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Monday, January 19, 2015

Denying Civil Liberties An Affront To God

Denying Civil Liberties to a minority, normally granted to the majority, is counter to all that is American. Single out any group of Americans and deny their Civil Rights, is discrimination when those same Civil Rights are enjoyed by others. That is the soul of discrimination.
According to our laws, homosexual activity does not violate our Constitution. Sexual orientation is not an issue our Founding Fathers addressed. Our founders did not inject religion into the secular document governing our nation. Religious laws do not govern us. That distinction belongs to countries whose views are more primitive than ours are.
Tax-paying individuals, denied Civil Rights, other taxpayers enjoy, are only partial citizens in America. You cannot demand all Americans pay taxes then choose who have Civil Liberties and who do not. Those denied Civil Liberties should be exempt from paying taxes.
This principle applies to any segment of society whose rights granted in the natural order, are violated. Sexual orientation is a function of the natural order of existence and in most cases, it is something endowed upon the individual from birth. One cannot violate individual Civil Liberties based solely on the characteristics a person is born with.
Those who decide upon themselves to discriminate against others, not born like them, are themselves a threat to society. No one is superior to God’s creation and no one is entitled to question God’s creation. Doing so, betrays the notion that God is superior. Men exercising superior opinion over God’s creation, is an affront to God.
People claiming to know better than the creator are not true followers of that creator. Not being Godly and discriminating against people created in nature, is the real danger to the American dream. Discriminatory behavior is a danger to humanity.

Millions of people practicing religious superiority over others is the greatest danger facing our nation today. The problem of course, is their absolute belief in their own superiority. Notions of superiority have always led mankind down the wrong path. Notions of religious superiority have kept mankind relatively primitive.
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