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Sunday, July 12, 2015

'Religious freedom' bill picks up momentum in House

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My Comment:
There needs to be a clarification of the term "Separation of Church and State". An Amendment to our Constitution spelling out what "Separation of Church and State" means to the American people is profoundly needed. As of now, "Separation of Church and State" is left to opinion, which varies decade by decade within our nation and is subject to interpretation by a court system, which changes
personnel on a regular basis.

Clearly, Republicans are now measured by religious dogma. Opening Pandora's Box, allowing for discrimination against a segment of our society based on a religious belief, emboldens religion to take further steps imposing their doctrine on all of society.

You cannot allow legal discrimination based on religion and then expect religion to stop at the door representing their hate for gay marriage. Religious hate has no boundary. A secular society must halt religious intolerance before it gets out of control.

There are over 100 elected co-sponsors in the National Republican Party supporting a religious hatred bill and attempting to legalize their animosity with a law. Religion has already made inroads into our secular government. Stop it now or regret it later. The power of religious hatred is very solid among Republicans.

If a law is passed, legally discriminating against US taxpayers based on a religious belief, do not be surprised if more laws supporting religious beliefs are passed in the future. Religious beliefs are very difficult to oppose. An Amendment to the Constitution would clarify how far religion can go before they are stopped by a guiding principal ensconced into our governing document.

There is a problem of course. There is always a problem. Because people have been slow to recognize the invasion into our legal system by religion, it may be impossible to pass an Amendment expounding what "Separation of Church and State" means to our way of life.

The people who would oppose such an Amendment have a large religious membership into the elected legislative bodies needed to pass such an Amendment. It may be too late to do anything about it. Welcome to a Christian version of the Taliban. Wake up dummies! It can happen here.
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