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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

S. Korea's Park says North's sub missile threatens stability

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My Comment:
Don't worry about attacks from Russia and China. Both countries need the USA just to survive. We should be much more concerned with Pakistan and N. Korea. Iran is still a tiny problem compared to
The Dictator We Ignore
those two governments.

Pakistan is just a hop, skip and jump from going total Islamist and has a far better chance of being allies with ISIS than with the US. North Korea is just a breath away from nuking Soul and Tokyo. Both countries are nuclear armed and we leave them alone. No wonder Iran wants the bomb. It would seem having the bomb safeguards a country from attack by Republicans in America. Just saying, ya' know?

Once again, the American people have been successfully diverted from the true threat facing world peace with so much emphasis on Iran and ISIS. Iran and ISIS don't have the bomb right now. Pakistan and North Korea do! This has nothing to do with who the President is because Presidents from both parties have ignored this glaring threat for years.

While the United States spins its wheels tending to pipsqueaks like Iran, Iraq and ISIS, China and Russia are exploiting our ignorance.  We can ignore real problems for a while and then our mistakes will eventually bite us in the butt.
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