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Friday, July 17, 2015

Elder Bush in fair condition after breaking bone in neck

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My Comment:
Nobody cheers for Bush's injury. If they do, something is wrong with that person. Unless of course, they seek vengeance and that mindset has its own folly. It is hoped someone as old as the Senior Bush will ease on to the afterlife with as little suffering as possible. Isn't that a universal wish for all people?

However, many people may not have the same thoughts. I would venture to say there are many people around the world who wish for the most painful and horrible death our past President can experience. If you had a child killed by the senior Bush, because of his decisions, you may not have a lot of sympathy for George H.W. Bush.

If you are a relative of the 6,000 Panamanians inside those collapsed apartment buildings our military took out, you may not be so kind towards Bush senior. After all, they all died so Bush could keep Noriega from spilling the beans about those drugs Oliver North and he sold on American streets in order fund illegal activities.

Some people say that as a result of the first Golf War, half a million Iraqi's died from all the carpet-bombing and embargoes resulting in starvation and lack of medical supplies. If you are an Iraqi mother who lost her newborn child because there were no medical supplies, you might be glad to hear of Bush's broken neck. Bush was responsible for that.

Considering all the innocent dead people scattered around the world due to Daddy Bush's decisions, one cannot but wonder if God will punish the man when he knocks at the pearly gates. What do you think?
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