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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Should Veterans with PTSD Be Exempt from the Death Penalty?

The story: Should Veterans with PTSD Be Exempt from the Death Penalty?

I don't think the death penalty should ever be applied. I know there is an honest disagreement on this subject so I respect those who believe in the practice.

However, exempting veterans with PTSD from the death penalty opens Pandora's Box. Many people committing murder can argue some sort of dysfunction in their lives contributing to their behavior. A good attorney can apply an argument of amnesty in almost all cases for the general population.

I am a Veteran of the "Nam. After all these years I have noticed many of my fellow Vets increasing the flow of their self-pity tears as society makes more and more excuses for the way people behave just because they were in the service. I have seen the PTSD industry grow and the emergence of profit seekers exploiting the public’s desire to excuse these phony crybabies.

Yes, there are real cases of PTSD but the malady is far rarer than perceived by the public. My fellow Viet Nam Vets and their families using PTSD as an excuse for an individual’s failures in life have embarrassed me.

I also think it is disgraceful how profit seekers teach veterans how to file false claims of PTSD in order to take a cut of the pay if a Veteran is successful in bleeding the American tax payer dry for contrived injuries. A child growing up in Chicago may have a more pronounced case of PTSD than these Iraq and Afghan cry babies who fought pansy wars in recent years.

It was more dangerous living in America over the last ten years than it was to serve the military in Iraq. Over the ten-year history of the last two wars, the military lost around 5,000 dead. In that same period, about 1.5 million Americans lost their lives from lack of health care, gunshots and auto accidents. Americans suffered a lot more trauma on the home front than by Americans serving in the Pansy wars.

Don't let people make excuses for murder under any circumstance. Banish the death penalty for moral reasons, not for pretend reasons.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Denying Civil Liberties An Affront To God

Denying Civil Liberties to a minority, normally granted to the majority, is counter to all that is American. Single out any group of Americans and deny their Civil Rights, is discrimination when those same Civil Rights are enjoyed by others. That is the soul of discrimination.
According to our laws, homosexual activity does not violate our Constitution. Sexual orientation is not an issue our Founding Fathers addressed. Our founders did not inject religion into the secular document governing our nation. Religious laws do not govern us. That distinction belongs to countries whose views are more primitive than ours are.
Tax-paying individuals, denied Civil Rights, other taxpayers enjoy, are only partial citizens in America. You cannot demand all Americans pay taxes then choose who have Civil Liberties and who do not. Those denied Civil Liberties should be exempt from paying taxes.
This principle applies to any segment of society whose rights granted in the natural order, are violated. Sexual orientation is a function of the natural order of existence and in most cases, it is something endowed upon the individual from birth. One cannot violate individual Civil Liberties based solely on the characteristics a person is born with.
Those who decide upon themselves to discriminate against others, not born like them, are themselves a threat to society. No one is superior to God’s creation and no one is entitled to question God’s creation. Doing so, betrays the notion that God is superior. Men exercising superior opinion over God’s creation, is an affront to God.
People claiming to know better than the creator are not true followers of that creator. Not being Godly and discriminating against people created in nature, is the real danger to the American dream. Discriminatory behavior is a danger to humanity.

Millions of people practicing religious superiority over others is the greatest danger facing our nation today. The problem of course, is their absolute belief in their own superiority. Notions of superiority have always led mankind down the wrong path. Notions of religious superiority have kept mankind relatively primitive.

Friday, January 16, 2015

GOP bill would end birthright citizenship

 Comment I made in response to the following article.

    The 14th Amendment is just that. It is an Amendment to the Constitution and as such, can't be nullified with a simple vote by a Congress subject to knee jerk opinions throughout different times in our history. You can't pass a simple law to replace portions of our Constitution. Let's pass a law to limit free speech. Now there's an idea, don't you think?

    Getting rid of the Anchor Baby provision may be a good idea but it requires another Amendment to repeal an existing Amendment. A Congressman can't wave a wand and nullify portions of our Constitution. It takes more work than that. You need a dictator to do what Republicans want. You need people, in love with dictators, to support a dictator.

    Going by opinion expressed in this forum, it sounds like many people are in favor of dictatorship. Either that or they are just uninformed Republicans blowing off their mouths again.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Keystone Pipeline Displays Corporate Fascism At Its Finest

The damage to the climate resulting from extracting oil from tar sands is huge. Enormous amounts of methane leak into the atmosphere in the process. Methane is extremely destructive to the atmosphere. More dangerous than car emissions. In order to accomplish this dangerous endeavor, Fascist politics must come into play.
The extraction of oil from tar sand involves enormous amounts of water and chemicals to release the oil. All those chemicals damage the land and underground water sources. In other words, there is probable poisoning of the land and water in Canada for centuries. All that chemical laced water has to go somewhere. In America, some people are lighting on fire the water coming out of their faucets in their homes.
The final product (oil, chemicals, sand) is the most toxic oil on earth. 800,000 barrels of poison delivered daily to refineries on our Gulf Coast through a pipeline means that about 400,000 barrels a day of toxic waste has to be deposited somewhere on American soil after our refineries extract usable oil.
These waste products are deposited on American soil and in just a few years, there will be an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen on our Gulf Coast. Many Americans on the Gulf Coast don't want that waste accumulating in their back yards. It is very toxic. It could potentially kill Americans.
In recent years there has been many oil spills around the country from leaking pipelines. All those leaks have been a disaster wherever leaks have occurred. None of those leaks involved kind of toxic oil that will flow in the Keystone project. Leaks from the Keystone Pipeline would be far more damaging than anything we have seen so far.
The danger to the aquifer running across the American breadbasket is immense. One good spill by accident, act of God or terrorism could damage the ability of our breadbasket to feed this country for many years into the future. That area of the country has many tornados. One tornado could make a real mess of things. You can count on at least one tornado a year causing a leak on the Keystone Pipeline.
Everything I have read about job creation is not good news. Apparently, about 5,000 temporary jobs will be necessary in the construction of the pipeline. Those jobs will last about one to two years then evaporate when the pipeline is finished. Temporary jobs, mean temporary employees and temporary employees are illegal aliens working for minimum wage so construction companies can maximize profits.
Instead of creating a few part time jobs for illegal aliens, Republicans should have spent less time obstructing job creation bills proposed by President Obama and Democrats. Republicans could have contributed much more to the American people by not obstructing job creation bills.
Upon completion of the pipeline, there will be about 50 permanent jobs. Everyone else that had worked on the pipeline will be collecting unemployment. On top of all the other problems, 90% of Keystone oil will be exported for overseas consumption. America will obtain little oil to feed our need for fossil fuel. Gasoline prices will not go down in this country. One study suggests gas prices will rise if the Keystone Pipeline becomes reality.
The cost of refining Canadian Tar Sand oil is too high for American consumption. Canada’s Keystone Pipeline will retrieve $8 to $10 per gasoline overseas. Shipping finished Keystone product to other countries provides profit for Trans-Canada unobtainable in the American market. Selling Keystone refined gasoline in America for $4.00 (or less) per gallon is a losing proposition for Trans-Canada. Trans-Canada does not intend to lose money and that is why very little Canadian oil will reach American consumers.
What we have here is a foreign oil company destroying their own land as they pollute the Earth with green house producing methane. Canadian land and water will be worthless for centuries by the time Trans-Canada is finished exploiting American ignorance.
Ill-informed Americans, manipulated by politicians taking bribes from a foreign entity, demonstrate the insidious nature of corporatism creeping into the American landscape. We are watching our nation become a Fascist state. The common person in American is allowing corporate greed and corrupt politicians to destroy our land, our water and our air so a foreign company can make greater profit. Profits not enjoyed by Americans.
The Canadian government and its people do not want toxic waste, produced by tar sand oil, deposited on their land and they do not want that toxic poison transported across their country putting at risk their natural habitat. Trans-Canada has found willing people in America who choose to believe false assumptions about the benefits of the Keystone Pipeline to the American consumer.
With the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, America will take all the risks, obtain none of the benefits and will not see enough jobs created to justify the risk to our land, our people and our environment. American politicians need to start thinking about what's good for our country and stop helping a foreign corporation make tons of profit while American lives are at risk.
If America gets the finished product and we see gasoline prices go down in our country, Keystone may be worth consideration if the dangers to our nation are resolved. This scenario will not happen of course and millions of Americans will do everything in their power to help a foreign country maximize profit, all to the detriment of our people.
Supporting the Keystone Pipeline is the perfect example of people shooting themselves in the foot. Politicians believing false claims and risking American lives for corporate profit is the very nature of Fascism.

If American politicians are aware of the dangers and choose to support corporatism despite the danger to our people, then a certain criminal personality is on display for all to see. There has never been a benefit, extended to the people through the exercise of Fascism. Not ever.