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Friday, May 29, 2015

Christianity is the least Godly of all religions on earth

A recent comment on my You Tube channel

perilis Yong 2 hours ago ·
Islam is a cancer on this planet! Ban the quran!!
Muhammed was a child rapist!!!

My comment:

     I see that you are an enlightened commentator. If you put more thought into your thinking process, would you have different views? I doubt it. Some people are stuck in their ways.

     I'm no lover of Islam. I don't like Islam any more than I like Mormons, Catholics, Amish, Buddhists, Hindus, etc., etc. In my mind, they are ok religions until you look at the fundamentalist elements in each faith. That's where I start differing with the fundamentalist versions of each religion, including Christianity.

     There is a simple method for measuring the Godliness of all religions, in the last 10 or 12 years. Take a body count. Count all the innocent dead people each religion is responsible for in recent years. Hindus have been calm lately and there's not much to report. Relatively free of mass deaths there.

     Buddhists as well, have calmed down in recent years. You don't hear too much about a lot of people getting killed in that religion. The Jewish faith has a good body count with the way they kill Palestinians but for the most part, they pale in comparison with the last two religions of note. Muslims and Christians take all honors for highest body count of innocent people in recent years.

     We all know about 911. Around 3,000 people lost their lives during that mess. Muslims are certainly guilty of that. After 911 you can add around another 15,000 dead bodies due to Muslim extremism. Let's be generous and give the Muslims credit for another 30,000 innocent deaths. After all, they are very evil and have been most efficient in killing innocent people. They will be happy to know how I have given them credit for so many innocent dead people.

     Now we come to the overall champion killer in recent years. No other religion comes close in the number of innocent dead people. At last count, it is estimated Christians have killed at least 500,000 innocent people in the last decade. No other religion has been as efficient at killing innocent people. No other religion brags about all those killed like the Christians do. First place is awarded to the Christian faith. Jesus would be proud!

     Using the body count of innocent people as a measure of determining the most God like religion on earth, Christianity comes in last place. This doesn't mean the second place finisher, Muslims, are any less guilty of Godless acts. It does mean, before Christians wag their fingers and call names, they should look in the mirror. It’s just simple logic.
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