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Friday, January 16, 2015

GOP bill would end birthright citizenship

 Comment I made in response to the following article.

    The 14th Amendment is just that. It is an Amendment to the Constitution and as such, can't be nullified with a simple vote by a Congress subject to knee jerk opinions throughout different times in our history. You can't pass a simple law to replace portions of our Constitution. Let's pass a law to limit free speech. Now there's an idea, don't you think?

    Getting rid of the Anchor Baby provision may be a good idea but it requires another Amendment to repeal an existing Amendment. A Congressman can't wave a wand and nullify portions of our Constitution. It takes more work than that. You need a dictator to do what Republicans want. You need people, in love with dictators, to support a dictator.

    Going by opinion expressed in this forum, it sounds like many people are in favor of dictatorship. Either that or they are just uninformed Republicans blowing off their mouths again.
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