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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Will Obama's Iran firewall hold?

From a story located at:

My Comment:

Iran doesn't need the United States to implement this agreement. Republicans have rendered
America moot overall on this subject. When Republicans announced the agreement would be voided in the future, they announced to the world we can’t be trusted. Republicans turned America into a bunch of back stabbers.

Iran should just ignore the US, proceed with the agreement with the other nations involved and just thumb their noses at America. Republicans attacking Obama with all their lies and name-calling is in affect also telling our allies (Britain and France) they are equally wrong about the agreement and they are as stupid as Obama. That’s not how you treat friends.

China and Russia also signed onto this agreement and American behavior in these negotiations cannot possibly encourage those half enemies to enter any agreement with America in the future. We cannot be trusted because of Republicans. Insulting Obama also insults them.

Russia, China, England and France should just implement the agreement, make all the money and let American Republican children cry in their sandbox. When these other nations develop strong economic ties with Iran, they will be less likely to support American aggression against iran in the future.

The golden age of American leadership was severely eroded when Bush and the entire Republican Party invaded a nation based on American lies. The entire world, including our strongest allies, lost faith in us because of Republican behavior in the past,

America has become a double crossing, warmongering nation controlled by extremist religious fanatics. We have become as dangerous to the world as any movement within the Muslim community.

In terms of pure body count, America is the most dangerous nation on earth. We have become like this because of religious Republican extremism distorting everything this nation has ever stood for. Far too many Democrats have been complicit in the moral decay of our nation. Those Democrats should be purged.

If there are Democrats shaking in their pants because they fear Republican retribution in their next re-election effort, they should know they have as much to fear from Democrats needing to purge themselves of phony pretenders behaving like Republicans.

Until America becomes responsible in the world theater once again, the world should ignore the most dangerous nation on earth. Threats of more war by Republican religious warmongers should be ignored by the rest of the world. Implement the Iran accords without American participation. Ignore America.
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