulations President Obama. You have done a good job. Now it's up to us, in the next election cycle, to sustain a Democrat model of economic prosperity. Romney's economic philosophy would not have produced today's report. Trickle Down Economics and austerity, promoted by all the Republican Candidates for President, will result in an economic disaster just like the last Republican administration produced.

In 2016, vote Democrat. Republicans don't have the answer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

TN Gov. Signs Bill Prohibiting State Cooperation with Fed Gun Control Laws

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My Comment:

All you people have a real hard time understanding the Federalist Papers, the Supremacy Clause and the notion we are the United States of America. There have been half dozen cases before the Supreme Court about the legitimacy of the States right to secede throughout our history.

           States do not have the right to secede. Elected officials and judges in every state are bound by the Supremacy Clause. Each judge and elected official take an oath to uphold the Constitution and if they violate that oath there are Sedition Laws (re-codified in 1998) and the 14th Amendment, paragraph III, to deal with the traitors.

           After the Civil War, our government reaffirmed the Supremacy Clause and put into law remedies to insure rogue legislators never again try to destroy our nation. After all, the legislators seceded, not the people. In the end, the Supremacy Clause prevailed.

            Those laws and an Amendment to the Constitution specifically targeted legislators and judges intent on destroying the United States.

             We are the United States of America and no state or legislator, Federal or State, can insight insurrection or vote to nullify US Law. The concept is centered on the idea that America is greater when united around one government.

             Rather than have a loose confederation of independent states all making their own laws or individually determining what civil liberties its citizens live under, it has been determined that United we stand, separate we fall.

             All men are created equal and are entitled to equal protection under the law. United States law, not State law. This concept is set in stone and is very conservative. Lawmakers are bound by oath and by law to uphold this principal.

You would not want to live in a state that no longer enjoys the protections of Federal Law. States like Texas, Tennessee would be horrible places to live, and the only thing that keeps them American is Federal Law.

            There is no State Right to destroy the solidarity of our nation. There is no State Right to nullify Federal Law. There is no State Right to break up our nation. I am conservative. I love my nation just the way it is. I believe in the rule of law.

I oppose anyone that wants to destroy what has worked for more than 200 years. I do not suffer from multiple persecution complexes and I do not practice delusions of grandeur as many commenters have displayed in response to this article. In other words, I am not paranoid.