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Thursday, July 2, 2015

As Donald Trump surges in polls, Democrats cheer

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My comment:
It doesn't matter what Trump says. The more outrageous he becomes the more his popularity surges. He could start talking like Ted Nugent and he might get his party's nomination. The Donald Trump phenomenon isn’t new. It's been going on for some time now. This irresponsible voting pattern among Republicans emerged in earnest with the Bush/Kerry election. Some say even earlier than that.

After his first term, George W. Bush had been proven a liar. The country knew he had lied about weapons of mass destruction. The nation knew he committed war crimes when he authorized kidnapping and murder by torture. Several thousand US soldiers and a few hundred thousand innocent Iraqi's died for a lie.

US citizens were aware he authorized spying on American citizens without a warrant. Many Democrats predicted massive debt with his economic policies. They were right. It was no secret he was destroying American credibility worldwide and that with the help of ideologically driven Republicans, he was bankrupting the nation. 

Armed with all this knowledge, Republicans re-elected G.W. Bush for a second term. The Republican Party put their stamp of approval on murder, kidnapping, torture and an economic policy known to create disaster. The Republicans quite literally bragged about all there errors and elected a Nugent/Trump style individual to be President again.

Skipping ahead, when the Obama/Romney election came about, the Republicans demonstrated a total disregard for anything resembling what they believed in. Much of the Republican Party is populated by Jesus loving people who completely ignored their most fundamental belief. Jesus is Lord and anyone not like them is going to Hell.

Because of their hatred for anyone who is a Democrat and especially because of their deep rooted racial prejudice, Republicans voted in mass for a rich snob who demonstrated his disdain for common Americans in many ways. Mitt Romney was a pathological liar, which only strengthened his credibility among Republicans in the same way they loved the liar George W. Bush.

In the ultimate act of hypocrisy, despite their belief anyone not saved like them would go to hell, they voted for a non-believer, destined for Satan's fiery pits, to be President of the United States. Republican irresponsibility came to a peak during the Obama/Romney election. It can safely be said that Republicans hate Black Liberal Democrats more than they love Jesus or our nation.

Therefore, the success of Donald Trump should not come as a surprise to any of us. The more outrageous he becomes, the better his chances are of getting his party’s nomination. In the months ahead, we will probably watch Trump become saved and gullible Republicans will flock to his corner.

Despite claims of moral superiority, Republicans love liars, cheats, murderers, thieves and false Christians above all else. Donald Trump can win the election if nominated. Especially if lazy Democrats sit on their butts, chase women and smoke dope instead of going out to vote. Don’t laugh, it could happen.
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