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Friday, June 26, 2015

New York Escaped Prisoner Richard Matt Is Reported Killed

Story located at:

My comment:
That's right...cheer for a killing. Killing people always solves problems. Hooray!!!!!! Kill 'em all.
Take a picture and publish it so all the gun nuts can masturbate over the image of his dead body.

Hang his body over a bridge and let the local kindergarten class hold hands, sing songs and praise the people who shot the guy dead. Let the kids pose with the dead body.

Show his dead body on all the news networks at the dinner hour so your whole family can rejoice and thank God for the killing. Just after saying grace, of course.

Don't capture the other guy and put him back in jail. That costs too much money. If he gives up and surrenders, show a live video of someone blowing his brains out. Do the video in enhanced color so everyone can get the full effect of the killing.

Pose cops in army uniforms standing behind the executed escapee so the blood splatters on their face and take close-ups of the cops wiping the blood from their faces and licking their fingers.

Going by the comments attached to this story, the above scenario seems appropriate.
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