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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bristol Palin on pregnancy: 'I made a mistake,' but 'I do not regret this baby'

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My Comment:
     She's a cute girl and I believe she has her heart in the right place. Truth be known, she probably wishes she hadn't gotten pregnant. I am a pro-choice individual but respect her decision to have the child. There’s nothing wrong with that.

     As far as preaching abstinence goes, it is a little hypocritical on her part. One can't really blame her for making money with an easy gig. Many people do exactly what she has done. Like mother, like daughter.

     Musicians with no moral values have learned to praise Jesus while singing a song and playing some instruments. They get rich doing it. Religious minions flock to their concerts and buy their albums. The minions go home and play all the wonderful Jesus music while the musicians make fun of their stupidity and laugh all the way to the bank.

     Golden-tongued con artists learned a long time ago, all you have to do is praise Jesus with a little style and people, one taco short of a Mexican plate, will give you lots and lots of money. Tell all the lies you want. Just be sure to sprinkle in a few "Praise Jesus" words and those people will give you all their money and follow you down a rat hole, if you want.

     I spanked a few Christian churches a few years ago. I had a print shop and 90% of my business was printing for churches. All I had to do was speak their version of Jesus and I had all the business I could handle. Sure, I was a whore. However, Christian money was as green as atheist money and it was easier to get from people who didn’t know as much.

     All the Republican candidates for President know this little trick too. Just pull out your magical flute and play the tune the Christian nitwits want to hear and they will vote for you. Mitt Romney was one of the best con artists ever. He wasn't even a Christian and millions voted for him. They loved Mitt Romney more than they loved Jesus.

     Ronald and his wife Nancy broke into the movie business wearing out the casting couch. They were both absolute whores. Ronald never went to church, yet he said all the right things about Jesus and the fundamentalists want to put him on Mt. Rushmore to this day. What a con artist.

     George W. Bush managed to kill a half million people for no reason at all and among the Christians he’s a hero. Obama extracted us from two wars we should never have been in and he’s the bad guy. Oh that’s right, Obama is black and Bush Jr. is white. It’s getting more clear now.

    So Bristol, you go girl. After you have your next baby out of wedlock, you may have to change your gig. That shouldn’t be too hard. Just follow your mother’s lead. Lie through your teeth and praise Jesus. Everything will be all right.
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