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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reid on Obamacare case: ‘I hope the Supreme Court can read English'

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My comment:
I've lived a few years now but I have never seen so many Americans cheer for the demise of legislation which clearly benefits all. Millions of Americans committing mass suicide is truly a site to see. Christian values have been abandoned by the same people claiming to love Jesus.

It shows the power of propaganda and the ability to tell a lie repeatedly in order to finally make that lie the truth.  Defeating the ACA and going back to the days before passage is the ultimate self-centered position only those devoid of empathy can take.

Having lousy health care insurance, which pays for nothing, only increases the number of Bankruptcies people have to take in order to pay medical costs. Insurance companies collecting money for policies that won't pay is just one of the problems the ACA tries to address. Bankruptcies drag everyone down, not just the person seeking this remedy. Going back to the old ways harms everyone.

With 50,000 Americans dying every year from lack of health care, something had to be done. Some people believe this number is much higher. There is a lot of misery represented in these numbers. Most of these deaths happen to good Americans.

Sure, there are sum bums in those numbers but overall, people dying from lack of health care are decent people. Some of them may be your relatives. Defeating the ACA may ultimately kill your own child. Nice work you self-centered millennial Republican.

One of the biggest problems the ACA has tried to address is the huge amount of free medical care hospitals have to absorb because so many people cannot afford health care or they just become consummate moochers. Millions of Americans who can afford health care. However, they choose to be irresponsible by passing their health care expenses on to all the rest of us.

These moochers are the very same people wanting to cut food stamp money to an indigent mother and deny an innocent child basic food in order to learn better in school. The people screaming the loudest about the ACA are the same people willing to get welfare from hospitals when they need medical care.

They selfishly care less about their neighbor dying from lack of health care but scream the loudest when they find out they could live a few more years if they get medical attention. Of course, they want society to pay for their expenses. They have been irresponsible all their lives but when it's time to accept a handout, they gladly do so.

I have never seen such a broad disagreement on an issue, which should enjoy common agreement by all. The old days when Americans cared about their fellow Americans is gone. In recent years, an attitude of "Me, Me" has swept our nation. Selfish, self-centered people with no tolerance for anyone but themselves are slowly starting to take over our country.

This coming election is a conflict between those who no longer care for anyone but themselves and those who want to help other Americans less fortunate. The election is about those possessing old time Christian values and those who wave a Christian flag but have abandoned everything taught to them by Jesus. I still care about my fellow Americans. Unfortunately, many of my friends, claiming to follow Jesus, do not. I am a Democrat of course. I still care about someone besides myself.
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