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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ACLU sues Jindal over 'religious freedom' order

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My Comment:
Religious liberty does not undermine US Law. The Supreme Court was correct in its ruling using the Equal Protection Clause and the Due Process Clause of the Constitution. Equal rights with equal protections for all tax paying citizens was the only decision the Supremes could have made. Those who think the Bible comes before our Constitution are the real menace in America.

If the Supremes had decided the other way, based on a religious view, discriminating against tax paying citizens, all civil liberties would be at risk. In all the history of humanity, there has never been a successful religious government, no matter what the religion.

Christianity would fail miserably trying to rule America. As in the past, in all parts of the world, Christianity would have to impose a religious dictatorship on the American people. That won't go over so well in this part of the world. Can you imagine a Dominionist telling a bunch of Catholics or Jews how they are supposed to live? No way! Not without dictatorship.

Religious Liberty can potentially destroy all our Civil Liberties. Religious Liberty, misused can destroy the second Amendment. That's for all you gun nuts out there. The only reason you own guns is because a Secular government is protecting your right to do so. There are plenty of religions willing to take your guns from you in the name of Jesus.

Recently, elected officials breaking their oath to defend the Constitution have made all the headlines. Candidates for the Presidency are encouraging sedition in the name of their bible. Just we need, don’t you think? A President like Mike Huckabee, supporting sedition would be nice. This points out the need for better clarification of the term "Separation of Church and State".

In order to preserve our union, we need to make it very clear there will be no mixing of religion with government. A Constitutional Amendment needs to be drafted explaining what “Separation of Church and State" means. Changing our government from a secular government to a Christian based body would be a disaster.

Witness all the talk of treason coming from the lovers of Jesus and how if they got their way the Supreme Court would become irrelevant and we can look to a thousand church councils for guidance on every law congress passes. People better be finding ways to make the Supreme Court better and quit trying to nullify it. Beware of what you desire. You may get it.
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