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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Is this Bruce Jenner's new name?

From a story located at:

My comment:
Bruce can never become a woman no matter how hard he tries. He can cut off his Wang, take hormones until he's blue and screw a hundred homosexual men. Normal men probably won't have too much to do with him. However, he will never be a woman that can have a baby. Sorry, medicine can't implant a placenta into him, yet.

With that said, let him pretend all he wants. Who cares what he does. If he wants to pretend to be a woman, let him. No skin off my nose. If someone wants to hire him, let them. He has accomplished a lot in his life. Becoming a woman will never take away his accomplishments.

However, I'm not going out of my way to see him or go all bat crazy over him, if I meet him. I won't get in my car and drive around town seeking the company of guys like Bruce. If I run into him on the street, I will never consider him a good-looking woman. If you ask me, he wasn't a very good looking man. Don't take it personal Bruce. I have never though men were very good looking. I include myself.

He's still a tax paying US citizen and just because he wants to be a woman doesn't mean he forfeits his rights as an American citizen.  If he wants to marry a man, a woman or a converted human, let him and allow him the same rights as any other US citizen.

 I would never discriminate against him or call him names. In his past, he was judged by what he did and how he did it. Those standards still apply today. I've said all I'm going to say on that. Should be enough here to attract hate comments from all sides.
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