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Sunday, June 21, 2015

House panel approves $30.17B bill cutting EPA funds, blocking rules

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My Comment:
When did a Congress, controlled by religious zealots, corporatists, science disbelievers and climate deniers become more knowledgeable than the scientists working for the EPA? It's a little scary to think people with such backward and outdated opinions are putting at risk everyman man, woman and child's life in the United States.

It's as though witch doctors with voodoo magic are now in control of our government. God forbid they get control of all three branches of government. Modern day Republicans are truly a disgrace and millions of Americans vote for them.

It's a little disconcerting to see Republicans threaten the air we breathe and the water we drink in order to increase corporate profits or to place solutions preventing environmental catastrophe in the hands of God. Repeatedly Republicans have demonstrated an inability to govern for the good of the people.

People keep voting for these power hungry people bent on privatizing America and ramming their false beliefs down everyone's throat. They keep voting for these golden-tongued con artists because the tactic of scarring people to death and lying to them about everything works.

Americans have fallen for an age-old con-artist game propagated by the Republican Party. Will we wake up before it's too late? We probably won’t in the near future. Hang on to your rear end. A total takeover is in the works. You haven't seen anything yet. A fascist religious government is just over the horizon. The American people will empower this takeover with their vote.
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