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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Supreme Court will decide whether to end Obamacare subsidies for 6.4 million Americans

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My Comment:

I am a Democrat because I care for others less fortunate than me.

Stories about Health Care are always interesting. It's not the subject matter of the story that provides the best reading. It's the comments, following stories about health care, warranting the most concern.

Reading the comments attached to this story, it has become apparent our nation has lost all sense of family. Most people opposing the ACA quite literally advocate letting fellow Americans die on the sidewalks and then they will proudly step over their dead bodies. They will have no concern for anyone but themselves.

Many opponents of the ACA are saying Veterans down on their luck should just die if they can't pay the exorbitant fees corporations charge. Profiteering from people's misery is acceptable now. Handicapped and mentally retarded Americans can die because no one will miss them anyway. Defending the least among us is an idea from the past.

Children can simply grow up with deformities acquired when they were young because those children do not belong to the selfish, self-centered opponents of the ACA. Many people have lived their whole lives mooching off society when they get ill or injured. They have never purchased health insurance but see nothing wrong when they need free health care. However, if an elderly person not related to them needs medical attention, let them die.

There is a total lack of empathy within many circles in America and they want control of our country. Many of the comments following this story come from the "ME ME" portion of society. They are very self-righteous and care only for themselves. They are the worst of society and they don't know it. They cannot be cured until they realize something is wrong with them.

 This coming election is between those with empathy for fellow Americans and those who could care less about those less fortunate than they are. The election is between those who believe, "there go I but for the grace of God" and those who have no concern for anyone but themselves.

The election will be a confrontation between those with a sense of family and those who care only for themselves. I am a Democrat because I care for others less fortunate than me.
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